Nagaland Warning: C3 SINagogue-of-Satan Plant Near You! (Pringle Quotes)

There all in this together:

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Heres an idea what happened in Nagaland in the 1970’s:

Nagaland Revival

By Editorial Staff
Published December 2007

KOHIMA, India (FR) – News about ground-breaking peace accords or world-shaking political movements probably won’t come out of this small, politically insignificant state in far east India. However, Nagaland has distinguished itself by being the only Christian state in the world with a 90 percent Christian population … with record numbers of youth pledging their lives to missions. Mass prayer meetings are held once a month for the nation as well as for the neighboring countries of Burma, Bhutan, China and Pakistan.

The radical transition from being a Hindu state comprised of loosely organized tribes to a Christian government took place as a result of an unusual revival that swept through the villages and tribes between 1976 and 1978. Miraculous healings were commonplace, said Rev. Joseph Paul of Christ for Nagaland Ministries, which began when “hundreds of people confessed their sins and repented of their old ways.” There are proportionately more born-again believers in Nagaland than any other place in the world, according to statistics gathered by Operation World.

Despite the revival, Nagaland is closed to outsiders because of the danger of military insurgency. Since 1947, Indian armed forces were kept in Nagaland, and Naga insurgents against the Hindu police were “put down with a cruel hand,” said Rev. Paul. “Until 1972 there was always fighting and killing of innocent Naga tribals. Peace, if one can call it peace, was here only from 1980.”

During the 1970s, Nagaland was nearly a police state, with many suffering at the hands of Hindu security forces. “Even as late as 1979 Naga villagers were shot at and killed by the Hindu armed forces of Assam,” said Rev. Paul. “This was played down by the Indian government, which always termed any trouble with Nagas as Naga insurgency. During these times the church called the people to fast and pray.”

Strategically located next to Burma and surrounded by China, Bangladesh and India, Rev. Paul said he believes that Naga youth are the key to evangelizing these predominantly Hindu and Muslim nations. At Christ for Nagaland Bible College, students are taught sacrificial living, which prepares them to live a life of “barefoot evangelism.” They are then sent to the tribes of Arunchal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Burma and across the China border.

Prior to each semester, the students fast and pray for two days. “Students are also taught to fast and pray for their individual and corporate needs.” Rev. Paul added that his goal is to train 2,000 leaders. Currently there are 62 missionaries who have been trained and sent into those countries.

Christianity was planted in Nagaland by American Baptist missionaries in the 1800s. When they came, Nagaland was basically a warrior nation. However, Christianity reversed the tide of tribal warfare. “At great risk to their lives, the American pioneer missionaries brought the gospel to the Nagas,” Paul explained.


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  1. And before, getting all huffy with the title, I want to let you know, I’ve gathered a stack of Phil Pringle’s quotes. It’s been frustrating to organise them so I’ll be putting them on a ‘SIGNPOSTS02 Page’ to discuss them there. (Your draw will drop!)

    I was surprised no one commented on the first ‘Signposts02’ page so I’m not sure if this ‘ministry’ page thing will be a popular idea. 😦

  2. “Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie–indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.’

    I remember another commenter who claimed that the church would eventually worship at his feet.

  3. Never heard of Nagaland before. With a 90% Christian population, it would be the ideal place to start a contemporary charismatic church if a fast church plant is the goal.

  4. A fast charismatic church plant? When it’s already 90% Christian?

    I had a missionary guest (Church Missionary Society) at our women’s bible study this week. Australian husband and wife 12 years in Paris last 4 years, 40mins outside Paris. What they have achieved may not make into the mega-church “newsletters”, the rejoicing over just one convert in such a secular country is very grounding to hear about after the years of “altar calls/fall-away converts that we were used to seeing at C3. The church is growing slowly but steadily with an 80% West African congregation.

    No easy-believism and also a problematic Hillsong in Paris with a huge turnover of easy come/easy go “converts”.

  5. I will do a topic on this. Last week I was spiritually attacked via someone I had never met before through Facebook. They called me and started speaking the most interesting things over the phone.

    They told me they were a demon, a pagan of the land. I hung up thinking nothing of the conversation except that the person was mad. When I was working that day that I was down, cold, feeling isolated and alone. I felt I was being tormented. My mind kept going back to some of the creepy things that persons said to me.

    I was trying to keep up my gain. I wanted to rip my hair out, scream or do something that wasn’t me. The truth was, I wasn’t me. I tried praying, I tried thinking wonderful thoughts, I tried… and that was when I realised something- I WAS TRYING!

    So I said a simple prayer to God: “What the hell is this on me? If it’s spiritual, what’s its name?”

    “Baal,” was his lightning answer. I was talking to him the entire time at work until I got home.

    Stupidly I got back onto facebook and talked to this woman who then said she was the daughter of Baal. God was of course right. She imparted something to me through her words and pain. I then thought about spiritual warfare and then stopped myself.

    I was fighting again, not God. Then I started to see what C3 was teaching in regards to this experience. Whatever we do, God catches up.

    (He endorsed ALL this material of HIS on Sunday: 15/8/2010)

    “Faith is a spirit. It is an attitude. It is confidence in the heart.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 12.

    “Faith moves God to action.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 12.

    “When we have no room for the Word of God in our lives we have no room for success.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 14.

    “Faith is the collateral of heaven. It is what you use to trade with in heaven.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, Introduction.

    “Faith is what God responds to… Not only does the absence of faith displease God, but He is unable to work through us to accomplish His plans on the earth when faith is not being exercised. Faith moves God to action.” – Phil Pringle, Faith: Moving The Heart and Hand of God, pg 20.

    “It was also true that Job was the wealthiest man in the East. There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 14.

