All you need is Alignment

Some Pentecostal preachers use the term “alignment” in their preaching, and it often goes un-noticed.   But there is a whole theology that is behind the term “alignment”, which I found out several years ago when doing a course at my Pentecostal church.

The course is called “Cleansing stream” and was heavily promoted by my church as a worthwhile course for deliverence ministry, personal spiritual growth etc.   The course includes a work-book, several books to read, several video sessions, and a final weekend workshop where demons were cast out of Christians.  One of the key concepts we were introduced to was alignment.

A quote used in the workbook was from Watchman Nee “A spiritual man is not a man born again but a man born again and walking in alignment.” Walking in alignment means firstly to have each part of your being (Body, Soul and Spirit) in proper relationship to each other.  Your body must be submitted to your soul.  Your soul must then be submitted to your Spirit.  As in the following diagram.

If your soul was not sufficiently submitted to your spirit, or your body not sufficiently submitted to your soul then you are out of alignment.  Walking in alignment was said to allow you to hear God’s voice clearly, being out of alignment meant not really being spiritual.  We were taught to pray for alignment “Body, submit to my soul. Soul submit to my spirit. Spirit submit to the Holy Spirit…”  The Devil was responsible for pulling you out of alignment, more on that later.

The theory of alignment extends beyond the individual.  For families there is also a proper alignment that should be adhered to ensure that the Devil does not influence their lives.

Here the fiery darts of the Devil are always raining down (causing bad things to happen), but as long as the family is in alignment – ie. the Children are submitted to the Mother who is in turn submitted to the Father, they are sheltered from these influences.  Of course if they were to get out of alignment (by not submitting) there would be no protection from these demonic influences and misfortune would befall them.

And how does the father get protection from these fiery darts?  You may have guessed that it is by submitting to the appropriate Pastor.  This is the true meaning of having a “covering” – ie. it is covering and protecting you from the bad influence of the Devil.

If one is saved, how does one get out of alignment in the first place?  Well here is a piece of information not known by many Christians.  It stems from the words we say.  Any negative confession however slight gives the Devil the right to have a hook and line into our souls.  Over time, given the words we say from day to day, there are so many fishing lines stuck in our souls (with the Devil pulling at the other end of them) – that he simply pulls us out of alignment.  From there we are essentially sitting ducks because we have no covering.

The solution is quite simple, although not widely known.  Salvation alone is insufficient, you must cleanse yourself of all these influences – using the method given in the Cleansing stream course.  The strange thing is that this is not some whacky course received as a prophecy by some stoner-christian pecking at a keyboard while eating baked-beans from a can.  The course comes from the Church on the Way, and is endorsed by its Pastor Jack Hayford.  I think that this indicates that these concepts are not just fringe ideas but have made it to the mainstream of Pentecostal thought.

— wazza2

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  1. If that’s an accurate assessment, and I’ll take you at your word, then I would agree that it is out of alignment with the Word, wazza2. I haven’t heard it personally, but it could be an easily accepted concept by innocent believers.

    How did the fiery darts of the devil manage to rain down on believers, by the way, when all things are under our feet in Christ, and we are far above all principalities, powers, dominions and everything that is named in this age and in the age to come?

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t heard this Facelift.

    If it’s taught at C3, from Phil Pringle, and through the colleges run by Pat Antcliff and Jeff Crabtree, then I am very surprised they haven’t trained you yet with this alignment doctrine.

    Didn’t you hear me major on this formula that C3 does here:

    “Let me quote from the gnostic gospel of Thomas:

    “His disciples asked, “On which day will you make yourself known to us?”

    Lord Jesus replied, “When you rid yourselves of guilt and shame and tear off your old rags and trample them beneath your feet like children. Then you’ll see the Son of He who is the living God, and you’ll never need fear again.” “

    Let me quote Phil Pringle from above:

    “We have seen miracles unfold in people’s lives AS THEY HAVE ALIGNED their heart, purpose and financial with God’s vision to build His Church.”

