Instead Of Banks Taking Your Money, Let Pringle Fleece You Instead!

Going through my desk I found some old documents and CD’s that I’d backed up or printed from the original Signposts2, which was run by Lance. I found the below transcript, on which I scrawled the words ‘a load of spider-bull: -> cleverly weaved bull”. Please note how closely Pringle associates money being the power of God.

Lance wrote on the original Signposts2.wordpress:

Phil Pringle finds a new way to twist Malachi

February 26, 2008

Phil Pringle/ Christian Sh*tty Church,

Oxford Falls/ Sunday, February 24, 2008/ 6PM service



“We’re here to bring an offering to the Lord tonight. Everything we do in church is about bringing an offering. I didn’t come here to just get. I refuse to be simply a consumer Christian. I want to be a producing Christian. Somebody that’s useful to God. And…for me…a lot of that starts right here at this moment in church life. If I can’t get over this part of living for God, I’m not going to be able to serve Him in hardly any other area at all.

If I can’t break the grip of money on my life, I will find it virtually impossible to break the grip of anything else.

And money sometimes dictates to you. It tells you what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

Some people are bound by a spirit of poverty. They eat everything on the plate that is in front of them ..because their mother said ‘eat everything on your plate. What about the hungry children?’ And you kind of feel guilty if you don’t eat everything. And so even though you’re uncomfortable and you’re full pile it in..and you’ve got all of these people who are dying of heart disease and everything else …you know because you feel like…’if I don’t eat it ..I’m not getting my money’s worth.

And you go to a smorgasbord and there’s like ‘eat all you can’ for 12 bucks or something like that that’s what you do… Aaaaahhhh. It’s just this …but you kinda ..just eat a little bit …put it away…and it’s like ‘I’m getting cheated here…you know I can’t…..’

But that’s when money has got us. When we’re walking home after we’ve bought a pair of shoes …we stop at three shops on the way to see if we could have got them cheaper somewhere else.

Some people say…’oh the wealthy’s wrong to be wealthy.’

I’ve seen more people in love with money who are poor ..than people who are wealthy. You don’t have to be rich be in love with money. Many people who are …they haven’t got anything……they’ll steal to get it ..they’ll tell lies to get it. They’ll sacrifice their integrity, their health, their family, they’ll do anything to get the stuff.

But when you come to God with an offering, you break the grip of this stuff over your life.

I’m just gonna take a little moment with us here tonight bear with me…..and I want to talk to us out of the book of Malachi ..and chapter one.

And Malachi is an awesome book’s the last book in the Old Testament ..and it’s about honouring God.

His whole thing is, ‘you guys have forgotten to honour the Lord’…and so their praise and their worship was dismal. They weren’t committed to excellence…they weren’t committed to having a band like we’ve got here …like Ryan Smith, like Linda Bagg like Deb Crabtree and all the rest of it.

And ah… you know all these guys, awesome tonight …Matty…you’re a know (congregation – applause/woo) Gol-ly! And you know so… like…it’s like he’s saying ‘make His praise glorious…make it the best you possibly can’. And so we believe church should be exactly like that.

But then he comes in Malachi..and touches all these areas…touches every area…the singing the worship ..everything else…and then he gets to the offering..and he says this to the guys.

He says, ‘you have despised my name, by offering defiled sacrifices on my altar.’ (inaudible) And he says ‘when you give blind animals as sacrifices, isn’t that wrong? Isn’t it wrong to offer animals that are crippled and diseased? Try giving gifts like that to your Governor and see how pleased he is’ says the Lord Almighty.

And he says ‘think about it….animals that are stolen and mutilated, crippled and sick, presented as offerings. Should I accept offerings such as these?’ asks the Lord.*

And so he’s saying, ‘don’t bring something shabby…into my house. That’s what God is saying.

It doesn’t mean He’s going to reject the best we can do, even if it is still not up to the standard of the best in the world.

But he is asking us to do the best we can. It’s not about equal giving here tonight’s not about everyone should give this…….it’s about us doing the best we can for God. He says ‘listen, when you bring these blind animals in…it doesn’t honour me ….because he says ‘cursed is the cheap who promises to give a fine ram..but then sacrifices a defective one to the Lord.’

And I think there’s this guy called Ebenezer who’ve having a tough economic year. Interest rates have gone up …the bank is ringing him up to take his farm off him ..and he says ‘God you’ve gotta get me through this. If you can get me through this, I’ll give you Harry my best bull as an offering. Harry is over here, fine-looking bull, wandering around’, you know ..and he’s the bull in the paddock ..and Ebenezer says, ‘I’ll give you Harry the Bull.’ He makes a vow.