    “There is no doubt that it is the men and women of faith who have changed the world. You are to be one of this uncommon breed of people who transform this world. Those who “conquered kingdoms”, by faith.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 13.

    Heaven forbid it is my fallen faith that saves me! If I continued to rely on my own strength in that demonic encounter, I would’ve lost. That experience opened my eyes.

    This Sunday night, Phil Pringle opened my ears and eyes further:

    “No, I’ve actually got a sovereign will down here, and not even God is more powerful then my will on the earth. I can make choices that He doesn’t want me to make.” – Phil Pringle, 6pm, 15/8/2010.

    ‎”I don’t think God could judge us if He’s making all the decisions.” – Phil Pringle, 6pm, 15/8/2010.

    “You’ll find I lean heavily away from Calvinistic thinking because, number one: I don’t think God could judge us if He’s making all the decisions. ‎If I arrive there [at judgment time] and [God] says, ‘Now I’m going to judge you’, [I would reply], ‘Hey, pff, you predestined everything I did, ha, how can you judge me? You know, like, it was all up to you’. He says, ‘Oh alright, you kn…ow, I, I guess I can’t’.” – Phil Pringle, 6pm, 15/8/2010

    At the moment, I can only see strong association between witch-craft in arminianism here. Rebuke me if you think I am wrong.

    All I know in that moment I was attacked, I completely forgot about the sovereignty of God. If I lived by Pringle’s teachings at that moment, I would have to admit I had no faith and I wasn’t saved. If I believed Pringle’s teachings, God would not be pleased with me and had distanced Himself from my life and I would have been handed over to the enemy.

    “I earnestly believe in a close, deep, personal relationship with the Lord. However this does not guarantee answers to prayer. Faith does! Faith is the master key that unlocks all of heaven’s doors. It’s the collateral of God. It’s the currency of heaven. Without it, we are unable to purchase anything from God. He issues the invitation, “Come, buy wine and milk, without price, without money.” How do we buy without money? With faith, that’s how.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 53.

    “The devil flees. The attitude with which we resist the devil in warfare is not oone of polite request. It is meant to be a stern rebuke. Angered repulse. Urgent, earnest resistance… They marched against the Hitties, Amorites and Jebusites. Today we don’t face any of these enemies but we do face enemies like the “Billites”, the “Taxites”, the “Family-feudites”! The “Billites” arrive in your letter box… It looks innocent enough, but when you open it, an enormous giant jumps out of it. You look at the figure at the bottom of the page and wonder if it’s an offer on the house! … This is what warfare is all about.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 170-171.

    “Faith is shown to be essential in the foundation of a successful Christian Life.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 27.

    “Faith is what God responds to… Not only does the absence of faith displease God, but He is unable to work through us to accomplish His plans on the earth when faith is not being exercised. Faith moves God to action.” – Phil Pringle, Faith: Moving The Heart and Hand of God, pg 20.

    “When we have no room for the Word of God in our lives we have no room for success.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 14.

    “… Faith is to be covering every area of our lives for successful combat against Satan.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 9.

    “The victory that overcomes the world IS our faith.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 30.

    “Remember, it was people of faith throughout all Scrpiture who achieved the great exploits of God. The list in Hebrews spells it out with absolute clarity. It was not joy, it was not love, it was not brokenness, it was not fasting. It was faith!” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg30.

    “It (faith) is the essential ingredient in the victorious Christian’s life. The victory that overcomes the world IS our faith.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg30.

    “We become joint-inheritors with Christ of all, that’s right – all things. What did he inherit? ALL THINGS! (Hebrews 1:2) After through investigation into the word all in the Greek, Hebrew and concordances of all kinds, it is apparent that the word “all” actually means “all”. This truth must sink deeply into our spirit and into the highest revelation in our mind. This is salvation. Faith in this truth sets a man and a woman free.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg33.

    “The plain fact is that our foundation for the great Christian life that God is offering us must be firmly intact. The foundation is faith. Faith based upon the facts in God’s Word. This is the rock that the Church is built on. This is the rock that can’t be moved.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg33.

    “God’s Word stands high in opposition to many of the situations we face. We are to make the choice. We believe God’s Word, or we believe the “facts”. If we are to enjoy the great blessing of God, we need to choose the truth every time. Truth versus facts.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 14-15.

    I thank God revealed His Faith through Jesus Christ and intervened for me at work. I would’ve been a mess! If I did rely on my own power and formula’s to get me through that ordeal, that spirit would have no problem allow me to use my wand against it. In fact I did, and it got worse.

    I cried out because I was losing it and God came. That’s the gospel in action. Thank God Jesus is my rock and my ‘powerful’ faith isn’t.

    As you can see above, Phil Pringle’s gospel and teaching continue to contradict. They only bring confusion. When I was attacked, I saw no clarity.

    He is not preaching Christianity as we know it! He is bringing the Nagas back into Nagaland! This is a church-steal not a church-plant.

  6. There is a difference I think, between faith that is from God, and faith that we strive to manufacture ourselves. True faith from God can come in prayer, or in reading the Word, and hearing God in those situations, or just feeling the faith that He gives you. On the other hand, faith produced by positive thinking may or may not go hand in hand with the outcome we would like. Either way, it is not tested by the Word or in prayer. So there are two types of faith; when I’ve been given faith, I’ve known it. Other times, we just need to keep seeking God. We can always pray, whether we have found faith in/for that thing or not. God will sometimes answer our prayers in his mercy, even when we don’t have faith. On the other hand, at times, if we rely on manufactured faith, He may let us fail, so we can see what we are doing. Over time, I think we learn the difference, and to be humble when we think we do have faith.

  7. We only need the tiniest smidgeon of faith for Jesus to look after us! He won’t lose any of those given to Him. We just need to seek to abide in Him, and the rest will take care of itself.

