Rosebrough Pings King-Bing Pringle

Thanks to Teddy for finding this:

The critique starts at 01:08:35. Bing!

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  1. Had that “black hole” experience again listening to this. So grateful to have this kind of “preaching” exposed for what it really is – seriously bad abuse of the Word.

    How (or why) on earth do other pastors put up with this kind of leadership? Ignorance of scripture, itching ears as well, looking at the dollars, the book deals, the “fame”?

    Are they dealing just as dishonestly with the text as they come before their congregations (and God Himself) each week?

  2. Would have been great if Chris called the movement for what it was. C3 is a gnostic cult. This is why it is so important to acknowledge on this day that slavery was abolished throughout most of the British Empire in 1833.

    … Oh dear. Looks like I got Pringle’s ‘Bing Anointing’.

    Back on topic! 😀

  3. I posted that “Fighting for the Faith” link yesterday to the Faithworks blog yesterday and boy did I get some negative feedback! 😦 People sure don’t want to hear the truth if it doesn’t sound nice to them and doesn’t fit their current worldview.

    It is comforting to find this blog today and discovering that other christians are concerned about this false teacher as well.

  4. You’re a person after my own heart teddy! 🙂 I have been listening to it for years now.
    It has helped clear up a lot of misconceptions I had got from attending different churches. There are a lot of different teachings that don’t line up with scripture unfortunately.

  5. @Teddy – I would recommend Fighting For the Faith just for the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse – William Tapley segments!!!!!!

    I absolutely love that guy!!! he’s friggin NUTS!!!!!

  6. Joey: “I posted that “Fighting for the Faith” link yesterday to the Faithworks blog yesterday and boy did I get some negative feedback!”

    do you have the link? I’d like to read.

  7. Look half way down the page for my entry on

    I regularly contributed to this blog over several years. I got on friendly terms with several regular contributors also. Although I found all the mind games with the atheists very amusing I got repeatedly frustrated at the “peace at all price (even at the expense of truth)” policy that has developed over time. This response of his was what clarified Patterson’s position on apologetics most clearly to me and is what has made my decision to withdraw from his blog permanently last week.

    It appears to me that Patterson is happy for christians to defend the christian faith IF it is just general facts and/or is good public relations with other faiths. Speak love and acceptance and grace which is what we christians are to do if at all possible – I totally agree with that… to a point. It is NOT loving to pretend that some teachings are OK when they contradict scripture however.

    Last week my contribution shows if a christian tries to show how another christian teacher has (or is) departing from the Biblical truth – then Patterson strongly rebukes that same christian for bringing discord and appearing unloving. He then gave an actual itunes link so people could listen to Pringle themselves.

  8. @ Joey – Gary Gilley has written some excellent books, one being “This Little Church Went To Market” followed up by “This Little Church Stayed Home”.

    I buy these and give them away to those “broken by the church”, along with John Macarthur’s “Charismatic Chaos”. If you haven’t read them, they are good additions to your library?

  9. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those books the next time I go to a christian bookstore teddy. They sound like good ones.

  10. Hey Joey – sounds like you came across the typical pentecostal response. Rosebrough may be strong but that doesn’t make Pringle innocent. Pringle is a charlatan.

    I would advise any Christian to avoid his ministry at all cost. Their is a high chance they may become bewitched and brainwashed by their exploitive, hyper-reality marketing strategies and atmospheres.

  11. Hi specksandplanks- I thought that Roseborough was being too tough and wondered why he went straight for the jugular when Pringle was talking about tithing. That comes across in that Faithworks blog entry of mine.
    I honestly had no knowledge of Pringle’s blatant money hungry ways until I found this blog the other day. I am relieved (but saddened) that I had not been wrong. I have always been so careful to back up every thing I say with factual and reliable information resources. You would think by the reaction I dismissed with was that I was merely a “Roseborough fan” and took what he said automatically as the truth.

  12. @ Joey – As a 22 year veteran of PP’s sermons and the money issue, Chris was spot on. Chris’ recent critique of Joel Osteen was excellent too, Joel was clearly and deliberately denying biblical Christianity. Phil Pringle is an ardent fan of Joel by the way, believes he preaches the gospel and sees the size of Joel’s church as a measure of a successful gospel message.

  13. Well I am glad your out of Pringle’s teachings now Joey! Now it’s just you and God and the wonderful scriptures! Time to unlearn stuff.

    I had to go through this process.

    It’s when people stop relying on the leaders and church structure that life gets hard for a while. Would you say now is going to be a time where you’re learning to stand and walk in the world with Jesus’ help?

