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This is what Matt Ford says on his blog:

Ecstatic Theologians

Ecstatic Theologians Ministering the Rapture of Grace… Undiluted Salvation.

They’re out there, and they are about to invade the planet with the revelatory Gospel of Christ. The Aliens are here. A generation so “caught up” in Him that their raptures and visible ecstasies will create holy havock everywhere they go. A priesthood that is truly the Holy Nation, the earthly inhabitants of Heaven, manifesting the divine ecstasy of Heaven… Jesus Christ.

Here’s a bit of what Daddy shared with me earlier…
This planet is getting saturated with the Word of God, the living, breathing, life transforming Word.  An army has heard the war cry in the Spirit and has assembled for a season of supernatural equipping, in-filling, deliverance and appointment. You have been appointed by God to not only go into all the world, but to turn it upside down.  You have an anointing that you can not contain. You have a passion that may end your life, and you carry (up on you) a message of hope and life.

I have equipped a generation of General’s as my end time Ecstatics, who carry the message of the Cross with simplicity and revelatory understanding who are not afraid of believing Me at My Word.  I have found a people who are not afraid of the battle and who will follow My command.  If I can’t trust you with the small, I can’t trust you with the Earth.

I am looking for a people who will not mix their drinks. A people who will surrender all for My call.  I am granting you the grace you need in this hour, to come aside and be wrecked in my presence. I am not impressed with how well you preach but in how well you drink and release my love.

I was seeing preacher’s, so hammered drunk in the glory that they were literally being carried into a  meeting, placed on the floor, dribbling and drooling and releasing crazy levels of glory.  Miracles and salvation’s just started popping all over the place.  Then they were carried out and taken to another venue.

We are going to see a whole bunch of whacked out Theologians, so far into a trance that there will be no preaching, no altar calls, no announcements, but rather the Word that is in and up on them will be released in such a great measure that all those in the vicinity will be taken up into the ecstasy with them.  What better way to convince an athiest that God exists than for them to be sucked out of their body and slammed into God’s lap.

I believe that we are not only seeing this starting to break out now, but that it is going to accelerate before the end of this year.  It’s no longer I.  I can’t preach, I can’t stand.  Ministers who are fully filled and possessed by God to such  a degree that they are of no earthly good. But they get entire stadiums of people saved, healed and delivered by saying nothing, and allowing the anointing up on and the glory within to do it’s work.

If God grants you the grace to be able to preach, enjoy it while you can.

This ecstatic movement, for want of a better phrase, has it’s fair share of critics and skeptics, and some of it is warranted. We can’t mix our drinks. You mix your drinks and you will end up loopy.  Ever met someone who used to be drunk and now they are a sober zealot of Beelzebub?  They mixed their drinks.  They were drinking from the world and tried to mix it with the flow of Heaven.   You can’t mix this stuff, it’s just to concentrated.

The bliss wine of Heaven is a freedom from all sin, yet some take the liberty of remaining in sin with the added bonus of a few goose bumps here and there. It’s time to throw out the religious, DIY goon and drink the revelation of the Cross.  I have seen many who get to a point of decision and choose to keep their old nature alive, they keep resurrecting it after church and wonder why they don’t see any fruit from the “drunkeness”.

It’s simple, that person has enough dung in their life to fertilize a football field, but not enough Word to produce any fruit.  Many ministers have sobered up and stopped allowing “drunkeness” in their church for “lack of fruit”.  It’s not the lack of fruit I’d be worried about, it is the lack of the Word.  The lack of the new creature coming forth.  The drunkeness is not the problem, it’s the lack of revelatory understanding, consecration and common sense.  Occasional encounter’s with God is not an endorsement of character, it’s an outworking of relationship.

I personally have not met too many flag waver’s in church that actually bear fruit in their life. Now is the problem with the flag, the pole or the person?    If you need a miracle you had better learn real fast how to pray and be heard, God may see you waving that flag, but it doesn’t matter what is written on it, or who else has waved it, it isn’t responsible for your breakthrough.

We have entered into a new church age.. Undiluted Salvation. No watered down, demon sensitive meetings, but one’s that are so loaded with the big bang of Heaven that it causes cities to change from the sound of your voice.

I am amazed at the number of new people who have passed through my church in the last few weeks. Dedicated Christians running out the door before worship has ended, unable to remain in the presence of God for a few songs.  What do they think church is?  This isn’t a social club. You walk into my church with “friends” and I will deliver them from you, what you do with them once you leave is up to you, but don’t go bringing devils into my church.  Now for un-churched people it’s totally different. They love it, they experience an overwhelming sense of peace and joy and they walk out happy.  Why is it the world gets it, but the church thinks the joy is bad?  They mix their drinks. Church on Sunday and drinking the world for the other 6 days.

