Jesus Makes Watching Feet FUN!

3 thoughts on “Jesus Makes Watching Feet FUN!

  1. This clip was posted on Chris Rosebrough’s FB – one comment from Matt Hicks…..

    “I am a magician and have been doing magic for 15 years. This is just a magic trick. The guy whose foot is stretching is totally in on it. The language the “magician” uses is the same as if he was doing a card trick. This is totally fake …and here are just a few reasons why:

    – Notice his feet stay together most of the time.
    – He also has baggy jeans on to hide the move.
    – When the move happens the camera does not show the whole body and the camera stays mostly on the same side.
    – The right foot (the one in front) is hiding the move is always turned inward into the other one. Can you say Optical Illusions?
    – and so much more that I can’t tell because magicians never reveal there secrets,

    The guy saying that he is doing it is not the true magician. The guy with the leg stretching is the magician. The other guy is a decoy. This and so much more to proves that this is NOT REAL! Trust me I’m a magician.” 🙂

    And from Chris Rosebrough …..

    “It’s a hoax. I used to do magic and this is a SIMPLE magic trick/illusion. No miracle at all. Google “leg lengthening miracle hoax” there are even videos on Youtube that explain how the trick is done. BTW, it’s an optical illusion and all you have to do is slowly move the legs a half inch to either the left or the right to create the illusion”

    We did this sort of stuff at C3 back in Brookvale, and God was not honoured by any of it. It was a circus and we were part of it – held the feet of a friend and guess what? “And the people love it so”.

    I can do the same thing with my arm and the grandkids love it!

  2. Theo Wolmarans is the one who does the leg-pulling stunt at C3. I can’t wait to see if Andy Kubala will do it on his Believe audience.

    I’ve got something coming up with him anyways.

  3. Teddy, you and I must have been in the same meetings at Brookvale participating in the leg lengthening.

    I held someone’s leg, but no lengthening happened. I was left feeling that we must not have had enough faith.

    Mind you, I was surprised at the number of people who had issues with different lengths of leg.

    With this particular miracle, it is not necessary for the length lengthenee to be ‘in on it’. It is quite possible for the praying person not to be as well. Enough of a desire to see something happen can result in enough ‘movement’ (or very slight movement of one’s body position) for the leg to look longer.

    The real test is whether someone who has to wear a special built up shoe no longer needs to at all afterwards.

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