  8. “No, I’ve actually got a sovereign will down here, and not even God is more powerful then my will on the earth. I can make choices that He doesn’t want me to make.” – Phil Pringle, 6pm, 15/8/2010.

    The above quote sounds like someone who ate the whole apple from Satan’s hand. This was an extreme exaltation of self against the power of God. That is something a non-believer could quite happily say. But this is what Phil Pringle preaches? It was liked I was attacked all over again.

  9. We only need the tiniest smidgeon of faith for Jesus to look after us!

    Phil Pringle would have to disagree with you there.

    “It was also true that Job was the wealthiest man in the East. There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 14.

    (One to come here!)

  10. Its pretty shocking when you see all those quotes up there at once. I’d even go so far to say that Phil has moved from being Christ-centred to Faith-centred. In danger of starting a new religion – Faithianity.

    Especially when he says that Faith (not Christ) is the rock that the church is built on.

    It moves the focus from God and what He can do, to us and what we can do. It allows self-centredness with the apparent blessing of God.

  11. If 90% of the population is born-again, why do they need a church plant?

    I’d say they don’t need any help there.

    I’d say we need their help!

    Can’t the Nagas do a church plant where we live?

  12. “There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.”

    Where does he get that from? Because Job was rich?

  13. Hey churchman! I’m glad someones looking at the quotes of Phil Pringle. There are some shocking ones!

    You can download this podcast ‘Favor’ from C3. Chris Rosborough would be SCREAMING at this:

    FAVOUR (29:23-35:07, 10/06/2010)
    “Let me just talk to you about this enduring temptation. Because I believe it is a lot more specific than a general principle. It says ‘They will receive a crown’. And I was thinking about this and I thought about Jesus, when he got tempted. And I thought ‘You know what? He was tempted to turn stones into bread… but he resisted.’ He said “No I’m not gonna – I’m tempted to, to prove that I am the Son of God. Just imagine if I just go out there and try make some bread and it doesn’t work. Just, just give myself a little assurance… on the side.” He was tempted to do this on the basis of an ‘if’. He knew it was a wrong motivation so he was just – but it must have been hard! Must have been long! But I believe once He came out of that, he got a crown on His head to work miracles. Cos more than once in the New Testament he makes bread… supernaturally!

    He laid down that temptation and he comes out with a gift of miracles that walks on water and multiplies bread…

    The second temptation he had was to throw Him self off the pinnacle of the temple. Now I don’t know how he got there. He must’ve crawled up there –the temptation driving him so bad.
    “I just wanna see if God will look after me.”

    And so he’s up there – It’s not like there’s a devil out here. It’s in his head and in his heart he was thinking ‘Just to make sure…’. He’s up on the pinnacle of the temple thinking “I’m going to throw myself down”, but he resisted. He pull’s out and says ‘No. I’m gonna- I’m gonna trust God’. Right then he got the Crown of Resurrection on Him, cos eventually he lays his life down and He’s raised from the dead.

    And out of the resurrection comes every other miracle. If you can raise a whole body from the dead, you can heal a blind eye, you can open a deaf ear, you can make broken limbs walk again.

    And the final temptation was to bow down to the devil and he said he would give him what? All the kingdoms of the world! So He resisted that as well. It was a feeling inside of him, a temptation to do this. But he pulled out of that. After the resurrection he ascends and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God and He’s got the crown on His head that all the kingdoms of the entire world are put into his hand. He got all those things that the devil was trying to make Him do. It might have been a right result, but it was going about it the wrong way – which is always a temptation of the devil.

    So whenever you are going through a trial there is a purpose in it. God wants to put a crown on your head at the end of a trial. And it’s a crown of favour so that whatever you put your hand to, you’re going to find blessing comes through you. How is it that you look at some people and it works and you do exactly the same and it doesn’t work? Something’s on their head. Some kind of crown. Some kind of authority. Some kind of ruler-ship in this life.

    Abraham went up to Mt Moriah and God said “Put him through a test”. He said “I want you to give me your son, your only beloved son”- he waited a hundred years for. He was a miracle child! And he’s prepared to do it. He goes almost all the way. And God only- It was only God who stopped him. He pulled through that test and he became the father. He got the crown of nations on him that day. Not just one child back but a family; a nation. And not just one nation but MANY nations. We’re even called the children of Abraham today cos of one act of sacrifice. One act of surviving a temptation of trial.

    Moses. His temptation was to- was to stay in the courts of Pharoah or else become associated with the Hebrews: the slaves. He so wanted to stay in the comfort, in the riches, in all the power of the glory of the court of Pharoah. But he resisted that. And he went out there. And he got on him a crown of leadership. Forty years later he becomes the king of the nation of Israel. He becomes the founder of the nation through whom the Saviour of the world would come. He delivers the Law from the mountain, inscribed with the finger of God. This man got a crown on his head because he survived a temptation- Whatever trials you have been travelling through, there’s going to come an end. There comes an end to a trial. It’s over in Jesus name. (Pastors start getting excited) You’re gonna come to the end and as you come to the end you come out of it approved by God and he puts a crown on your head and says: “Today I am going to give you authority. I’m going to give you favour and I’m going to give you glory. In all these circumstances that you have managed (Crowd is starting to applause) to be victorious in, you’re going to find the favour of God- the crown of heaven, living on your head, in Jesus name!

    And do you know the amazing thing is, after Jesus survived all of these amazing temptations, it says in Revelations 19:12, “On His head were many crowns”. He rules in so many dimensions. And even on your head there might be more than one crown after you go through one trial after another. But this is what I believe: the set time to favour you; to put a crown on your head; to bring you out of the trial as somebody’s approved and who can now put their hand on circumstances and see blessing and favour run wild through your life- that time is right now in Jesus’ mighty name. And everybody said! Amen! … Thank Him! Jesus in this hour!”