    Good luck with your church searching down south.

  14. You can go through the categories on SP02 and browse articles on C3. You want facts?

    Among odd articles their are transcripts of things taught at C3, recorded documents of C3 and things of the like that explore the money-hungry, gnostic, cult-like movement.

    I’ll be putting up C3s latest Presence Conference flyer and last years vision builders flyer. They are such an abomination to God and his scriptures. You’ll see why.

  15. Specksandplanks – I actually had only watched one or two of Pringle’s shows a very long time ago before I discovered christian mp3s online. I remember thinking that his stuff was better than other christian shows but I had no respect at all for the notorious “blab-it-and-grab-it” televangelists that dominate christian tv show timeslots.

    I just listened to that Fighting for the faith review again and from everything I have read on this blog about Pringle Rosebrough was spot on.

    And yes I’ve been analysing all that I have been taught and mistaught over the years. 🙂 It’s great to find your blog which shows up so-called Australian churches for what they really are.

  16. Yes I remember that review of Joel Osteen as well teddy! He is a shocker. If he considered by many christians to be a good preacher then no wonder that today’s christians are pretty well Biblically-illiterate.

  17. cool – some dude with a microphone and a poorly produced podcast has an opinion – life changing!

  18. HAHAHA you guys cant be taking this podcast seriously!!!?? so much of what he has a go at pp about is straight out of scripture. he has a go about pp’s living situation without having the foggiest idea what it really is… the guy is reaching at best.
    what a self-righteous, pompous tosser!

  19. Well, I’m assuming you are Cyber-bully and with a copy of one of your “sermons” ready to go for review, can you handle it? With a world-wide audience of discerning believers, it going to be very interesting!

  20. But its the ‘review’ i have a problem with… since when are preachers not aloud to use analogies as they are presenting the bible.

    if this guy has a problem with the message it self, he barely brings it up – he is just nitpicking..
    and i know you will say some of the points arent nitpicking and you’re right, some of it isnt and may be completely valid – but id say 80% of this ‘review’ is just pathetic.

  21. @specksandplanks i am aware of facelift on this site, and i’m aware he uses different alias’ but i’m not him.

    @teddy i will have a listen to that – i’m not an osteen fan.

  22. Friendly interjection!

    ‘cheerupcharlie’ is NOT FaceLift!

    I am done with your ridiculously undiscerning site!

    @Joey, The Baptists are brilliant. Go there! You’ll love it!

    @Specks. A word in your ear in brotherly love: Philip Powell is not very highly thought of in Pentecostal circles. His attacks on the AOG and other Pentecostals have been hurtful and damaging, mostly to his own reputation. Please don’t go down the same path and be like him. The mud he slings is all over his hands and face as he slings into the wind. The mud on him will stick to you. Be wise, but not in your own sight!

    Fraternal Love

    PS. One of the ignorantly provocative things that would make me return would be the continued us of stupid terms like ‘cyber-bully’! The actual ‘bullies’ are the ones who remain in control! As you judge, so you are judged!

  23. Says the one who has constantly made people leave this site because of the divisions and crap they speak. Go join your gnostic teachers and don’t bring your cursed, divisive and manipulative ways back to Signposts again!

    I can only speculate that you have come again onto SP02 in the last few months to hopefully bring down the site completely to make you feel safe about the C3 church you are involved in.

    Go away! As a fly, you make a fly-swat useless. I have no problem being judged by someone with a brain the size of one.

  24. @ Facelift – your evaluation of “Fighting For The Faith” is rather vague, obviously you have never spent time listening to him on a regular basis. You can try to downplay his highly respected credibility and global coverage. I’m think you are worried he may get to critique you?

  25. In all seriousness, I would love to hear a programme or see a story done about pastors or church leaders who bully or try to discredit those who leave churches because of finally recognising bad teaching/fleecing.

    A lot of the churches who went Purpose Driven because of that 40 days of purpose drivel etc were encouraged to “transition” out objectors in that way – by attacking their credibility (in other words malign them for being “Berean”).

    This is what I’ve seen Facelift doing for a long time. He’s PP’s “Richard Abanes”.

  26. I’ve been listening to you preach (Give us another satanic roar!). And you come on here and become quite the hypocrite to your congregation. You’re more fluffed and brainwashed now that you’ve aligned yourself to the C3 movement. You’re doing your church a serious disservice by being aligned to the C3 movement. I can’t see how your ignorance and arrogance can be helping your congregation.

    Go away Facelift. You are a CyberBully and are a pastor of a C3 Church. You can’t sink much lower than that.