    He then says:

    “AS WE EACH GIVE OUR TIME AND RESOURCES, together we will see lives transformed, captives released, and eyes open to the reality of Christ.””

  3. Hey Wazza!

    You should examine how similar this teaching is with that of Kundalini. We’d all be surprised.

  4. Of course we have to align our hearts with God’s Word, s&p. That’s an absolute, and has absolutely nothing to do with what wazza2 is saying!

    It’s not the word ‘alignment’ which is the problem, but what is being aligned.

  5. If only there is an emoticon that was to smack it’s head against the wall, it would be so appropriate now.

    Blind Facelift! Bliiiiinnnnddddddd!!!

    Please let me point out what you chose NOT to see:

    “We have seen miracles unfold in people’s lives AS THEY HAVE ALIGNED their heart, PURPOSE and FINANCIAL with GOD’S VISION to build His Church.”

    In other words, God’s vision = pastor’s vision.

    Align yourself under this ‘touch not God’s anointed’ pastor, and miracles will unfold as people witness.

  6. Has this perfect planetary alignment formula worked for anyone yet? It still sounds like a secret knowledge yet to be discovered fully and perfected.

    Make sure Facelift that you don’t think any bad thoughts about me or say anything negative towards me. If you do, it’s an indication that you are not aligning yourself to receive miracles or financial blessing under me on Signposts02.

    Please don’t question my motives on Signposts02 and watch what you think. I also require you to align your finances to the vision of Signposts02. To not align yourself to the way the leader of this blog thinks, is to remain out of kilter. Respect others opinions so you may be aligned perfectly in your relations to others. Be positive, give me your money, say I am God and you’re alignment to God will unlock all the things necessary to have your church flourish and prosper.

    Start working on yourself and then come to me to see if I think you are worthy enough to become before Jesus to receive miracles and to see Him in His glory.

    To only argue against me is to go against God’s will, to fall out of alignment with him. I cannot afford you to spiritually knock others out of this alignment, as they too struggle to receive favour from God.

    Oh! And Facelift! If you are now feeling that pathetic about your salvation because you feel so out of line, talk to Mark Saundercock who gave the C3 giving message on Sunday night.

    You can get the favour of God if you have the money to give. If you give enough, you may have found a short-cut to receive a radical alignment to receive from God.

    If you still haven’t managed to obtain a healing or see God’s glory yet in your life, maybe I can sell you my books or go to my conferences so I can tell you very gradually how to be better, more aligned, more perfected, more living, more blessed, more financially able, more spiritual…

    But do you think I will ever give you what I truly know that keeps me 100% aligned for free? Maybe if you align your heart under mine, God may give you the knowledge that I know that keeps me aligned to His will.

    Maybe a bit of this anointing and revelation will rub off on you. The more you’re in my presence, the more you’ll see how I walk perfectly aligned to God. I know how to remain aligned, which you will slowly come to realize how too as well.

  7. You’re not being very pleasant, s&p. You obviously don’t think it’s acceptable to line up with God’s vision for the church? OK. But I agree with your comment at 2.04 am!

  8. We’re all apart of the church! We are family where we can either be difficult or loving. It’s in our nature to see people reconciled to God. That’s the closest thing we have to ‘vision’. How can we align ourselves to the will of God if we are already in it and are apart of this process?

    And of course I’m not being pleasant with you. At the moment I am furious with your ability to block your ears and shun your eyes from the most blatant things that are occurring in the church and then bash people over the head with your arrogance. You constantly are repelling people from this blog.

    At least I openly evaluate myself on here and apologise if I do go too extreme. You however, steam roll everyone with your views, flatten them with your arrogance. Then when someone makes a comment that seems directed at the way you argue, or comment on those in a similar position to you, you crack, shatter and evade.

    Still waiting to hear you defend your C3 views on Sumrall and Pringle’s leadership talk. After screaming evidence and proof of the way C3 conducts themselves, I am yet to hear any reasonable comment from you on these matters.

    I am willing to be wrong. And if I don’t think I am on certain issues, I will do my best to prove my claims over time.

