God Is Shaking His TV Set…

Yes. GODTV has been shaken financially and are being taken off DIRECTV for ‘business reasons’.

It’s URGENT to watch if you’re allergic to cash. Quite laughable if you watch how they try to desperately get your wallet.


Read here the ‘testimonies’ of pour souls who’s hearts are for FRAUDTV staying on DIRECTV here: http://www.god.tv/directv/testimonies

“GOD TV is so original, cutting edge, high quality, and appeals to a modern generation that there is no substitute. I have not seen any other Christian channel link millions of Christians around the world through LIVE programming.” – Anna May.

“Now I’ve learned that DIRECTV plans to cancel GOD TV, I will likely end up switching back to Comcast or another service provider in my area. Actually I will follow GOD TV to whichever provider they go as that is the channel most often on in my home.” – Lynn.

“I told the person at DIRECTV that I keep GOD TV on at my house all day most days. I feel that GOD TV is an essential member of my family; I can’t and won’t do without its daily influence in my life.” – Judy.

“I wrote the following to DIRECTV “I would like to express my deep sorrow in your choice to discontinue GOD TV in your programming. I only watch GOD TV and the weather channel. I have also had many friends and family members change from Dish Network solely because you carry GOD TV. We will make the necessary changes so we can continue watching GOD TV.” – Jeanne.

“I just sent an email to DIRECTV and stated how appreciative we have been to view GOD TV on DIRECTV. We have been avid followers and givers to GOD Channel for the past year, but have been faithfully watching GOD Channel since the Lakeland Revival began. We have grown so much since we started watching and praise God for your ministry. You are awesome and thank God for you!” – Jim & Gerrianne.

“I wanted you to know, I have called DIRECTV to urge them to keep GOD TV in their lineup. if DIRECTV no longer carries GOD TV, I will no longer subscribe to DIRECTV, I will take my business elsewhere and will tell all my friends to do the same. I would do this because GOD TV is so important to me and so many others.
I continue to pray for you and all the GOD TV family…. I trust the Lord in this matter. Many blessings to you for all you are doing for the Kingdom of God!” – Vickie.

“I wanted to suggest that if DirecTV does not continue to broadcast God TV beyond the end of September that you provide a section on your website where people can donate to God TV the amount of money they would have given to DirecTV membership. Those of us who are only subscribing to DirecTV for the God channel will cancel our subscription and use the money as a tithe to show our continued support.” – Raegan.

“I will continue to pray that we see breakthrough over this and that the Gospel and truth will continue to be preached and shared via God TV to the nations. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to continuing to pushing through with God TV, despite of the attacks from the enemy where finances are concerned and now trying to take you off the air.” – Fabiola.

“I just finished calling Direct TV. The lady was very apologetic about the whole thing. She even said she was surprised and couldn’t understand why it’s happening because it was such a random decision from the executive level. Also, she mentioned many people are calling in upset about this decision especially when they pay for it. I will be praying for a turn around. This is definitely a spiritual battle that we need to attack in prayer. I love god.tv and you guys for what you do for us.” – Celia.

“My husband and I do pray that they will change their minds. We do so value and enjoy the programming that GOD TV puts together.” – Joanie and Michael.

“I urge this company to NOT remove GOD TV from my daily programming. I watch it every day. I’m deeply spiritual because of this channel, and if it gets discontinued then I’m forced as a Direct TV customer to cancel my subscription and get another company.” – Monica.

“You don’t understand, GOD TV is the only channel that brings the live Christian conferences broadcast on the air, yes we have many traditional christian broadcast on the air, but much like other genres, GOD TV is the only Spirit Filled genre available… You yourself may understand as through different denominations, very similar, one size doesn’t fit all… I am extremely upset you are not renewing their agreement. If Direct TV chooses not to renew, I will be looking at other options for our family… No one likes to be threatened… Which is not my intent… I simply have stayed with Direct because I could get GOD TV broadcast… And I am not the only one… Please reconsider.” – Eva.

“I am a subscriber to DirecTV only because of GOD TV. I called and they tried to convince me that there are other similar channels. I told them that they are misinformed; comparing GOD TV to the other Christian channels is like comparing apples to oranges. I will cancel my subscription. Unfortunately that is my only access to you!! I only watch one channel on TV. I pray that God will make a way. GOD TV is SO important in my life.” – Donna.

“I told Direct TV customer representative that I and many of friends subscribe to Direct TV for one reason, that is because they televise God TV program. If they discontinue showing God TV programming, many of us will cancel our subscription. I will continue to pray for Supernatural Favor with DirecTV.” – Mary Lee.

“I can’t imagine not having GOD TV, we will keep praying. The United States desperately needs GOD TV right now. Thank you so much for all that you do, God will take care of this matter so I will still have GOD TV and the Word of God will continue to be preached in the U.S.” – Jeff.

“I am writing you because I do hate to see you removed from directv channel offering as you are definitely different from the many they now offer. May the LORD bless you and strengthen you in your courage and perseverance” – Richard.

“I just want you to know that I appreciate your programming. I must tell you, of all the Christian programming channels, I choose God TV first.” – Bishop Dennis.

“I am so thankful for GOD TV. The programming is such a blessing, and I am so grateful for the entire wonderful ministry you carry on through your programming. The conferences and the prophetic that is contained in your programming is such a blessing. My husband recently died and when I couldn’t sleep, GOD TV was there. I just love all you are doing in Israel and for the poorer nations of the world. All you do is so precious, you have such pure hearts and it shows!” – Cathy.

“My prayers are for you and us who know that we cannot find the programs on any other Direct TV Christian channel that we have on yours. May God be with us and may His Plan only prevail.” – Melva.

“My wife and I are praying as well that what the enemy planned for evil, God would turn it to an advantage for the Kingdom. May God pour out Blessings on you and GOD TV.” – David.

“No one offers programming like you. I am fervently praying that God will break through. I can’t help but see this as another attack of the enemy on Kingdom advancing organizations who are effectively reaching the nations for Christ. I pray for divine wisdom for you as you lean into God to hear His voice through this situation and I pray that God will be glorified as you continue to serve Him!! Thank you for your ministry!” – Stacy.

“I emailed Direct TV immediately and was not very happy with their response. I did tell them I only have Direct TV because of GODTV. My sincere prayers are with you.” – Tina.

“Yes, I am quite upset that DIRECTV is dropping GOD TV, I am telling all my friends and church family and I am sure a lot will drop direct TV cause a lot of us dropped dish and cable and got direct due to GOD TV. So I hope upper management will look at all of this.” – Susan.

2 thoughts on “God Is Shaking His TV Set…

  1. Is it LEGAL that DirecTV is forcing people to PAY $10 a month for HD services even if the person does not have an HD TV and they state that GodTV will not be SEEN or even available as an HD station? So they are charging for services not even supplied!

    Quote from DirecTV website: Yes, DIRECTV will still offer GOD TV on Channel 365. However, starting January 26, 2011, GOD TV will only be available to customers who have DIRECTV HD equipment and are subscribed to HD Access ($10/month). But please note: GOD TV will remain a standard definition channel.
    Link (on 12/18/10): http://support.directv.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3046/related/1

    That means it is NOT an HD channel and they are forcing a payment for something we might not even have! I don’t see how that is LEGAL!!!

  2. does anyone know who else carries God Tv in the states, im in Illinois,, direct Tv is using the satellite change to gorge money out of us under a pretex. lets contact our lawyers to see if this is legal..

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