    Go away. Go away. GO AWAY.

  27. 🙂 No worries!

    You have an entire site devoted to viciously and anonymously tearing down your own pastor and local church at C3 Oxford Falls, using a friend’s IP to disguise your deception, and you call others hypocrites!

    I’m sorry I let you know about cheerupcharlie. It was a mistake to warn you about Powell. You fit each other like a hand and glove.

    In future I’ll just let you think anyone who criticises your wolfish tendencies carry on and not let you know it wasn’t me.

    You’re wolf, specks, just a wolf in sheep’s clothing hidden in a flock tearing them apart.

  28. You can’t call me a wolf if I am leading people to the Lord in the pagan C3 Church movement. You on the other seem to preach grace with one hand and offer Satan and bondage with the other. To join your self with C3 is to only swallow their teachings and corrupt yourself with their gospel of demons.

    You’ve done serious damage to Signposts with your pride, arrogance, doctrines, divisions, threats and harassment. I chose to put up with you when people were emailing me personally that they couldn’t stand your nonsense.

    AND while we always had dissenting views of churches (mainly C3) in the first place, you go ahead and join them. It was you who threatened me that you’d expose my ID AND RP’s!

    I’ve already warned people not to fellowship at your church or fellowship with you. I would hate to think the lies you would spin for your gain to make yourself like a noble pastor in ruining those that might come into fellowship with you.

    You’ve also never pulled your head out of the pig’s arse Facelift. The facts that have been made CLEARLY about the spiritual state of C3 have been expressed clearly by what their teachers have said against God, the gospel and His Holy Spirit. Shame on you for drinking the cup of delusion and aligning your church to a movement that is not of God!

    I believe there are genuine Christian’s in the C3 movement – but the movement itself is nothing but a rotting corpse of dead man’s works and deadly religious schemes. I save who I can by showing the gospel of God. But YOU have superglued your face to the sicknesses of the rotting corpse of C3.

    You’re words and works are worse than skybalon. You make stupidity look like an attribute of God. Do you get it? Will you get it? Or will you stupidly keep coming back to Signposts02 under a different guise to cause division and disruption?

    Only a fool doesn’t get these two words:
    Go away!

  29. @ Joey – we listened to Chris’ critique of Phil Pringle again as well. Chris was spot on and this highlighted to us yet again, how deceived we were for so long. Having listened to Fighting For The Faith podcasts since it’s inception, we have become so much more discerning and to take “context, context, context” very seriously.

    Our experience towards the end of our time at C3, was quite depressing when we started to look at the context of a scripture given during a sermon, and seeing just how abused that context was. Even went to one of the senior pastors to talk about it (before speaking to Phil Pringle personally) – that pastor recognised the problem as true but didn’t want to take it further. Does that make him a pastor or a hireling?

  30. @teddy- I think that makes that pastor a hireling. If he is knowingly going along with it to avoid conflict then that is the spiritual crime of “aiding and abetting a false teacher”.

    Proverbs 25:26 Like a muddied spring or a polluted well
    are the righteous who give way to the wicked.

    The positivity of these preachers would attract just about anyone remotely human teddy. The message sounds so right and so caring and just what we would imagine a loving God may say.

  31. Strewth, specks! I can’t believe what you are saying has anything to do with Christian conduct. Even if I were your bitterest enemy, which, from my perspective, I am not, you shouldn’t speak like you do, you should rather pray for me.

    Last thing before I leave you.

    The ‘wolf’ tag was a direct quote from one of your pastors when I recently pointed out what you were doing. I was just reiterating what they think of your delusion and deceit in their midst.

    Cunningly, and deceptively, in sheep’s clothing, you do it anonymously, and no one knows who you are. But, one day, they’ll hear the sheep bleating around you, or smell sheep’s blood on you, and they’ll know!

    I would like to be able to disagree with this pastor, but I have to say he is probably correct. For my part I have done my utmost for you for months to help you avoid this, but you refuse to listen.

    C3 is a group of Christians who love the Lord and serve His people. As are Hillsong. It’s been a pleasure standing with such a fine group of believers, impacting our world with the good news.

    Now if you’ll let me go without further insulting me, and cutting me down, or violating my blog name, I may be able to leave gracefully.

    Good bye!


  32. “One last thing before I leave you” – where have I read that before, before, before, before, before….?

    Have the last word via email if need be, it’s available.

  33. The above clip can be watched by clicking on the “Watch on Youtube” – hate to have anyone miss Cyber-bully’s last hurrah.