    – Phil Pringle, 29:23-35:07, Favour, 10/06/2010

    That’s what I call a gnostic Jesus – when the DEVIL’s inside this Jesus’ mind and heart. How does Pringle’s logic work? How can a man bow to himself physically? There is so much FILTH in this that it is just appalling. What Jesus went through to gain the power, favour and resurrection life, WE MUST EARN!

    This is truly a demonic gospel! I pray no one received this sermon! Can you imagine the devestation C3 will have on Nagaland? I checked Phil Pringle’s vision statement. It actually freaked me out.

    NO WHERE in his ‘vision’ did he say ‘unsaved’ becoming ‘saved’. He just saw thousands of people. C3 is not a move of God if they are only converting Christians for deceptive purposes. 😦

  14. You’ll be even more shocked. Here’s more from the sermon ‘Favour’:

    “We have seen a shaking in the financial world over the last two years. The global financial crisis of shaking. Many of you have found yourselves getting shaken in the middle of all this. Some of you your spiritual life- the heavens in your world have been shaken. You wondered where God is. You wondered how it’s all going to work out. Some of you wondered whether or not you would still favour the House of God above others. And those of you who have are gonna find yourself in the time of favour right now. That will exceed any kind of blessing that you’ve ever hadin your life before. I believe that the time ahead for our church here and for our movement around the world, right now (whacks hands together) a HUGE door of opportunity and blessing are about to open upon us. Simply because there have been times of shaking. And God shakes things so that what even shakes His church (He shakes His kingdom; He shakes His people; He shakes His servants), because what CAN be shaken He doesn’t want to build on. If it can be shaken it will get shaken out. But what can’t get shaken can only get stronger through the shaking. It puts its roots down deeper. It toughens up and says, “You know what? I’m not going anywhere! Amen! I’m planted in the work of God. I am planted in the House of God. I’m planted in the temple”. And some of you have been through the worst shakings of your entire life.

    Well I’ve got good news for you: The set time (crowd cheers) to favour you has COME! (applause) The blessing of God is going to break through in your life in very real, in very actual, in very physical circumstances (still applauding). And I believe that if you endure temptation, the trial, the test (that’s the meaning of that word. Means temptation, trial, test. It’s like an examination…

    Then it says “Once you are approved”, God looks at us as we travel through the shaking. Once you are approved, you get this crown of life on you. In the middle of that Haggai scripture he says this amazing thing. He says, “I’m shaking everything so that everybody will come to Christ, the Desire of All Nations”. And then He says, “The silver is mine and the gold is mine”, right in the middle of this. He’s talking about shaking!

    What’s this for? He’s referring. He’s referring to financial shaking. That’s why He’s saying- listen: “The silver in the earth is mine and the gold in the earth is mine. It is no problem for me to get a hold of it no matter who’s name is on it right now, and put it into your hands.”

    And part of the favour you’ll experience in your life is God shifting blessing over into your hands. I mean there are some unusual scriptures! One of them says “The wealth of the unrighteous is laid up for the righteous”. It’s incredible!”

    – Phil Pringle, 25:22-28:10, Favour, 10/06/201

  15. “Why does favour come on our lives? Well number one reason I believe is because you got a great attitude.” – Phil Pringle, 18:33, Favour, 10/06/201

    “But let me tell you this also: When our hearts are pure, you can see God.” – Phil Pringle, 20:39, Favour, 10/06/201

    “You better get yourself ready for the day the set time of favour, when it’s coming upon you.” – Phil Pringle, Favour, 22:42, 10/06/201

  16. By the way. C3 is in financial trouble. Those inside of C3 leadership know this and have been letting the cat out of the bag. Even local ministries are catching word of this.

    C3 are being dishonest with their congregation AND not walking what they talk. Yet they continually condemn those that don’t tithe. They condemn those that argue or engage with strong biblical debate, mock those who blog about them, condemn the world ‘outside’ the building for being wrong and them right. They condemn those that are cynical, critical or backslide. (You should hear their prayer meetings sometimes!)

  17. “We are living in the time the last days where the church will rise to become the chief of all the mountains – all the organisations around the world. You are in the power – the most powerful place that you can possibly be in all the earth. Right here in the house of God you’re gonna find yourself under favour and under blessing because of the set time has come, but on a more focused level right here now in this church. I believe it is the time, a set time of favour, is gonna come upon your life.” – Phil Pringle, Favour, 6:26, 10/06/201

    “If you don’t want to get blessed for your sake then go ahead then just- just- then at least for His sake! Amen! For His glory! For the honour of God, let’s get a little expansive and ruin all those damaging poverty mindsets that have tumbled along with religion for so long and try to somehow make pious and sanctify some lives that are lacking in resources and lacking in abilities and lacking in all kinds of ways, and to put this word ‘success’ back into ‘The lord was with Him’. “And therefore he enjoyed blessing and favour on his life.”

    And I know that crinkles some of us! But let it crinkle you! (Pastors cheer) Let it change your mind here this morning. So do you mind to open up a little and say, “You know what? Maybe that is the very reason why blessing isn’t flowing, cos I got the handbrake on in this concept. I got some allegiance to a traditional mindset to a religious concept and I’m just holding back”. Let it go! Here today and say, “You know what? I’m gonna get set by the Word of God here today and start seeing this Word in a totally different light (crowd’s applausing) so that blessing and favour can come upon me”. Don’t be worried what other people think…” – Phil Pringle, Favour, 16:00, 10/06/201

  18. Specks, I think I understand you a lot more now.

    That is really crazy preaching. And it’s sad that Australia is going to export this stuff to Nagaland.

