{+}Rick Warren Among Other New Age Gurus{+}

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Richard Rose Richard RoseRichard Rose was an American mystic, esoteric philosopher, author, poet, and investigator of paranormal phenomena. He believed a spiritual Ultimate truth exists and can be found for oneself with sufficient application of effort, and recommended skeptical approaches such as his.

Rick WarrenRick WarrenRick Warren is the founder and senior pastor of the evangelical megachurch, Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, California, the fourth largest church in the United States.


Shakti Caterina MaggiShakti Caterina MaggiShakti has been sharing the realization of the Self since 2003 with Bodhi Avasa, an enlightened master from Wales. She herself holds daily workshop on self realization and does private sessions.

Sri Siddharameshwar MaharajSri Siddharameshwar MaharajSri Siddharameshwar Maharaj was one of the head gurus of the Inchegeri Sampradaya founded by his guru Shri Bhauseheb Maharaj, which is a branch of the Navnath Sampradaya, the \’Nine Masters\’ tradition in India.

Surya Das Surya DasLama Surya Das is an American-born lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He is a poet, chant master, spiritual activist and author of many popular works on Buddhism; a teacher and spokesperson for Buddhism in the West.

Swami Dayananda SaraswatiSwami Dayananda SaraswatiSwami Dayananda Saraswati was an important Hindu religious scholar and the founder of the Arya Samaj, \”Society of Nobles\”, a Hindu reform movement, founded in 1875.He was the first man who gave the call for Swarajay in 1876.
Wayne Walter Dyer Wayne Walter DyerWayne Walter Dyer is a popular American self-help advocate, author and lecturer. He worked as a teacher, counselor, and therapist and published three books on individual and group counseling.

11 thoughts on “{+}Rick Warren Among Other New Age Gurus{+}

  1. From http://www.numii.net/word_press/gurus/rick-warren:

    Rick Warren said, “You are as happy as you choose to be. You can waste your life on vanities, spend your life on yourself, and invest your life for God”.

    According to him “God loves to bring good out of bad. He loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Every problem has potential. Every crisis is an opportunity for ministry. Every hurt God wants to use for His glory.”

    He told that “We serve God by serving others. The world defines greatness in terms of power, possessions, prestige, and position. If you can demand service from others, you’ve arrived. In our self-serving culture with its me-first mentality, acting like a servant is not a popular concept.”

  2. Sounds like Robert Schuller’s “turn your scars into stars”. But then Warren did attend Schuller’s pastoral training courses way back when.

  3. @Greg the Explorer – Well, I seem to be banned from commenting at Groupsects so if you still lurk around this blog I hope this reaches you –

    I understand that you dont care what I think – but nonetheless, I need to correct the record of what I said before, I think unversalism is a heresy but I dont think you can automatically call someone an apostate for holding to that position (as reprehensible as it is), so sorry – that was out of line

    – but I will say your sentiments, whilst being very noble, unfortunately have no Scriptural foundations. They are mere speculations of what “God who is light as well as love, just as well as merciful,” may do on the Day of Judgment….

    I hope you dont always hold to that belief….

  4. Why would you be banned from Groupsects? Does Lance think you’re FL? He’s the only one banned over there.
    You and i say pretty mych the same thing and i’m not blocked, strange…..

    Are you aware that Greg seems to hold the position that Jesus was not born of a virgin nor deems it neccessary (comments made on a previous posting few months ago)?

  5. @Teddy – yeah, I remember you saying something like that. I find it truly disturbibg that men like him, Newsong or FL, TVD are allowed behind pulpits.

  6. @ Cyber-bully – what an unpleasant person you are, here it is Saturday night and instead of preparing to preach a decent sermon tomorrow, you go trawling with rotten bait.

    Your poor church, if they knew what you are do to amuse yourself.

  7. Mahatma Gandhi was a great man who fought against racism and for an independent democratic India.

    I’m not really sure what Rick Warren has done in comparison.

  8. @Newtaste – I would have to say that Rick Warren’s greatest achievement is that every time he has made any kind of public statement either oral or written, whether it has been by means of speeches & public addresses, media interviews, sermons preached at saddleback, twitters, articles, books, endorsement of books (regardless of how heretical) etc….. he has always, with perfect consistency, made the collective human race incrementally dumber for having listened to him…

  9. Very negative Teddy…..

    I can attest that Newsong has indeed prepared a sermon for tomorrow called “You can lead a sheep to perdition but you cant make him tithe” – he has in fact even posted a video of himself practicing in front of the mirror on Youtube:

  10. Looking at the ratings of people visiting the blog, I can only conclude that people don’t come to Signposts02 to read the articles. They come to watch the Signposts02 ‘Days of Our Lives’ episodes that occur every so often.

    I originally liked Signposts02 because of it’s controversial nature. Because this is what I have enjoyed about it, this is what I have re-inforced. I have attracted controversial and to the point people. I don’t have a problem with this or with anyone (accept Facelift) but I am seeing this as a serious stumbling block.

    I’ve often let the Signposts02 community go where it wants to go. But I now realise that because I oversee it, it will naturally go the direction I personally take it. It will always be the case either I realise it or not. I am now re-evaluating my role, the direction of Signposts02 and the direction it should take. I think it is sad that RavingPente has left. I’m reading what she is writing over on her blog and it is those types of articles I would like to see people engage with over here.

    People do want to grow spiritually and engage productively with other believers. That does not mean we don’t engage with controversial topics or read the next outrageous event that has happened in the ‘Christian’ world.

    I would appreciate it if people who comment here address the article topics and THEN what people add to the topic. Now that RP is gone, I think my inner RP is coming out of me because of people’s bluntness. I hope we can all change together.

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