Ahh? Baahh… Church? D-wuh? Eh?

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Things I Don’t Understand

My friend Chris had a killer post, listing some things that he just didn’t understand. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  1. Folks that show up to church only a few times a year but expect the pastor to drop everything to provide them with his undivided attention.
  2. People that put nothing in the offering plate but still have the stones to expect that their opinions on the church should count.
  3. Parents who ground their children from church or the youth group…the very things that could help them with their behavior, future and afterlife.
  4. People that expect the pastor to tolerate their political views…but leave the church because of his.
  5. The occasional volunteer that expects the church to throw a parade in their honor just because they finally did what the Bible commanded.
  6. People that have basked in the grace of God…but fail to give grace to anyone else.
  7. Pastors that leave one church for another…for better pay.
  8. The need for church growth plans, programs, books, conference, seminars and resource kits…when we already have the Bible
  9. Women that tolerate their husbands having multiple affairs…”for the sake of the kids”.
  10. Pastors that would rather be political pundits or civil rights leaders…instead of just preaching the life-saving message of the Word of God.
  11. People that have one spiritual standard for their pastor…and another for themselves.
  12. Folks that think the word ‘disciple’ is a noun…and not a verb.
  13. People that make comments about needing to go “deeper” in God’s Word…as if there is a Scripture in the Bible that isn’t deep.
  14. Pastors that think accountability means never asking them the tough questions or taking the hard line when it comes to their failure to follow Scripture.
  15. Men that think being the head of the household has something to do with the amount of money they are bringing in or the title they acquire at work.

4 thoughts on “Ahh? Baahh… Church? D-wuh? Eh?

  1. I like this one.

    “People that make comments about needing to go “deeper” in God’s Word…as if there is a Scripture in the Bible that isn’t deep.”

    I used to think the Bible was easy to understand. When I was about 15 and thought I knew everything.

  2. This thread should be called, ‘Grumpy Old Christians.”

    Just imagining it as a follow on to ‘Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Grumpy Old Women’. Then we could follow it with ‘Grumpy Old Atheists’. My grandfather was one, and I found his list of complaints after he died. (I loved him very much.)

  3. For those who don’t know, I was referring to some quite successful TV shows.

    Some of the points listed are funny. For example:

    “People that have one spiritual standard for their pastor…and another for themselves.”

    This one is probably understandable in most churches – but in the case of some of the very public TV megapreacher scandals, I’d say some of them have a much lower standard for themselves than for their congregation!

    I must have just been unlucky, since one of the earliest examples of hypocrisy I saw, was my ex-Anglican minister, who was one of the most ‘upright’ and self righteous ministers I’ve met, but was done by the ICAC some years later for his involvement with a young teenager. And he falsely accused a friend of the kind of immorality he himself turned out to indulge in to a far worse degree.

    I know he was not the norm! It was a kind of warning though, of what excessive self righteousness could cover up.

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