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Dan Kimball of Vintage Faith

… On May 27, 2007, I met with Dan Kimball of the Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California (vintagechurch.org).1 Dan is one of the betterknown emerging church pastors.  My wife and I drove down from Boise, Idaho to meet with him and check out his church. He and I had been in e-mail contact and he was gracious enough to meet with me so I could ask him questions about his philosophy of ministry as well as inquire into his doctrinal views. I asked him about the Trinity — which he nailed perfectly. He affirmed the deity of Christ and his physical resurrection. He said baptism was not necessary for salvation and that we are justified by grace through faith.  Afterwards, my wife and two other friends from the area attended the Vintage Faith Church service.

Now, you have to understand something about Santa Cruz.  It has all sorts of people from Wiccans to surfers to atheists to college students.  So, fitting into the Santa Cruz culture is not easy, especially if you want to be faithful to Christian teaching.  In fact, Highway 17 winds through the hills between San Jose and the coast and is blanketed on either side by perennially green trees.  An elder of a Church I’ve guest-preached at in Santa Cruz told me that out in the forest is where several different satanic groups perform their rituals.  Another person told me that Santa Cruz was the drug capital of California.  Now, I don’t know if either statement is true – they’d know better than I – but combine that with the overall freethinking, new age feel of the area and a liberal Santa Cruz college where the staff has a strong hostility to Christianity, and you have an idea of the spiritual landscape.  It’s difficult and it is in this context that Dan does his ministry.


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