  9. Thanks for clarifying your attitude, which is entirely based on your own perspective.

    I have not bashed anyone over the head for a long time. Although I dd say something a little bit strong to mn, which RP corrected me on. Sorry, mn! I know you’re not too sensitive to blog! I was just kidding around!

    I have stated a position. Blogs which confront should be prepared for a response. You are confrontational, s&p. Calling a church a gnostic cult is confrontational.

    I don’t mind if you’re confrontational, but you should be able to back it up in a succinct way, should you not?

    If I choose not to comment it may be because I have nothing to say on a matter which has not already been said. Or I am carefully weighing up how to approach a potential minefield which could be avoided. You are looking for a defence to crush. I have offered none. Sorry to disappoint you. Draw your own conclusions. I’m sure you will.

    On the other hand if I do offer a comment which challenges your opinion on another subject, I am being arrogant. How so? Make up your mind. You want me to comment, or you don’t want me to comment?

    If you level an accusation you should be prepared to defend it. If there are pople who do not like your accusations to be challenged, and send you emails, that is not my fault. If I think it is blatantly error, do you think I should let you go unchallenged? Or is it reasonable to request proof?

    You set yourself up as a court to try people. Do you prefer that there is no defence?

    So you think being in the Body is enough to be in line with God’s will?

  10. With regard to what wazza2 has posted, it has troubled me lately, by observation, that there are many believers, in all denominations or movements, who are struggling with their walk, even though they may have received solid teaching, have been ministered to many times, have been prayed for and prayed with, enjoy a caring, nurturing church environment, and love God with all their heart.

    I think some of these ministries attempt to deal with this issue, but look in the wrong places, or rationalise the spiritual.

    It occurs to me that many Christians are attempting, in some way, to tame the old man, rather than put on and live in the new man.

    In a way, this ministry appears to be one which focuses on taming, or fixing, the old man. We were never told to try to fix or tame the old man, but to put off the old man.

    I don’t know about ‘alignment’ or other such concepts, but I do know that as long as Christians continue in the belief that they cannot help being sinners, are told that they can never attain to being more than sinful, they are being asked to continue to deal with the problems of the old man, and not taught to walk in the newness of life Christ won for us.

    The truth is that we died in Christ on the cross, and we were raised in Christ at the resurrection. The old man, and the sinful body of the flesh, was crucified in Christ. When we receive him as Lord and saviour, old things wee passed away, and all things became new.

    We are not admonished to deal with, fix, or tame the old man. We are told to put to death the carnal nature, and put on the new man, who is Christ in us.

    For this reason, I have a problem with ministries which teach self-deliverance, when Jesus has done everything necessary for us to enter newness of life.

  11. In our conversion, we become one with Him. He knows what is best for us and also grants us a lot of freedom by His will.

    I believe ministers I have trouble with are still in the will of God. God is very faithful to those he loves and He does not give up on those He loves.

    We all think that Jonah was out of line or outside the will of God. But his ‘backsliding’ story, was a very prophetic account of the life of the Messiah. He was that out of ‘alignment’, that Jesus said that the only miraculous sign He will perform was ‘The Sign of Jonah’.

    It seemed God knew that Jonah was to run. It seemed God knew what Joseph was going to do. We can try and align ourselves as much as we want to God’s will – but the reality is, we are already in it.

  12. This formula alignment talk has changed to twist God’s hand to bring revival.

    If everyone tithed, and aligned their faith and heart and commitment to God, revival will come.

    If everyone repented and committed themselves to fasting and prayer and aligned themselves to God’s purposes in their life (usually submitting to church leadership), then the church will experience revival.

  13. Teddy wil be slapping you on the back for that wonderful piece of Reformed Theology, s&p.

    Colossians 1
    21 And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled
    22 in the body of His flesh through death, to present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in His sight–
    23 if indeed you continue in the faith, grounded and steadfast, and are not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you heard, which was preached to every creature under heaven, of which I, Paul, became a minister.

