Hillsong’s Snailing Love for Brian Houston

Groupsects noted:

Brian Houston twitters… “Have been talking to lawyers 4:05 PM Jul 28th via UberTwitter”


Now I was emailed by an anonymous person what George Aghajanian was doing in Hillsong. He is the Hillsong general manager and he has snail mailed this letter during the week about the Sunday Telegraph article.

Edit: Thanks to the anonymous emailer who emailed me this letter!


15 thoughts on “Hillsong’s Snailing Love for Brian Houston

  1. Damage-control, rather like the spin team that flew into action after Ed Young Jnr’s private jet details came to light. Brian would be better off speaking for himself.

  2. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/big-hillsong-and-dance/story-e6frezt9-1111115030781

    The media released articles on Hillsong’s clash with the community when it decided to move to Rosebury and construct it’s own building.

    The elders from Hillsong also released snail mail complaints to it’s congregation to get behind them and support what Hillsong was doing for the community as well, not just their desires.

    I might still have those letters too. But it’s these churches that really make the church and community an us versus them, when in fact, it shouldn’t be like that at all.

  3. It’s funny they say “if you have any questions or concerns, I would encourage you to speak to our leadership or pastoral team.”

    Isn’t that what Steve West said he did? Why didn’t they answer his questions then and why didn’t they show him the financial papers. Why couldn’t he as a leader see this ‘leadership material’?

    George Aghajanian does not have a clue what he means when he says they are best senior pastors in the world. If he did, he would be rebuking them for not defending the church from deceiving speakers such as Ed Young or TD Jakes. If not that, he should be rebuking them for not valuing the spiritual health of their own congregation by he things that Brian and Bobby teach.

    This is some call George Aghajanian makes. The congregation are called to defend their senior pastor who is not accountable to their spiritual well being!

  4. Being audited by a big 8 accounting firm doesn’t mean anything.
    They make no judgement as to size of remuneration or anything like that. I think you will find that Hillsong is doing everything legally. That’s not the issue many people have though.

  5. For sure,

    Hillsong aren’t breaking any laws. If there are loopholes in the tax system, pretty much everyone exploits them … and are encouraged to by big accounting firms … and no one bats an eyelid.

    It only becomes a legal issue if those loopholes are closed and the practices are continued as if the law hasn’t changed.

    From an ethical perspective a minister of a church ought not to have their own personal (paid) ministry and continue in a leadership position within their fellowship. Are they speaking as themselves or on behalf of their church?

    At least PP is only being paid by his own personal NFP, rather than taking a salary from C3 as well as getting money from his own private not for profit ministry.

    BH seems to be taking cash from Hillsong and LMI or some mixture of the two.

    In the end, it is possible to argue that Hillsongs turn-over means that BH gets less of a proportion of the church income as total remuneration than Pastors on much smaller salaries … as they have much smaller turn-over.

    The real issue is one of teaching and doctrine, not salary.

    Is their doctrine wrong? Yes.

    Can it lead people away from JESUS? Yes.

    Do we need to pray for them? Yes!

    Was the letter damage control? Oh Yes!


  6. I noted dryly that George said in the letter that Hillsong doesn’t refuse to meet up with people who want to see the books.

    That was never my allegation.

    I met up with George, yes.

    But he showed me NOTHING.

  7. As Houston is with his Leadership Ministries Incorporated, so Pringle is with his PaX Ministries Pty Ltd.

    Not wishing to derail the thread so soon, but thought it was worth highlighting as well. Money sees, money does. 🙂

    I couldn’t help but notice how very similar this note sounds to Ed Young’s defense. He accused the media of attacking him and said enough to make him sound valid and the media wrong. Chris Roseborough seemed to fully open the can of worms for Ed Young since Young dared to dig himself out of the pit he made for himself. We need Christian Pirate Radio DownUnder on this Teddy! 😀

  8. If a pastor announces he is no longer going to draw a wage, at the same pointing out partnership envelopes for said pastor (and his wife) on each seat, what accountability does said pastor have for any monies garnered through that congregational “partnership”?

    If that pastor then uses that money to travel “preaching” the gospel through paintings, pens etc, where does the profit go from all products sold at such gatherings? Anyone know?

