An Unholy Unicorn Union

Brandon Barthrop posts on Facebook:

Greetings supremely intoxicated bride of Christ! I want to let everyone know that Matt Ford of Fire it Up Ministries is also now booked to speak at Yom Drunkkur! It is going to be a massive event of galactic proportions. This event is worth a drive, or a plane ticket. Even if your already drunk, there is always more wine to drink, and more bread to eat! So come have some fun in the Son as we get undone and tell everyone!

To read more on Matt Ford, read here:

And the discussion we had with them here:

To read more on Brandon Barthrop, read here:

10 thoughts on “An Unholy Unicorn Union

  1. Matt Ford is clearly a retard but Bill J is definitely an apostate leading sheep astray – sadly Im sure the decieved NAR masses would consder his “superapostle” status putting his word above all meaningful criticsm. His kooky superstitous mysticism IS the pernicious false gospel (in just one of its various forms) referred to in Galatians 1

  2. I enjoy your comments Mosco! 😀

    A rather disturbing video Teddy! Thanks Mkayla for that find! (I know you’re lurking!)

    I’ve also been in contact with some of his ex-church members. Apparently the Johnson’s have some weird visualisation techniques to receive things ‘in faith’ like healing and breakthrough.

  3. Oh wait, not i don’t. ITs a pegasus. Oh, the age related problems I am finding after 50, well, unicorn, peg, close enough – its all greek anyway.

  4. I must be a really boring person, but that thread where you were all talking with Franc was fascinating.

    The following is not meant to be unkind at all so please understand the spirit in which is said.

    I suspect that many emotionally and/or mentally unstable Christians will be attracted more to the charismaniac streams of the church as opposed to the more staid and rational.

    And here’s the big queston. If a mentally ill person – you name the disorder went into a Bentley/Matt Ford type of ministry, would people realize..?

    I mean how weird would your behavior have to be for someone to be dismissed, as long as they talked about loving Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

    The scariest comment in that thread was someone who said they regularly got drunk in the Spirit and swerved all over the road driving on the way home. Do they explain it to the cop who pulls them over? Or do they giggle so much they can’t answer? And then what would happen? It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad church these days!

    “Greetings supremely intoxicated bride of Christ!”

    I wonder what the Groom thinks…not to mention the Groom’s Father… Incredibly long-suffering Groom. “Amazing Love, how can it be…”

  5. I thought that someone would read it if I put it up.
    I think you can see I’ve grown up a bit churchman since then. 🙂

  6. typed unicorn into youtube and found this. this video would be the kind of sermon you could expect to get at Matt Ford’s ministry:

  7. BTW Mkayla. Unicorns are also in Asian mythology.
    They are called Ki’lin or Kirin (Japanese).

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