What Great Faith Price Has!

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Megachurch Pastor Among Those Stranded at Sea

Megachurch pastor Fred Price of Crenshaw Christians Center in Los Angeles was among the 4,500 passengers stranded this week on the Carnival Splendor, reports the Sacramento Bee. Price was on board as a featured speaker for a group of about 30 Christians.

His daughter Angela Evans told the paper her father probably prayed for the safety of all the passengers. “He probably prayed that all will be well,” said Evans, who is the chief executive of the 25,000-member church. “I’m sure he contained the fire.”

On Monday the nearly 1,000-foot cruise liner’s engine room caught fire and knocked out power to the rest of the ship. For the last week passengers not only went without the infamous cruise amenities, but also air-conditioning, hot water and telephone service for a portion of the time.

Pulled by six tugboats, the ship docked in San Diego on Thursday evening; all the travelers and crew were unharmed.

One thought on “What Great Faith Price Has!

  1. Fred “the reason why I drive a Rolls Royce is because I’m following in Jesus’ footsteps” Price is still around????

    Is that the same Fred “little gods” Price who said….

    “If it be thy will or thy will be done- if you have to say that, then your calling God a fool.”

    Obviously the Lord’s Prayer wouldn’t figure highly in his theology.

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