    I listened to a couple of podcasts a few months back. Some of what he says is good, but then it all seems to get tied back to raising money to build the C3 empire throughout the world.

    The Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God so easily get replaced with church movement brand names.

    If what I just said is going too far, feel free to delete it.

  19. PP says not even God is more powerful than PP’s will on this earth. Well then, what does he do with this….

    “You will say to me then, “Why does He still find fault? For who resists His will?”

    Does God’s sovereignty cancel out human responsibility? But rather than arguing some philosophical or metaphysical point, Paul simply reprimanded the skeptic (or PP!)-

    “On the contrary, who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, “Why did you make me like this,” will it? Or does not the potter have a right over the clay, to make from the same lump one vessel for honorable use, and another for common use?”

    I’m bewildered at times just how masterfully PP has achieved C3 church growth worldwide based on that premise! What on earth does PP think the above scriptures mean????

  20. Okay here is my sermon for the day.

    There are really good speakers out there who seem to be able to hold a crowd’s attention. But at the end of the day, those men have a HUGE responsibility over their words.

    Does the sermon, conference, series result in the saints loving God more? With all their hearts, souls, minds and strength. Does the hearer go away seeking first the Kingdom of God? Or have I subtly caused them to love C3, or Hillsong or XYZ more?

    These message quotes above seem to be all about C3. C3 and people’s bank accounts – and they are said to be intrinsically linked.

    Finally, that quote

    “There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.”

    Truth is truth. If that statement is true, then Christianity as we know it has to change. If it isn’t true, that thinking will corrupt and devastate people’s lives.

    I woke up this morning thinking about that quote. Think about that statement for a while. Is it true? I’d like to think it’s a case of someone not really thinking about what they are writing as much as they should.

    And then,
    “The second temptation he had was to throw Him self off the pinnacle of the temple. Now I don’t know how he got there. He must’ve crawled up there –the temptation driving him so bad.
    “I just wanna see if God will look after me.”

    It’s one thing to try and make the scriptures come alive and present things in an entertaining way, but this is too far, and needs a “Please explain”. That would be enough for many to leave a church over. Preaching like that in certain times of history could have gotten a guy in lots of trouble -and for good reason.

    Or am I too serious?

  21. Churchman, I wonder the same thing at times. Am I too serious about this? I know people who acknowledge that some times things might go ‘a little too far’, but think it doesn’t matter, God will take care of it.

    Well, He will take care of it no doubt. I had to leave rather than listen to this stuff though. The fruit in me was not good on Sunday after church. Because Specks is still hearing it all the time, his fury will keep on going. It is outrageous, and highly manipulative, and as you say, no matter how the message starts out, it always seems to come back to another reason for releasing finances to C3, complete with promised blessing if you do, and inability to be blessed if you don’t.

    In the excerpts above, Pringle said we have to earn God’s approval.

    That is the essence of a religious attitude; the opposite of resting in the grace which God has freely given us. It is most certainly not the gospel, even though it uses scripture and Jesus’ name.

    People need to be reminded of what Jesus actually says:

    John 6:26-29
    26Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill. 27Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

    28Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?”

    29Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

    That is all we need to do. We believe in Christ. That is our work, in all we do, and will have a vast variety number of outworkings in our lives based on faith and love. God approves us because of NOTHING that we do. The whole point is we can’t earn a thing. He approves us – approves us! – because we believe in Christ.

    Then Jesus says:
    John 6:35
    35Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. 36But as I told you, you have seen me and still you do not believe. 37All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.

    He will never drive us away! God’s approval is always there. It is not withdrawn because we found it difficult that month and couldn’t tithe. God will work with us and in us to bring us through challenges when we believe in Him. He will not condemn us because if He did, we’d fail Him every day.

    Sorry – I’m getting a bit carried away here. But what God offers us is so wonderful, that religious thinking just can’t get it – religious thinking is always about earning something, and primarily approval. We know we don’t deserve it, but we have it as a free gift! It’s amazing. The kind of preaching above puts people back into bondage.

    I am not against giving at all. It’s just that it needs to be a free outworking of our walk, not a response to the threat of disapproval or lack of blessing. Our Father is so much better than that. Back to the prodigal son parable again!

  22. PP retweets Matthew Barnett…

    “Pardon me as I yawn at the notion that church is a gathering of believers on Sunday morning who live only for that.”

    I hope people turn up at church on Sunday, Phil!

  23. Just found this…

    “James A. Garfield was President of the United States of America, taking office March 4, 1881. On his first Sunday in Washington after his inauguration, a member of the cabinet insisted that a meeting must be called to discuss a matter that threatened a national crisis. The President refused on the grounds of another appointment. The cabinet member then insisted that the national matter was of grave importance, and that Mr. Garfield should break his engagement, but Mr. Garfield refused to do so. Then the cabinet member remarked: “I would be interested to know with whom you have an engagement so important it cannot be broken.” President Garfield replied: “I will be as frank as you are. My engagement is with the Lord, to meet Him at His house at His table at 10:00 tomorrow morning, and I shall be there.”

  24. “There is a direct correlation between the measure of God’s Word in our lives and the measure of prosperity we enjoy.”

    If you think about what he teaches, he knows very little and loves the sound of his own voice. He contradicts himself a hell of a lot. When I first read that above statement, it ocurred to me that Phil Pringle HAS NO FAITH in God anymore:

    If he believes the above, what he is essentially saying is that we are to ‘live by sight and not by faith’.

  25. If you read his books, he is always adding or twisting scripture. The majority of the scripture is twisted to mean something that he wants it to mean.

