Did Warren Play The Piper?

Thanks Teddy for this! I think this is worth reading if you want to get an idea what the deal is with John Piper and Rick Warren:


By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Oct 20, 2010 in Current Issues, Features, Rick Warren, Southern Baptist Convention, Word Faith

Apprising Ministries has been among the online apologetics and discernment ministries covering Piper-Warrengate.

It all began when Dr. John Piper made the dubious decision to feature Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren, with his quite elastic orthodoxy and twistable multi-tranlation Play-Doh Bible, as a keynote speaker at the DG 2010 conference Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God.

You might remember that I told you e.g. in Decade of Destiny With Rick Warren that Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren uveiled his Plan for Decade of Destiny and Challenges the Men of Saddleback where we find:

(Online source)

Interestingly enough this was also the day a book called Driven By Destiny: 12 Secrets to Unlock Your Future (DBD) was released; it was written by pastrix Dr. LaVerne Adams, a spiritually whacked Word Faith flake who also goes by the name:

(Online source)

Read more here at: http://apprising.org/2010/10/20/rick-warren-laverne-adams-and-cindy-trimm/:

4 thoughts on “Did Warren Play The Piper?

  1. I read the Apprising Ministries article, which was pretty interesting.

    I am interested to know whether Warren is now really endorsing Word of Faith theology. Apprising Ministries gave good examples of LaVerne Adams (where did she get her doctorate, I wonder? – does anyone know?) being WoF based on her adherence to the teaching she received from Cindy Adams. Cindy Adams did seem very much WoF.

    I realise Warren endorsed Adam’s latest book. It is possible he’s not a WoF person himself but doesn’t really care too much whose book he endorses as long as they aren’t attached to current scandals of any kind. I’m not sure how this endorsement thing works. Do they get a fee? Do they do it for publicity? It does influence me when I buy a book, if I see it endorsed by other writers I like or respect. Maybe Warren doesn’t teach WoF, but doesn’t think it matters? Maybe someone else wrote the endorsement and Warren just read it, signed it and was paid for it?

    And I’m also very interested to understand why Piper endorsed Warren (by having him at his conference). Is Warren endorsed because Piper says his salvation theology is good, or because he is an expert in church growth? Should other things, such as Warren’s apparent endorsement of WoF have anything to do with Piper’s subsequent endorsement of Warren?

    I think these things are worth knowing, because these people are highly influential today. Warren in particular crosses so many denominational boundaries. All denominations want to grow, and so he provides a methodology which many can use, regardless of their individual theological differences.

  2. And where did Cindy Adams get her doctorate?

    It would be interesting to know all the prominent preachers and have a list of where they all got their doctorates which are so fashionable these days. Might be some interesting patterns.

  3. Warren is the consumate politician, he is truly everything to every one in the political sense which makes him about as genuine as a nine dollar note. If he figures that you have even a minutia of influence he wont hesitate to whisper sweet things in your ear..

    He roped Piper in by convincing him that he (Warren) was a Calvinist!!! what a friggin joke! he must have found a Pelagian version of the institutes.

    Warren is a snake

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