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Ministry Watch

Ministry Watch is an organisation which rates Christian charities using a variety of measures including openness and transparency, due diligence integrity research, value and beliefs, efficiency and effectiveness, and finally, best practices. Their aim is to help us be good stewards, ensuring that our donations are not wasted or misappropriated, and that they are used efficiently.


One of their measures, transparency, has a rating ranging from ‘A’ to ‘F’, where A is excellent, and F is dreadful (my words not theirs). Examples of organisations that get an ‘A’ for transparency include:

Cadence International (A)
Campus Crusade for Christ (A)
Crown Financial Ministries (A)
Kingsway Charities (A)
MAP International (A)
Navigators (A)
Officers’ Christian Fellowship (A)

Ones with an ‘F’ include:

Benny Hinn Ministries (F)
Breakthrough Ministries/ Rod Parsley (F)
Creflo Dollar Ministries (F)
Crystal Cathedral Ministries / Robert Schuller (F)
Ever Increasing Faith/ Fred Price (F)
Kenneth Copeland Ministries (F)
World-Wide Missions (F)

Ministry Watch explains how ministries are graded on their website, and looks like they offer a valuable service to those of us wanting to choose charities to donate to.

There are also other sites which grade charities, including secular ones to help donors make wise choices.

Relating To Churches…

I wonder what would happen if churches were graded along similar lines, since churches which accept tithes and offerings from their members are also responsible for a large quantity of Christian funding? Naturally churches have administrative costs which vary and aren’t supposed to give all the money to a charitable cause, so I’m not suggesting they should be graded in an identical way. Perhaps some or even many churches are transparent and expose their accounts to their membership, which would keep many people satisfied that donations were being handled responsibly.

On another related tack – if your church kept on inviting speakers from ‘F’ rated ministries to speak about money, what conclusion would you begin to draw?? Would you question your own church’s transparency as well, or would you just think they could exercise a bit more wisdom? Or does it not matter?


4 thoughts on “Crystal Clear Cathedrals

  1. Thanks S&P for adding the graph.

    Its good to see that 78% of ministries get a good transparency rating, and all the more reason to expect that a diligent church would take that into account when inviting speakers that will receive offerings. There are plenty to choose from who do well.

  2. I’m rather disturbed by their criteria for giving an organisation an ‘F’. It seems the way to receive an ‘F’ is to not send details of finances to the ministry. That’s it! Then you are put on their black list also! Hardly fair. Surely being blacklisted should include reasons for bad financial management, not a lack of information. I fact, a lack of information cannot be evidence of bad management, for obvious reasons.

    Secondly, any Pentecostal or charismatic based ministry would check the site and see that John McArthur and Justin Richards, extreme critics of many Pentecostal and charismatic ministries are promoted, and even featured.

    I would certainly have second thoughts about contributing to their analysis.

  3. Yes, that is a weakness, FL. They do state that they are about ministries who identify as Evangelical though, so any Pentecostal or charismatic one who also identifies as Evangelical shouldn’t have an issue you would think.

    Most of the F rated ones have also run into criticism elsewhere.

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