  26. And because I love Dave Gilpin, I’ve quoted him preaching ‘the word of God’ 🙂 :

    “Tonight I’m going to speak on attention deficit hyper-activity disorder. Some people say I got it. And I’d like to turn it around and make it a gift of the Holy Spirit.” – Dave Gilpin (Guest Speaker at C3OF)

    “God hates two things. He hates beige because it’s mediocre and it’s so average. And he hates Volvo’s. Because Volvo’s, they’re just so safe aren’t they?… And the thing that God hates most of all… that God hates mostly is people that drive beige Volvo’s.” – Dave Gilpin (Guest Speaker at C3OF)

  27. Was just listening to Dave Gilpin. Man, That’s why I’ve given up church.
    Preachers just love the sound of their own voices. Ridiculous.

    It’s just a waste of time these days. People think they’re so cutting edge, “going places”, when they’re just wasting time talking about themselves trying to be funny.

    And people give ten percent to this on the basis that it’s the storehouse where they get fed?

  28. Teflon, Flamethrower, To Teddy, To RP, Deflector and Newsong are the same person. Please do not reply to them. Facelift has already been more then 6+ alias’. If you think someone is posing as Facelift, please don’t speak to him but alert me.

  29. Is it right to say that John Gilbank is a vision blinded-church planter? John Gilbank tweeted:

    “R u one of God’s Vision Builders?”
    8:40 AM Jun 20th via mobile web

    “God’s Vision Builders r anchored to t cause of Christ”
    1:03 PM Jun 6th via mobile web

    “Looking forward to launching Vision Builders this Sunday as we move towards First Fruits July 4th” 12:32 PM Jun 4th via mobile web

    “Trying hard 2 focus on vision & make our budget fit t vision .. u have 2 have FAITH!”
    7:09 AM Apr 13th via mobile web

    “2build Jesus’ church & extend His kingdom rule on Earth … What an honour!”
    7:05 AM Apr 13th via mobile web

    Go to the above link you can see his influenced by Rick Warren, John C Maxwell

  30. And this is why C3 WON’T be helping at this time:

    Nagaland conference calls Christians back to Bible

    By: Babu Thomas
    Thursday, 18 June 2009, 17:36 (IST)
    Font Scale:A A A
    Nagaland Christians were urged to shun their animistic faith and turn back to the Word of God.

    A three-day conference for church leaders was held from June 9 to 11 at the Withee Bible College, Dimapur.

    The conference invited special guests from Singapore, Pastor Zephaniah Soh, Pastor Phinehas, David Yeoh, & Pastor Jesheiah Lim – -all from the Westminister Tradition Staff.

    Founder of Withee Bible College, Rev. Dr. Vikheshe Chish, said the conference exhorted church leaders “Back to the Bible”.

    Even after the strong influence of Christianity, says Rev. Chishi, “Nagaland Churches are influenced with fable words and face difficulty to fully trust on the Living Word of God.”

    The root cause, he says, is the “past ancestral Animism faith.”

    “Though it seems very difficult to wipe out the ancestral faith, it is our obligation to educate and call our Nagaland Church leaders ‘Back to the Bible’ and struggle hard to wipe out the superstitious Animism faith.”

    “This is the sole concern to organize the Bible Study Conference for the Nagaland Church Leaders,” he stated.

  31. More disturbing quotes from Phil Pringle. Remember! He still endorses this material to this day:

    “If a man knows what he wants, then he is in a position to decide that he will get it. This is faith. The determined decision of a man with desire.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 43

    “Prayer is the most powerful ability the believer has access to.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 46

    “Here we are talking about the prayer of faith. This is when we know what we want, have decided that we are going to have it, then asking God for it. We ask Him to enable us in obtaining it.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 46, (Emphasis his!)

    “I earnestly believe in a close, deep, personal relationship with the Lord. However this does not guarantee answers to prayer. Faith does! Faith is the master key that unlocks all of heavens doors. It’s the collateral of God. It’s the currency of heaven. Without it, we are unable to purchase anything from God. He issues the invitation, “Come, buy wine and milk, without price, without money.” How do we buy without money? With faith, that’s how.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 53, (Emphasis his!), (Misquotation of Isaiah 55:1)

  32. Is Vision Builders the same as Kingdom Builders?

    So in the same church some people are Kingdom Builders but others have to say when asked, “Well, no, I’m not a Kingdom Builder, but I am a Kingdom builder in my own small way ..just not as committed as you”. Sounds like a great way to raise money, and set up people as second class Christians at the same time.

  33. Oh dear.

    Proverbs 19:21
    21 Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
    but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

  34. Proverbs 20:24
    24 A man’s steps are directed by the LORD.
    How then can anyone understand his own way?

    Not saying we shouldn’t make plans. But in prayer, surely we seek God’s will; we don’t just decide what we want; we seek a sense of whether we are on the right path with it or not, and are willing to give it up if we are wrong. Sometimes God says “no” to what we ask, and sometimes, later, we might find we are grateful. Faith that comes from seeking God we can rely upon, but faith that is born of our own desires without letting God into the equation, isn’t necessarily real faith.

  35. C3’s Hymn…

    “My faith is built on nothing less
    Then Phil’s visions and per-sistance
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame
    But solely lean, on C3’s name

    On faith, the solid rock I stand,
    All other ground is sinking sand
    All oth-*hmph* ground *hmph* sink-*hmph hmph*…”

  36. BTW. None of these quotes are out of context. I was making sure I didn’t take them out of context by examining why he possibly said the things he did. Some of Pringle’s talk is coming a bit foreign as I’m just focusing on scripture and don’t really hear Phil much anymore.