  34. @Cyber Nut-Case – you are hardly in a position to calling anyone a wolf and a false teacher – I consider you to be a false teacher and a wolf of the purest form.

    You preach another Gospel not the one once delivered for the Saints, you teach doctrines of demons, you are part of an apostate movement that has made business franchises out of the church – and we should all be sick to stomach about that – Phil Pringle is simply a Charlatan, a liar and a money grabbing theif

  35. The elephant’s back in the room! Furniture is breaking and the dung is huge!

    How you were never banned from this place is beyond me. Not banned, but in fact lauded as the way forward by specks! You and teddy. The intelephant pharisee and the red backed sadducee, weaving webs and treading down sites, helping the wolf dress to kill! This is the direction the site will take, specks said! The reformed way. How gentile it has become under your guidance!

    You really should let me go!

  36. It vexes you Face-plant that you have been banned from every site except the confessionroom doesnt it. Dont you hate it how RP edits, cuts, and chops away at your comments “sorry Newshlong – that was off topic so I just removed that post”…..”I just edited that bit out”…..”that looked like pro-reformed comment thats definitely going”…..

    Hee hee – I would so love to hear one of your pulpit pep talks – come on post the URL!!!

  37. Pearls before… half-pint!

    You really do think that Groupsects and SP02 are the sum total of blogging experience, don’t you?

    Being banned from either means diddly squat! The only disappointment is that it won’t be so easy to take the focus off speckulator’s trashing of good men and women of God! He has no clue to the value of true loyalty. None! He shoots his own pastor and congregation and wonders why he is criticised!

    You, however, I couldn’t give a rip about in terms of C3, since you’re not inside C3. You have a right to be wrong from afar! Fair enough.

    However, half-pint, you are not, inexplicably, banned, and are allowed to continue on SP02, self-enraptured, elephanticly, swash-bucklingly slap-sticking anything that move across your path, except chief ally teddy, and the boss, speckulator, having already devoured the main, longest standing (before specks) contributors here, and you are now at work on them over at mummy-site, Groupsects!

    So, who did you nobble?

    1. RP never said boo to a goose and you treat her like dirt, still, presently for having a friendly, dare I say it, Christian, site. On SP02 you were rude and used stand-over tactics in your comments to RP, as you do with many. Teddy joins you and verbals RP for saying something typically caring about things like her personal use of speaking in tongues, and you echo.

    RP’s site is exactly reflective of her thoughtful personality, and deserves better, even from you. The reason it is less aggressive than here or Groupsects is that contributors have respect for her character, and she has a better moderation style.

    But it already achieves heaps more than this site will under the present structure. I’m OK with cut and thrust, but you make it an art form to damage hearts and reputations. It is telling that you don’t feel able to contribute there in a civilised manner. Very telling.

    Thoughtful moderation is far better than absolute censure. And far more honest.

    2. You insult mn, who is a real gentleman, and most a sincere person, to the point of making him more upset than I’ve ever seen him, including in the heyday of the more strident FaceLift.

    3. You hammer Greg for having a liberal, progressive point of view, and swarm all over him with your arrogance and pride.

    4. You make bogus claims on issues you couldn’t possible know a thing about, based on here-say and rumour, about NewSong, his ministry and call, even though he treated you well, and actually succeeded in getting some decent comments out of you for a while.

    Yet speckulator says the way forward is yours, and teddy backs you to the hilt, admitting to being one of the same kind, and on the same side and wavelength.

    Strange developments for sure.

    The good news is that Paul was once a Christian-bating Pharisee like you, and he was apprehended on the road to Damascus. There’s always hope for the zealot!

    This site used to have a reason for existence, and a decent voice, but it lost its way when it started hitting on ministries out of the wrong motives. It was used in speckulator’s personal war against his own church and pastor. It attacks any ministry which succeeds, as if success in itself is an indcator of error.

    There is even a post somewhere where speckulator asks if anyone can dig up any dirt on a list of ministries he puts up. He’s a real hard working discernment investigator, our speckulator.

    Kindred-spirit Groupsects is the most negative site in Australia, bar none, and the most anti-church, anti-pastor site I’ve ever seen, period. Being banned from it for discerning its excesses is no big deal. This site has become a clone-site of Grouects, without doubt. That is its true demise.

    That and the Reformed Twin’s unswerving loyalty to their cause. And now a deliberate link is added to Philip Powell! I rest my case!

    I agree there are those who need reformed theology, but not the way you think. What has John McArthur created?