    And if those travels seem to include an almost monthly trip for the States for yet another in-house conference at the same time coinciding with a new pastoral wife “hairdo” (regularly tweeted out via photo because pastrix’ hairdresser moved to the States), does one just ignore it or begin to wonder what’s going on? Just some early morning random thoughts.

    Oh well, back to “Foxes Book of Martyrs”…

  9. It just seems to be the natural outworking of that kind of prosperity doctrine. There will be more of the same to come. If you were struggling financially, would you support the Pringles’ ministry hoping that their prosperity would rub off on you, and that you would partake of the same anointing? The more successful they appear, the more appealing their teaching looks.

    I was at the shops the other day, and three places I went to had seen the number of clients drop dramatically compared to 3 or 4 years ago. Three people separately blamed it on the GFC, when I asked them why they thought things had changed. One of them was being priced out of the Sydney housing market due to rent rises; every time they manage to save, the rent would go up and their deposit savings drop back. It honestly looked like a recession, but in Sydney maybe caused by the pressure of rising housing costs, if not the GFC any more. I wonder how our local prosperity driven churches will go in such an environment. We escaped a lot of the GFC impact from overseas. It would be hard for someone suffering from a local recession to watch the tweets about hairdos, from a pastor funded by donations. Might really put them off the church, unless they believed that prosperity would rub off on them.

  10. Oh well, back to “Foxes Book of Martyrs”…
    You are a funny lady!

    Yes, the problem is that what they are doing is legal. That’s why in the US “where these guys got their ideas from”, the big names refuse to talk in specifics saying often that “they will talk to the IRS but not to you”.

    It’s legal. But is it right. And people ask the wrong specific questions. Brian’s 300,000 answer is referring to what exactly.

    The man in the street would fall over no doubt if they knew what kind of real money these people were making (esp if you include the wives, family etc)

    But, and this is the problem. And i really do see it as a problem for the Kingdom of God. Mega churches and ministries are full of people who have been taught to think ” I don’t care at all how much the Pastor makes, and I don’t care at all what they do with the money because THEY will be judged for that”.

    I disturbs me, even scares me that there are thousands of young people who have been taught to blindly follow. Combine it with all the different Holy Ghost streams where people are taught not to think, or question but just to receive, and it’s scary. Every cult does the same. And every dictatorship does the same.

    It’s a beautiful thing to ask questions! That’s how most of the progress on the planet came about. I have less trouble with the different doctrinal positions (because who knows, in the end I might be wrong) than I do with the fact that there are thousands of people in all kinds of churches and religions who hold to a position that they just give to the organization and obey their leaders, and their responsibility before God is over.

    Yes, you can be too negative, and to rebellious, but the Church (read some churches within it0 is rearing happy dumb robots.

    We have a problem Houston.

    (I’ve had a bit to do with people in cults. It’s scary how cut off from the world, and critical thinking people can become. And if they continue in that for years, they are just at the mercy of the direction and mental stability or lack thereof of their leader).

    P.S NOT saying megachurches are cults. But I AM saying that it all starts with thinking the leader is awesome, and giving your time and money to them and not questioning anything.

    Man, sometimes you should question what your own SPOUSE is doing with money.

    Anyway, how do you get through to people that what they think is a spiritually good attitude is just “foolishness”, or it that sounds too harsh “unwise”?

  11. From the BH Tweeter feed:

    When HURTING people, know what it is to be HEALED; as HEALED people, they can hugely inspire the HURTING!

    I have no idea what this means. Can anyone explain it for me?

  12. Sounds directed to judgmental, critical bloggers like us or those affected by mega-church churn-tables.

  13. It’s a funny quote. You could take it a couple of ways, depending upon your perspective:

    “When [you are] hurting people, [you should] know what it is to be healed, [since] healed people…[snip] can [be] hugely inspire[d] [when they do] the hurting.”

    Obviously that was not what BH meant.

    Or, it could have been:

    “When hurting people [snip comma] know what it is [like] to be healed, as healed people [snip comma] they can hugely inspire the [read ‘encourage’ those who are] hurting.”

    A few commas can create a lot of confusion.

  14. Brian Houston playing fast and loose with Habakkuk.

    I wish this critique could be heard by all the people who attended that particular service.

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