    Here’s some more anyways (and these next few creep me out!):

    “Faith persists. Faith is persistent and does not faint. It makes decisions. It is determined to obtain the promises of God.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 53

    “Faith is a time rebel. It travels through time into the future, it feels the experience of a yet future event. But it feels that event in the “now”. Faith is not pretending that it’s there. It is not hoping that it’s there. It is not imagining that it’s there.

    Faith knows it’s there because it has the substance of the experience, or the thing, in itself. Faith is a substance of a “thing” it feels the “thing” existing within the heart right now. Because it exists inside me I know that it exists. Somehow my faith has rebelled against normal time restrictions, travelled out into the future, plugged into this thing and translated the substance of it back to me here in the now.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 55

    “Faith locates us with God in the timeless world of eternity. It’s a time rebel.” – Phil Pringle, Faith, pg 55

    Would these be gnostic – or worse? I have trouble making sense of them, but they don’t feel right. Is this soul power teaching or is something you’d agree with? It’s sounds like a transcendence realm or a higher plain of existence. 😐

    Maybe it’s the fourth dimension? 😀

  37. ““blue sleeps faster than Tuesday”

    Teddy, maybe you can come up with more like that and put them on coffee mugs etc and sell to Ikea…

  38. PP tweets “Innocence is virtue untested. Selah!”

    It’s Saturday morning, haven’t voted yet. Only one coffee, ready for another cup, brain drain and can’t interpret tweet. Any clues?

  39. Hmm. Not sure what he means. Innocent until you know the existence of temptation? Temptation isn’t the only thing that destroys innocence. tation isn’t necessarily the only thing.

    I’m not sure innocence is a virtue. It’s just a state. It is neither a virtue nor a sin.

  40. I am not surprised by any of these quotes from Phil Pringle. I am fully convinced he preaches a gospel of human striving and achievement – a different gospel that falls under the same anathema of the Apostle Paul in GAlatians 1:6-9.

    He fails to ever acknowledge that faith has an object – and that object is Christ crucified for our sins. That object of faith, at least for the Christian, is therefore outside of ourselves – faith is not an end in and of itself, simply having faith in faith (as someone rightly said above “faithianity”)is simply meaningless.

  41. Surprised by this quote from Phil Pringle, Mosco?

    “Because of Christ’s resurrection, death no longer reigns. We do! We are health instead of sickness. Life instead of death. Light instead of darkness. Wealth instead of poverty. And we have solutions for the problems people face.” – Phil Pringle, The Leadership Files, File 14

    “Say, “I decide to be patient. I receive patience now.”” – Phil Pringle, The Leadership Files, File 19

    Talk about a Pride-Philled Pringle! 😀

  42. Teddy – that is a great find.

    There are some strange parallels with the D&D Jazirian dogma. Here’s a quote from the link you gave:

    Jazirian’s realm, known as Uroboros, the Gates of Wisdom, can be found in Solania, the fourth of the Seven Heavens. Uroboros is an invisible, intangible realm in the clouds above the layer; it can be reached only by making a leap of faith off the peak of a mountain, or by flying upward until one can fly no more, and plummets toward the earth. The seeker discovers a realm of lightness, exhaustion, relief, and utter bliss. Feathers float through the realm, as do ghostly serpents, couatls, and wind walkers. Words become flesh in this realm. Jazirian permits evil creatures to enter, although they must undergo tests and be given a chance to repent.

    Uroboros is the only gate between Solania and the higher Heavens. Those who would climb to the very top of the celestial mountain must pass through it and answer one of the riddles of Jazirian before they can go any further.

    The ruby palace of Sardior is said to appear here periodically on its journeys through the planes.
    [edit] Dogma

    Virtue untested is merely innocence. Good must be tempered by temptation in order to become as steel. Death is with us always, but each death is a rebirth. Failure is an essential learning experience that forms the building blocks of endurance. All lives flow into one another, as all streams and winds. Life is a cycle, as is all reality.

    Does this mean we should look for more of these parallels in PP’s teaching?

  43. I have to say that specksandplanks is doing the hard and necessary work which I was loathe to do – to wade through all of the obnoxious things that Pringle says and analyse them. There are pages and pages that could be written on the problems with his teaching. You could literally sit in church with a pad and take notes on all of the errant things he says.

    I second ravingpente on Mosco’s enlightening post. It’s so true. Phil Pringle talks so much about the need to have more faith but he doesn’t talk so much about the fact that faith only works when it is based on the work of Jesus Christ.

    It seems that Phil Pringle wants to get Christians competing with each other to see who can have the most faith or be the most spiritually gifted or whatever rather than getting Christians to focus on Jesus and be unified around that. Anybody who has spent any time at Oxford Falls can attest that Pringle has created a spiritually-competitive environment there. Without a doubt, Phil Pringle is performance-oriented. He preaches the performance of self and reliance on faith rather than reliance on Jesus.

    I really believe that the main reason that Pringle consistently presents himself as being a super-apostle and a super-Christian is just because he has no shame and he simply presents an image of himself as being highly obedient to God when, in fact, that image of himself is a lie. If you watch him preach or talk and listen to him preach or talk, it’s easy to figure out that he is projecting a superficial image. He’s wearing a mask that conceals his true nature. Phil Pringle is fake to the bone.

  44. Gosh, these sites, GS & SP02 are really progressing as hateful places of discord, now that there is no one to upset the applecart! I cannot believe what Lance has just done to Mark Stevens, and the PP attacks here are becoming absolutely spiteful. I was under the impression you were trying to help hurting people recover, not cause hatred to flourish! God forgive you!

  45. I agree with your post there Chirpy. But I still don’t think he is a satanist. Sorry!

    However, I still believe he is Christian but is danger on the road he walks. The only reason why he seemed to allow this church to start up in Nagaland is so that he can quickly complete his vision so that it if it does come close to completion, he doesn’t look like a false prophet.