    IF… you continue in the faith. IF… you continue grounded and steadfast. IF… you are not moved away form the hope of the gospel which you heard.

    How can they be moved away if they are in the will of God?

    Galatians 1
    6 ¶ I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel,
    7 which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

    Were they not born again, and in the will of God?

    Colossians 2
    4 ¶ Now this I say lest anyone should deceive you with persuasive words.
    5 For though I am absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.
    6 As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,
    7 rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.
    8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

  14. Just read wazza’s original article.

    Sticking to the kind of alignment that his article talks about – a hierarchical alignment that is somehow controlled by our will, of spirit->soul->body – where in scripture did that come from?

    I suppose they must have come up with some scriptures, or the whole thing just collapses at that point.

    We were taught to pray for alignment “Body, submit to my soul. Soul submit to my spirit. Spirit submit to the Holy Spirit…”

    – wazza’s post

    That is a really wierd prayer. And – it sounds like people are being told to actually pray to themselves. Way out of order if that’s the case.

    I have not come across any of that teaching in any of the churches I’ve been to. But for some reason, ‘cleansing streams’ does ring a bell. If it was used, it might have been only in the counselling arm. I don’t think its part of standard C3 teaching up here as it stands.


    I have come across hierarchical teaching similar to what is described in the second half of wazza’s post. I think the Pastor->father/husband->mother/wife->child hierarchy is taught in various settings, including definitely some covering teaching. Particularly when men are told that they are the cover for their household. Typically, there must be a male ‘covering’, so single women are ‘covered’ either by their father, or by the church pastor (perhaps a woman is allowable in that situation, depending upon the church).

    Obedience and submission to the authority above you in the hierarchy was taught as the way to remain under God’s blessing and protected from the ‘evil one’. If you stepped out of your covering, anything could happen!! So, if you didn’t do the things that an obedient person would do (tithe, submit, not sin etc), and something went wrong in your circumstances, the first thing would be to correct whatever you were omitting to restore the blessing of heaven that you could expect.

    This kind of submission/obedience teaching is not always taught with the ‘alignment’ doctrine described, but the latter doctrine looks like yet another dodgy teaching designed to support the authority structure of the hierarchy, and to reinforce the behaviour needed from congregation members for the institution to maintain its financial and human resources.

  15. Actually, this kind of teaching reminds me of the thrust of some of John Bevere’s teaching. These books were high on my ex-church’s reading list!

  16. s&p, that’s at least once, and possibly twice now you’ve used the tactic of changing a comment after I’ve commented on the original, making it look as if I am agreeing with something I did not originally agree with, or am refuting something which you are changing to something else.

    This is way out of order, and should not be continued.

    At 2.04 am, originally you said ‘…’, which is why I made a joke of agreeing with you. Now you have changed this into a comment.

    You just can’t do that sort of thing.

    What else have you changed?

  17. Just had a look at the Cleansing Streams website. I can see that one issue they are trying to address is why so many Christians struggle with sin or its consequences, despite having repented and accepted Christ as Lord of their lives. That is a legitimate issue, and perhaps teaching about the process of sanctification is something that might be missing from some churches (note – I’m not saying all!) which major on instant overcoming, instant victory, or who believe that things we do bring God’s blessing and power or else limit it. The acknowledgement of the process of living in a sinful, broken world, with growth and maturity coming over time, as we work _through_ things, with Christ, as through thorns and pain – would perhaps help many people in these places.

  18. Facelift, I noticed at the beginning, that you stated clearly that you disagreed with the teaching wazza2 posted up.

    Also, the testimonials on their website at least, come from churches that aren’t labelled Hillsong or C3, so it could be outside the movements we are more familiar with. Though some AOG churches are there. Members of any church could do this course, and bring it back into their home church if their pastor agreed though. There’s even an Anglican church pastor in the testimonials.

    I am not personally not at all sure that the ‘alignment’ S&P is referring to has come from the Cleansing Streams course. At the same time, the covering doctrine in the second half of the post, is taught at both. I think one way in which they differ, is this spirit-soul-body alignment thing. That seems to be special to Cleansing Streams, but dovetails into covering doctrine very nicely.