For far too long the church hasn’t had ecstatic preachers of the Word, so it is peculiar to them, offensive and just plain not right.  We are so programmed to believe that the filth that has been dished up over the years from the pulpit is true Christianity.  The Gospel is so watered down it doesn’t taste Gospelly any more.  When your pastor preaches, if something (power, anointing, glory) doesn’t hit the atmosphere, walk out… run, God always accompanies His Word with His Spirit.

The joy of our salvation is so offensive to the carnal mind. If laughing preachers offend you, your carnal.  It is so just like the devil to get us all happy and free and praising Jesus.

I can’t wait for the day when ministers stop sleeping with Grace and are instead clothed by it.  Clothed in power, clothed in wine.   You are wearing His Bridal Wine Gown.

So next time some sober, unhappy critic tells you to sober up, simply say… “Get behind me satan”, and enjoy the bliss of your salvation.

Matt Ford
Fire It Up Ministries – Australia


it’s happening!Oh it’s happening! Oh it’s started!

Elijah hasn’t seen it, Moses hasn’t seen it, the early church hasn’t seen it, in fact no person who has ever lived has seen what God is doing in this hour. This creative move is not one that is coming down, but calling up.  He is saying come on up, come on up, He is taking you up above your troubles, up above your adversaries, up above everything that hinders you, up above your stinking thinking and into the High Place.

During my recent ministry trip to Honolulu, the Lord spoke to me about teaching His people all about Christian conduct, Godly Character and believing what God says about you.  This is going to be an intense equipping time for the body.  Now I shouldn’t have to teach anyone anything, but for some reason the Spirit filled believer isn’t so FILLED these days.  If you were filled to the full measure you would be lifting off the ground in the glory, those days are coming.

There has been a lot of Charismatic Voodoo teachings over the years about praying in tongues and intercession. During this season I will be releasing teaching and prophetic revelations regarding being a Spirit filled believer, as well as teaching you how to live in the revelatory realm without getting all weird and turning into a nut job for Jesus 🙂 and starting to think that you are Elijah.

I will also be laying some Biblical foundations that God can build upon regarding spiritual warfare. It’s so simple. Stop sinning and the warfare will go away!

Over the next few months we will be making this video and audio series available to our partners only.

This is going to be a life changing season, get ready to enter into the revelatory realm of bliss and stay there. Rev 4:1 says “Come Up Here”, and no where does it say you have to “go back down”.

Love and Peace



This video summarises quite well what Ford reveals above:

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  1. Slaughering the Sheep posts:

    Matt Ford: When the Drunk Teach the Blind
    Posted on May 17, 2010 by Chrystal Whitt

    In the post When the Demon Possessed Preach, I posted a video of Matt Ford from Fire It Up International Ministries, and pastor of Wine Barrel Family Church, in Redcliffe, Australia. If you are unfamiliar with Ford, all you need to know is that he’s been known to rub elbows with John Crowder.

    Ford is bringing his Miracle Training College to America in August. He says Australia isn’t ready for it yet. Maybe that’s because Australians still have an ounce of discernment left??? Maybe???

    He says he’s equipping people to walk continually in the manifest glory of God – to be in and out of trances, ecstacies, and raptures, to live a life drunk, whacked out in what he calls the “glory of Heaven.”

    Oh, and guess what? You can even get a degree in being a spiritual stoner at this Miracle Training College (watch video for more information). Ford says you don’t even have to speak English to attend because your spirit will understand anyway. Yeah, right. That’s not what Scripture says. What good would it do to to attend a “church” service where you couldn’t understand anything? It would profit nothing, for no one would be able to learn anything. It reminds me of what the apostle Paul said:

    1 Corinthians 14:18-23: (KJV)

    I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all: Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men. In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord. Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe. If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?

    But, we’re not talking about a gathering of people who are content to study the Word of God and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. They’re addicted to spiritual experiences. Watch the video below and meet their teacher.


  2. This guy gets creepier by the day – can’t even call him apostate (as in abandoning his religion). I wonder if he set out to deceive from the outset, I’m beginning to think so.

  3. course he did.

    flim-flam is what he does. It’s a much easier way of making money than getting an honest job. He is inventing a new religion.

    He can do whatever he likes … just don’t call it Christianity. The Jesus he preaches ain’t the real Jesus. It’s a different Jesus and a different Gospel.

    Paul told us to throw such people out of the church and surrender them to Satan.

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