    More quotes coming soon…

    Flapjack, I’ll let Pringle ‘speak’ for himself.

  46. @ Specks – so “You The Leader” has been translated into Chinese…any quotes that you see as problematic?
    Very grateful that God is at work in the underground church movement and they stick to their hard-won bibles, and not be compromised by that nonsense.

    PP speaking at 3mins 45sec on

  47. Their are some problematic ones. Still going through other sources that people have emailed me.

    I’ve done yours though. First off, I had to quote him to prove that he is STILL promoting his dodgy material:

    “So I’d encourage you to get a hold of that, my books and things like that.” – Phil Pringle, 3:04,, C3 Church Atlanta, 8/08/10

    “And I’ve just had ‘You The Leader’ released Chinese. So that’s a really good thing. You’d already know that if you were following me on twitter. And so if you’re not, go ahead and sign up. We can all stay in touch. We can find out. It’s a connector. It’s just brilliant in staying in touch with one another and you might be saying, “Oy yeah-roar-rru-roar” (plays an ogre) Get over that and just get on it! It’s a fantastic tool that god has given us to connect with each other all around the world and to know what we’re all doing. And I love all technology that is helping us achieve those ends. There are gonna be some negatives but we don’t focus on those things. Amen!” – Phil Pringle, 3:30-4:11,, C3 Church Atlanta, 8/08/10

    I thought it was worth observing his comments on technology. I don’t do twitter or Myspace or even grasp Facebook. Any news on how C3 use technology to help achieve their own ends?

  48. “There are gonna be some negatives but we don’t focus on those things. ” – PP

    Do you think he’s referring to bloggers?

  49. Lately I’ve having “visions” of PP – he’s standing in the corner of a room, having painted himself into it………..

  50. Thinking the same thing RP. If not that, I was thinking about media accessing things he didn’t know was put up about himself.

  51. Hi all, I haven’t been on this forum for quite a while. Been rather busy after my wife and I welcomed boy no.2 in the last few months, plus been processing a lot of stuff. I spent the past two days catching up on posts here and reading all your inputs and felt I should contribute my little mite to this thread.
    I’m not entirely surprised by the quotes fm PP, primarily because they’re almost verbatim what the preaching focus has been in the C3 I attend. (Yes, we’re still there). The whole church-being-the-chief-mountain thing aka dominionism, you know the train of thought I’m talking about (plus tis hard typing this on my phone!). I am truly saddened if this sort of warped doctrine gets into Nagaland and India, or even Asia in general. Nagaland already deals with a low-level insurgency which is prevalent in the north-east part of India. All it needs is this kind of goofy stuff to ignite a dominionist fire there and, voila, we could very well have the Naga version of the Lord’s Resistance Army. I do not say that will happen – just that it is a possibility. Closer to home, though, I find it quite disturbing how all these movements (C3, NAR, ICA, YWAM, Morningstar, Hillsong, AOG,etc,etc,etc) all seem to be melding into one scratch-my-back-i’ll-scratch-yours buddy-dom. They espouse the same philosophies, the same doctrinal shakiness, the same disdain for biblical exegesis, the same insistence on vision-casting, the same disdain for any criticism, the same acceptance of any ‘sign’ or ‘wonder’ if it has the name of Jesus attached to it, the same focus on ‘a new thing’, the same insistence on the authority of self-proclaimed apostles and prophets, the same obsession with control, money and loyalty. I could go on, but have a meeting to rush to. God bless u all and thank you for contending for the faith. Later.

  52. Hi Ronfire, Congrats on boy no.2 – even if he’s a few months old now. Ah, its so good to see Christian families going ahead who aren’t caught up in all this stuff. Wonder how our children will deal with it all.

    The potential you refer to in Nagaland is pretty scary. I sincerely hope it doesn’t go in that direction.

    Your synopsis following “how all these movements … all seem to be melding into one scratch-my-back-i’ll-scratch-yours buddy-dom,” is pretty right. Well put.

    Specks put the tag line up at the top of this site:

    “Where will the church of today be tomorrow?”

    That is the question, isn’t it. Someone has to sound an alarm, for those who might listen.

  53. The biggest question is: “Will our children become believers?”

    A question that concerns us all.

    Congrats and many blessings Ronfire on your 2nd boy.

    The lord has saved me from all that and given me three daughters. I’ll just have to get them interested in Women’s Rugby, while keeping a large stick handy to beat off all the boys!


  54. Thanks all. 🙂 Somehow, I think we may be shutting up shop after this. This pregnancy was quite tough on my wife but, hey, never say never!!

    “I’ll just have to get them interested in Women’s Rugby, while keeping a large stick handy to beat off all the boys!”


    “The biggest question is: “Will our children become believers?”

    A question that concerns us all.”

    Yes, a 100 times yes. Then, again, when I became a believer, there was lots of whacky stuff around even then. Regardless, it is a huge concern. I was talking to my b-i-l two weeks ago, we were talking about all the weird stuff that seems to have overtaken so many churches. He’s so concerned for his 13-yr old daughter that he’s started doing a one-on-one bible study with her just to teach her how to recognise wonky doctrines and how to test everything she hears/reads/sees. We have to do what we can and leave the rest to the Lord.

  55. ““I’ll just have to get them interested in Women’s Rugby, while keeping a large stick handy to beat off all the boys!”” – Bull

    I played women’s AFL briefly (a few weeks). Most of the team were gay. No large sticks required. (Ummm, pun not intended… oops!)

  56. What your brother in law is doing sounds like a great idea, Ronfire.

    Mine are too little to ask the big questions yet, but my son likes to pray and loves his Anglican scripture class at school. I like giving him questions to ask them – of course, he never does!

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