He gets through his problems, somehow he manages to make such a profit, sell a few properties and everything comes right ..and he says ‘ahh…isn’t that amazing?’ And you know, God, when he does a miracle, always leaves enough room for a that you choose to believe….you’re not kind of forced. And you kind of go….’wooohhhh…I kind of reckon that would have happened anyway.’

It’s like the Irish guy ..who’s circling the block looking for a park…a car park.. It was an interview for a job…he was going to lose it if he didn’t get to the interview on time. He’s going ’round and ’round and he finally says ‘I’m desperate…I’m gonna lose this job.’

He says ‘oh Lord… give me a car park…I’ll give up all me whiskey drinking forever. Just right then, a car pulled out in front of him ..and he says ‘don’t worry Lord I found one’…and ah…(laughter)

So you know it’s like …it’s like…as soon as we’re OK ..we put God out of the picture again. As soon as He fixes things up we go…’oh…I dunno if I really wanna follow through with Harry the Bull.’

So he’s got over here ……he’s got Betsy. Now Betsy the cow has had a tough life. She’s had a really tough life. He was backing out of the barn one day with his Massey Ferguson tractor ….and *conk* …’oops ..what was that?’

Betsy. She was just walking past …..he got her back legs..and now (limps) she gets around like that.

And because she gets around like that ..she can’t get and drink the water …and so she’s waiting around down the back of the herd while they’re all drinking water. So she’s just wandering around (limps) kind of like this and doesn’t see a stick in the tree poking out and she goes ..’oh!’…and an eye goes …pop out it goes… and she goes ‘oh ..what was that?’ and there goes the other one.

And now she’s blind…and (limps) she’s walking up to the trough…finally all the other cows have gone ..and gets up to the trough and goes ‘where’s that water?’ and ..donk….knocks all here teeth out on the side of the trough.

Now she’s this gummy old cow ..blind (limps) like this …getting around….getting excema ….getting thinner and thinner…no good for milk or anything like that.

And Ebenezer says, ‘you know what? I don’t think I’ll give Harry the Bull, I’ll give Betsy.’

That’s not giving. That’s getting rid of.

So here comes Betsy. He says ‘I’ll put a coat over Betsy’s back …nobody’ll know the difference ..and he leads old Betsy down …covered in a big coat. And he comes to the priest and says ‘here’s Harry the Bull.’

He’s cheating …he said ‘I’ve made a vow to God’.

‘Have you got any petrol? Can you do us a favour? Quick here’s a hundred bucks, burn her real quick.’ And so they pour petrol on her and whoof…up she’s gone. Anyway…and Malachi’s watching this. And I know that’s a funny story …you know…sounds a bit funny…but the deal is.. over the years’s interesting how many times people will come down with a trailer and they’ve got some old carpet in it …and they say ‘pastor…we’re just upgrading at our home …you know and we’ve pulled up our old carpet and we’re putting down new…..I’ve just wondered if the church could do something with this old carpet.’

‘And we’ve got an old computer in the back here too ..we’d thought we’d bring that’s a 386 you know..and the ‘W’ doesn’t work on it and you’ve gotta bang the screen a bit but you know ..the church….’

Noooooo. We’re not a rubbish dump. The church has had such a poor self-image about itself …it’s nervous to talk about this stuff. I’m not …and I know that you’re not nervous to hear about it….unless maybe it’s the first time you’ve been around.

The thing is ….you’ll find that as you treat God with excellence ..he will do the same for you. He will bless you. He will bless your life (applause) in exactly the same way. So He says ‘don’t bring the stolen and mutilated, the crippled and the sick….don’t bring a blind offering.’

Don’t bring an offering to say ..’oh golly’ and let’s keep it quiet ..and throw some old change in. No, that’s not how it works. Give an offering with vision…not a blind offering. Something you put in there and…..’I’m going somewhere. I’m going to help the gospel go all around the world. I’m gonna help feed some hungry people. I’m gonna build this church. I’m gonna reach the whole city of Sydney. We’re gonna support some people doing the work of God.’

That offering has vision inside of it …and then you’ll know I mean …..I’ve been in places where the offering bag goes by and I swear I can hear it wheezing down the bottom (heavy breathes). You look down there and there’s this poor little offering down there …it needs resuscitation. It needs CPR …you know it needs a heart-starter….phawww…..get it going again.

