Danny Nalliah & Jill Curry – Fools For Folly

Jill Curry

I received an email some time ago from a Christian friend. I wanted to bang my head against the wall when I first read it. I then got the email again from another Christian much later who was excited about the prophecy as well. This FALSE prophecy came from Danny Nalliah’s ministry.

It was so stupid, I thought I’d share it here. These false prophets need to stop! If they take it down, I can put my email up. Some may enjoy a good laugh:

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia,

The ‘Scrolls of the Nations’ prophetic word from the Lord was received by one of our CTFM intercessors at our weekly prayer meeting yesterday on Wednesday the 28th of April. The CTFM team was in deep intercession and prayer for more than 2 hours when sister Jill Curry was taken by the Holy Spirit into the heavenly throne room for a brief moment and given the following prophetic word from the Lord.


Pas Daniel stated, “I have heard many different prophetic words before, but this one was so amazing that I believe everyone in the Body of Christ should take it to heart and pray about it.”

Just after the prophetic word was released by the Lord, the prayer team started travailing in the presence of God, and when this intercession finished we all knew that God was birthing a new move of the Holy Ghost in Australia!

Please prayerfully forward this throughout your churches, networks, and additional spheres of Kingdom influence.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

From: http://catchthefire.com.au/blog/2010/04/29/scrolls-of-the-nations-prophetic-word-from-the-lord-to-the-nation-of-australia/.