‘Catch The Liar’ Ministries, Fires His Tongue Off

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“…..While I was in Sri Lanka I heard the shocking news that Kevin Rudd was no longer the PM but Julia Gillard had taken the top job.

I received many emails asking me what I thought about it and what’s going to happen to Australia with a self confessed Atheist as Prime Minister.   Sorry for not getting back to you before, but I was so very busy since returning from overseas and have also been reading many articles about this issue and seeking God’s wisdom before making any comments.

As you all know by now I tell people, ‘what they need to hear and not what they like to hear.’   Let’s give credit where it is due.  Unlike Kevin Rudd, at least PM Gillard has been honest in telling the people that she DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD.   However, is this the beginning of the end for Australia ??  This will depend on how you vote at the next election which could be anytime between now and November 2010.

In October 2009 we at CTFM carried out a spiritual warfare prayer assignment with the help of many other prayer warriors on Mt Ainslie in Canberra and around 30 other mountains across the country. We specifically prayed for rain, the breaking of the drought and that there would be no major bush fires.  Then we stretched our hands over federal parliament and prayed for ungodly leaders in parliament to be removed and righteousness to be restored.Glory to God, the rains which started just after we prayed have continued up to date and in most part the drought is over, with no major bush fires last summer. Just within 2 months after the prayer assignment we saw the removal of the ungodly opposition leader of the Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull and the defeat of the Carbon Emission Treaty (Global warming) which dealt a major blow to the agenda of the UN in Copenhagen to create a One World Government.

Then within 9 months the removal of PM Kevin Rudd from Labor party, who came into office with a mighty glow and slogan ‘Kevin 07′ with the magic word “CHANGE”.  For me he was a greater deceiver who deceived many, especially many Christians.

Now I wish to take you back to Federal election in 2007 when God gave me a clear prophetic word that Kevin Rudd was not God’s man for Australia.   If we Christians had PRAYED & ACTED IN UNITY, we would had been given a coalition government once again with John Howard & Peter Costello as our leaders.

Many Christian Leaders believed that Kevin Rudd was God’s man for the hour and promoted him as many Christians voted for Labor in that election.   Unfortunately, due to a lack of spiritual discernment by much of the Church , Kevin Rudd was elected as PM.  He was not God’s choice, but the people’s choice.  God gave the people what they asked for, just like the nation of Israel in the Bible when they asked Him for a king, and He gave them one much to their detriment.   I am sure it is very clear right now that Kevin Rudd was not God’s choice as he could not even serve ONE TERM as PM of Australia.

After the 2007 election, many in the body of Christ decided to mock and ridicule me and said that I had not heard from God.  I suppose now it is common sense for all to know as to who really heard from God and who did not hear from God.  Let us deal with this reality as all who voted Labor in the 2007 election have today put in place the worst Atheist Prime Minister you can think of ie Julia Gillard to lead our nation of Australia.

You cannot simply believe just because someone says ‘I am a Christian’ and goes to church every Sunday that he or she is a Christian.  Just because you go to McDonalds every day does not make you a ‘BIG MAC’.   So how do you know who is a genuine Christian?  The bible says you will know them by their fruits, so we need to check the fruits of that tree (the life of the person) and then find out their true nature.

Mr Rudd just before Federal election 2007 refused to acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God.  This was clearly broadcast on SBS news when the spectator at the Footy Finals asked him the question 3 times, ‘Is Jesus the son of God?’ First he did not answer, the 3rd time he responded, ‘I go to church on Sunday’.

Unfortunately, from day number one when Rudd came on the scene I knew he was not fair-dinkum.  A few months after he was elected I had a vision at one of our weekly intercessory prayer meetings, that Julia Gillard came behind Rudd and stuck a knife in his back and Rudd fell to the ground, then she took over the government.  Immediately I shared the vision with my team and we prayed about it.

It is most interesting to note that some 2 years later this is exactly what has happened.  In a sense I feel sorry for Rudd but unfortunately when you deceive people you receive back what you sow.

So where do we go from here?

I think God in His amazing grace has given us another chance with a clear cut distinction between the two leaders.   Even for those who do not pray or discern, the facts are so clear.  Tony Abbott is a Godly man with good moral values.  I have spent time with him personally and I know that this man produces good fruits as he is very keen on protecting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

At the other end of the scale, we have Julia Gillard who is openly anti-God, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexuality, wants Christian Chaplains out of schools, refused to take the oath on the bible and the list goes on.   She will also most probably pass the carbon emission treaty and pass laws to stop Christian evangelism (Bill of Rights). She is currently living in blatant sin, as she is not married but living with her partner. What a terrible role model for the next generation. I am shocked that we have a PM who would possibly move into the lodge with her partner. Possibly this has never happened in the history of Australia.

Let’s also look at what happened after the last election in 2007 when the parliamentarians were sworn in. ONLY 5 members of Labor took the oath on the bible out of all labor members in federal parliament.

Whereas in the Liberal National coalition 70-80% took the oath on the bible and 60-70% brought their own bibles.   I think this gives us a clear cut mandate as to whom we should vote for.

Is Tony Abbott perfect? The answer is NO.  Neither am I or you for that matter.  Nevertheless, with the Coalition government we would achieve much more in order to protect our Judeo-Christian Heritage.

If you still say ‘I will vote Labor’ that is your choice.   That’s the freedom we enjoy in a democracy, but I must say  you definitely cannot be a Christian who has a proper relationship with Jesus if you vote this way.

I believe if the church Prays & Act’s wisely, the way God removed Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, He will also remove Julia Gillard. For if we have Julia Gillard elected as PM the church for sure should get ready for PRISON TIME.  We can choose to have Revival through blessing or persecution.

“Ahab summoned all the people of Israel and the prophets to Mount Carmel. Then Elijah stood in front of them and said, “How much longer will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him!” 1 Kings 18:20-21

I pray that in the 2010 election we will PRAY & ACT wisely and not make the mistake we made in 2007.   God has promised us a decade of harvest ahead of us.   Let’s vote in a government which is Godly and will help Righteousness to exalt the nation and bring the harvest in.

May God Bless You Mightily.  I am sure I will have a great response for this email.  Yes, I am willing to cop the flack because I love you, and it is only the plain truth which will set you free.

Your Brother In Christ,

Pastor Daniel Nalliah”

From http://catchthefire.com.au/blog/2010/07/06/new-prime-minister-mount-ainslie-election-2007-by-ps-daniel-nalliah/#more-3984

2 thoughts on “‘Catch The Liar’ Ministries, Fires His Tongue Off

  1. Nalliah: ” …but I must say you definitely cannot be a Christian who has a proper relationship with Jesus if you vote this way.” [for Labor]

    He lost me at that point…although I have to say that as a traditional Labor voter I would dearly like someone else to vote for at the moment.

    I don’t count the coalition as a viable option.

    Nalliah seems to be very self important, even if I do agree with him broadly that the legitimate and traditional role of Christians in our institutions is under increasing threat.

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