  19. I am interested in this, because while I didn’t hear it at all from the pulpit at my churches, and also, I suspect Phil Pringle wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested in it (he’s just not that kind of guy!), I do think I’ve come across it or elements of this kind of thing amongst various friends over time. Sometimes this might be due to involvement in specialised church ministries, or their interest in other Christian teaching not available in their home church that might seem to address issues they have. Many people are interested in healing ministries of all kinds.

  20. RP “I can see that one issue they are trying to address is why so many Christians struggle with sin or its consequences”

    Thats true, and it is a valid issue.. but I think that the Cleansing stream course offers a quick and ultimately counterfeit fix for the problem.

    This is the Cleansing Stream Australia video :

    From the first part of the video : “Cleansing Stream ministries is a valuable tool enabling discipleship to be a reality. People are cleansed and delivered from their past and healing is released into both soul and body. As a result the need for counselling is reduced. Ministers are saying that their counselling load is being cut by up to 80%. Discipled people are much cleaner to witness for Christ and disciple others.”

  21. Thats not to say that there isnt a place for Healing and Deliverance ministries for Christians, but it seems that my church and others were encouraged to put thier whole congregations through this “cleansing” process.

  22. Whole congregations… that sounds like a worry. If that meant scores of people automatically receiving deliverance ministry, then there would be serious potential for harm, in my opinion. If people felt compelled to participate, for example, and they had psychological conditions which would be better off being treated under the oversight of professionals, for example. If a whole congregation was ‘strongly encouraged’ to undergo such a course, it could potentially become cult like. Was there any resulting culture from this in churches that you know of, or did they go through it and then 3 months later, it was all in the past, and no big deal?

    For example, I know many churches have done the Purpose Driven stuff, but not all churches then become purpose driven, with the resulting culture.

  23. RP “But for some reason, ‘cleansing streams’ does ring a bell. If it was used, it might have been only in the counselling arm. I don’t think its part of standard C3 teaching up here as it stands.”

    It’s interesting C3 Colleges are now called Creative Stream and Leadership Stream. Their could be a connection. Probably not. But the idea is, if God is calling you to align yourself to His will, then college is the best way to refine you.

    FL “What else have you changed?”

    That was it. I did ‘…’ to reserve the comment space to say the above comment was a satirical, just in case some first-timing lurker may have misread me. I thought you were making a comment to the one above which was also 2:04am.

  24. s&p,
    ‘How can we align ourselves to the will of God if we are already in it and are apart of this process?’

    Romans 12
    1 ¶ I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.
    2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
    3 For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.


    Gosh, s&p, schools and colleges have used ‘streams’ for years to define different groupings.

    Methinks you are becoming so obsessed with finding fault that you cannot focus on anything properly at C3. You need your spiritual eyes tested. You may need glasses!

  25. Did you even read me say this Facelift:

    “It’s interesting C3 Colleges are now called Creative Stream and Leadership Stream. THERE COULD BE A CONNECTION. PROBABLY NOT. But the idea is, if God is calling you to align yourself to His will, then college is the best way to refine you.”

    You didn’t need to tell me it was a bit of a stretch. I already said that. After posting that, I considered the idea that the word ‘stream’ for educational institutes could be based off the phrase ‘stream of thought’. C3 changed their names to be more relevant in today’s culture.

    But going back to this alignment teaching. The black dog white dog is still taught at places like C3. In fact it’s still a very popular teaching in many churches, not just Pentecostal or Charismatic.

    For the white dog to win over the black dog, we aren’t to feed the black dog. I wonder if this is at all connected to this alignment teaching. How long has this teaching been around? It could have given birth to a whole number of un-biblical doctrines.

    I think you can trace this this Alignment teaching back to John Wesley, who saw that the Beatitudes revealed the path to live in full salvation. Not many people know of his teachings on this and how they affected his life.

    I’ll try and find his sermons on this. I have his entire works somewhere. Sounds very similar to alignment teaching.

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