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On the topic of ‘The Tongue Of Tetzel’, The Hillsong Conference is on NEXT week. Unfortunately this is STILL their list of speakers:

2010 Guests

We are so excited by the calibre of Guest Speakers we have joining us at Hillsong Conference in 2010.

They all have great experience in their respective fields & we know you will be blessed by their teaching & passion for the local church.

TDJakesTD Jakes is one of the most gifted & anointed voices of our generation.

Andy StanleyAndy Stanley pastors the third largest church in the USA with over 22 000 members.

Wess StaffordDr. Wess Stafford is the President of Compassion International

Ed YoungEd Young is Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church in the USA & is a wonderfully entertaining communicator.

Judah SmithJudah Smith is one of the finest youth communicators with faith beyond his years.

Tim HughesTim Hughes is a passionate & gifted songwriter that will lead you into worship

Israel HoughtonIsrael Houghton is one of the most influential tastemakers in his field.

Nancy BeachNancy Beach a vital part of Willow Creek with a focus on art & creativity.

NocklesChristy & Nathan Nockels are part of the worship team at Passion City Church, Atlanta


TD Jakes and Ed Young have not been turned down from speaking at this event. This is what Hillsong says about them from their links:

TD Jakes

Home › TD Jakes

At A Glance

Church: Potters House, Dallas, Texas

Married to Serita

Second Time at Hillsong Conference

Bishop T.D. Jakes IS A QUINTESSENTIAL LEADER. Known for his service to the church and the global community, his heartfelt efforts have made worldwide impact. He is a man at the forefront of philanthropy, a best-selling author, and most of all a premier contemporary spiritual voice.

Bishop Jakes has global reach through missions around the world, record-breaking events, and weekly, with his diverse congregation at The Potter’s House, where he shares his message of hope, inspiration and God’s love with over 30 thousand members there in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth community is also home to Clay Academy, the college preparatory school for leaders of the next generation; the Metroplex Economic Development Corporation, a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs; and Capella Park, a charming single-family housing development.


Ed Young

Home › Ed Young

At A Glance

Church: Fellowship Church, Texas & Florida

Married to Lisa

Second Time at Hillsong Conference

Ed Young

How could we ever forget the imprint that Pastor Ed Young left on our hearts at Hillsong Conference in 2007. He communicated such Godly wisdom at “a whole nutha level”…

We are so excited to announce that Ed Young will be back with us again in 2010…

Ed Young is a straightforward communicator who uniquely connects God’s unchanging truth with a diverse culture through compelling and creative teaching methods. He is the founding and Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church. The church has its main campus just north of the DFW Airport and operates five satellite campuses in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area and one campus in Miami, Florida. Ed’s books include The Marriage Mirror, Outrageous, Contagious Joy, In the Zone and The Creative Leader.

Ed is also known for his candor when talking about leadership and the inner workings of a growing church, and he provides resources for church leaders through CreativePastors.com and the Creative Church Conferences (C3).

He and his wife Lisa have been married for twenty-six years and have four children. More information about Ed and his various ministries can be found online at EdYoung.com.

Name/Age/Occupation: Ed Young, 48, Senior Pastor Fellowship Church

Describe yourself :
I wear Skinny Jeans oo!

Any hidden talents?
Artist- painter; Expert at Jump rope

Favourite thing to do in summer?
Go Fishing

What is your Dream job?
Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church

What book are you reading at the moment?

None, I like to ask questions more than read books

Where is your favourite place to go?
The Bahamas

What is playing on your iPod at the moment?

U2- Magnificent

The best idea you’ve ever had?
Marry Lisa at a young age

What advice can you give on making ideas and dreams become a reality?
Say “Yes” to the significant and “No” to the Superfluous

If you had to bring it down to one thing, what is your passion?
Evangelism – Reaching People

What are you most excited for at Hillsong Conference?
Being Stretched, Motivated and Stimulated

What is the single most important message you have learnt in life?
Do the hard things first

Best piece of advice you can give to family and friends.
Walk on your Knees


Yes we’ve discussed these scammers and heretics in articles at the start of this year. It is quite clear that Bobby Houston and the Hillsong team do NOT live up to the vision of Hillsong church themselves, otherwise they would not allow such men to speak at such a big conference such as theirs.

“I think it’s critical that we come together and chase the same dream. Facilitate the same dream which is God’s heart, ultimately, for humanity. And be a blessing to the body of Christ and SERVING THE HOUSE. And we often say like – you know ‘Brian, you know, the heartbeat of this conference IS TO CHAMPION LOCAL CHURCHES AROUND THE WORLD.” – Bobby Houston


Allowing these men to speak is not even coming close to championing ‘local churches around the world’, let alone our backyard.


4 thoughts on “Hillsong Stillwrong

  1. who told these religious hypocrites to flee the wrath to come? the axe is already at the root of the trees. these men are like snakes slithering into the water-ritual baptism-in their vain attempt to avoid the fire-the judgement of our LORD Jesus, but they have no repentence. their gospel is no gospel at all; it is without substance though they talk about christ ad infinitum as if they knew Him; the newest heretic on the block is this louie giglio. One of the men at my church just showed us his dvdand louie could’nt restrain himself from getting to how wonderful we sinners are; what miracles we are. Somehow I don’t think david had that in mind. Keep up the good work exposing these vain imaginer’s. In Him, jeff Hughes

  2. Well said Jeff – I havent heard Louie Gigolo! (how that name was screaming to be parodied!), I suppose he is right at home in the “harlot” church!

    You heard of this Gigolo chap Kipling? sounds like he is one of your “peeps”…

  3. People think what Andy Stanley says is so important that he has a HOLOGRAM of himself appearing on stage at North Point Community Church’s satellite campuses! The Catalyst conferences have a history of hosting a who’s who of false teachers in America (Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Rob Bell, John Ortberg, Dallas Willard, Perry Noble, Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson, Shane Claiborne, Mark Driscoll, etc.). Stanley has borrowed some of his teachings from Mormon “visionary” Stephen Covey. Stanley has presented “new age” leadership concepts that have “proven” successful for businessmen in a version that is palatable for undiscerning pastors.

    I heard about Giglio a few years ago when one of my friends sent me a presentation of him making a case for Jesus because of the appearence of a cross in the Laminin molecule. Giglio was a member of Stanley’s NPCC for 13 years before he started the Passion Movement. I hear he is promoting practicing ‘the silence’ and contemplative spirituality.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the rest of the ‘teachers’ at this Hillsong conference are as much of an embarrasement to Christianity as Jakes, Stanley, and Ed Young.

    Keep spreading the word about these wolves. Remember it is only through Christ and His love that we can win people over with the truth. His Word is truth.

    2 Tim 2:4 (NIV)
    Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.

  4. Hillsong is a BUSINESS, NOT a church, PERIOD. “harlot” is a good word to describe them, how very fitting. Certainly, they’re giving Christianity a bad name. Geeze, I mean really, thanks for nothing.

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