Don’t ever bring to God something that is less than your best. So here tonight…let’s come to God …with something that can walk..and is not can see …it’s got vision …it’s strong and healthy …it’s your best.

And you’ll find that it will return into your world because God will never be accountable in saying ‘I blessed you and you didn’t bless me’. He will bring back the best, no matter what your faith is tonight

And you know what? The most critical issue for many Australians right now is finances.

Interest rates are going up. The mortgage payments are getting stronger. People’s homes are getting re-possessed in various parts of Sydney. Right now families are homeless….that once had a home. They found themselves loaned money that they couldn’t repay …and you may be in a predicament… overspent at Christmas…your credit card is yelling at you.

I want to see believers loosed out of debt so that you can come into the House of God. And instead of the bank taking everything off you in interest, you have something in your hand to give to God.

And that involves a whole range of other areas about our attitudes, our ambitions, our goals in life, managing our desires and all these kinds of things…but I’m telling you right now …God is interested in helping you in your financial world.

So he says bring the tithe into the storehouse …and I will pour out a blessing that is abundant and overflowing in your life. And we can do that right here and right now. If any of you need a credit card facility for giving…just raise your hand ..and ushers will come and look after you right now.

Ushers, can you make sure you look after these people who have their hands ready? And as you are giving tonight, I’m going to pray for you……. fill out your detail…and step out of the boat. This year has already started…we’re well underway ..we’re nearly the end of March for goodness sake. But I’d hate you to start out this year without a goal in your mind…what are you going to achieve this year?

Whatever it is ..include a giving goal in there. Not just a getting goal.‘I am to have an income of this.’ Great. But how about also..’I am to give this much and to be a blessing in the community in Jesus’ name’.

Heavenly Father, right here, right now tonight, I believe God that you are going to put blessing…the power of God ..the anointing of the Spirit …on our giving here tonight.

Lord we bind the devourer of every tither, of every person who brings to their offering this evening.

Lord, your people are precious in your sight ..and you’ve said you will abundantly bless the privision of the people of God..and I know right here right now you’ll crack open an abundance in every believer’s life….you’ll not withhold from any single person …as they are not withholding from you.

So Father tonight, as we come before you …we pray we’ll be known in Heaven as a generous church that doesn’t with-hold from God …and does the best they can. Jesus’ name.

And everybody said ..Amen.

God bless you as you give. Thank you ushers, go ahead right now.


“- Length of offering talk: 13 mins 25 secs

The New Testament makes it clear the only sufficient sacrifice pleasing to the Lord was the blood of his son, Jesus Christ, (the Lamb of God) which was a sacrifice made under a new and better covenant, rendering the old covenant of endlessly repeated sacrifices obsolete.

Any linkage of old testament temple animal sacrifices (the temple was destroyed in 70AD) to the heart-driven free-will non-compelled giving to fund meetings of Christians is therefore complete (Harry the) bullshit.” – Lance

4 thoughts on “Instead Of Banks Taking Your Money, Let Pringle Fleece You Instead!

  1. In other words, a person’s whole relationship with God is going to be measured by how much they put in the offering on that particular offering.

    It’s bad enough that in every day life people feel that if they really loved their children they would buy them XYZ brand, or if they really loved their dear departed Mum that they would buy the deluxe version coffin. But now you have your spiritual leader who knows best telling you that if you don’t put as much as you can in the offering that you are withholding from God, and obviously not loving and honoring Him.

    My biggest beef with the local church is the tendency to equate the totality of a person and their attitude to God, His Kingdom and the universe in general to how they behave in the local church on a given Sunday morning. “if you really loved God you would do XYZ and do it now – or before we sing this song twice more”

    If you think about it, even apart from the manipulation and guilt there is the opposite to consider. How many people are feeling righteous and pleasing to God because they DID put in the big offerings and jump through all the local church hoops.

    Then the confusion comes later when they are offended with God in a crisis because they did all the right things – gave more, served more, went to all the conferences, bought the Tshirts, and said “Amen” and “that’s right” and “Yeah, that’s good” and “awesome” and all those buzzwords and phrases.

    So some end up feeling wrongly condemned, and some feel justified and proud for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Or find it hard to understand when someone who has done none of the right things to deserve it, is suddenly abundantly blessed in some way.

  3. You can note on the side their is a category section where you can look at topics that are on C3, Hillsong, Fire it Up, Catch The Fire, etc.

    I’m going to do an article on my exploration on the emerging and emergent church soon. RP has read it.

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