  38. Facelift, I’m with you buddy. As a regular contributor/ debater on many different blogs and forums, many of them atheistic and extreme far-left, I have never seen so much demonic and satanic filth as I have seen come from the regular contributors to this site. One of the first ever comments I made on this site was questioning why you were banned while still allowing people like blah-blah, Mosco, 5 point and teddy to defecate from on high all over anyone who held an opposing opinion. Specks insisted that you had threatened him and RP, which I had to of course take on face value, but having seen no actual evidence of it myself, and judging by your contributions lately, which have all been even handed and even tempered, I am beginning to believe that the “threats” never really happened at all. It’s a strange state of affairs when someone such as yourself is banned from contributing to debate while the foul stench that emanates from the comments of blah-blah, Mosco, teddy et al is allowed to run rampant without so much as a “calm down children” from the “moderator”.

    Facelift, I can imaging your initial reaction to the chest beating and anguished cries of “cyber-bullying” and “deception” over your using different aliases and IP addresses. I also laughed out loud when I read all the comments from teddy, Specks and 5 point! It was comedy gold! “Cyber-bully”!!!! “cursed, divisive and manipulative ways”!!!!! Oh, so funny!!!

    Specks, Mosco, 5 point and teddy – you poor diddums, why not make yourselves a nice cup of warm milk and have a lie down. The bad man will go away soon enough, and you can all get back to doing satan’s work here on this site. Meanwhile, Facelift and myself will go back to making a difference for Christ in this world.

  39. TVDOOODLER!!! where have you been!!

    You havent been out there leaving apologetic messes for us to clean up have you?? you shouldnt be taking on athiests without adult supervision – I hope you told them the truth that there is only a paper-thin difference between your fringe-hybrid christianity and Mormonism – witnessing is hard enough without people thinking kooks like you are representative of
    mainline Christiany…

    Its pretty hard to anathaematise anyone else mate when you are constatntly proved wrong and in error from scripture – your snake oil prosperity gospel perish with you and you mate 2Faced – the pathetic thing is – both you scumbags sport the title “pastors and teachers” shouldnt you be instructing us?? No – you are both franchisees of little franchises of a bigger aberent apostate movement with “ICHABOD – the GLORY has departed” painted all over the front of it. You are both so biblically illiterate its embarrasing. TVD you cant even use a bloody commentary!!!

    @2Faced – that was all very interesting but how does that exculpate you…??

  40. Thanks, TVD! Much appreciated!

    You were, of course, another of half-pint’s much maligned targets!

    Be blessed!

  41. @Faceplant – having followed Groupsects do you honestly believe Gregs views are merely liberal and progressive?

  42. Leve it out, Half-pint,

    Mercifully, I’m subject to God’s free grace, mercy and forgiveness, through the cleansing blood of Jesus, not your overbearing logic and false law-based reformed grace.

    Why don’t you take a good look at your mate Rosebrough, a reformed theology, Lutheran something or other, quoting the Council of Orange verbatim as his primary text for ministry, a basically Augustine, Catholic inspired creed which brought on the doctrine of Total Depravity, the linchpin of your 5 point nom-de-plume and modus operandi, and the entry into reformed no-brainer theology, where the human will is nil, nul and void, and faith is only granted to a predetermined shopping list of souls, whilst all other unfortunates are reserved to rot in hell for eternity, with no way into the eternal heavens, as if Gd has no way of saving even the most wretched of sinners, and the cross has such a limited power as to render it ineffective for the majority of souls, really no more sensible or God-like than the utra-limiting doctrine of the 144,000 of the adulterer Charles Taze Russell and his cronies. No wonder teddy’s pushing Rosebrough’s barrow so hard! He’s pure reformed. He’s a shocker on that radio program though. I don’t know how you can take him seriously. Cheerupcharlie, and Bryan Patterson got it about right! It’s not even a real radio show!

    Not interested, son! Look at your own backyard!

    TVD’s right!

    And Wesley was closer to the mark, and far more effective in the long run.

  43. It must really suck not even being able to correctly articulate and represent the theology you are trying to refute. Mate, you are so ignorant of Reformed theology you make Russel look like a scholar.

    Be honest for 1 minute go through what you just said in haste and see how many straw men you are beating up there!!!

    The best thing about me and Teddy &Specks – we know your shallow aberent theology backward and from experience – your handicapped and hamstrung by your ignorance of Reformed theology – and you know it!!!

  44. Faceplant you are such a numbskull – Catholics have never embraced total inability/total depravity, Catholicism has always sided with the Arminians on the prevenient grace side of things – like you do! (I even have to explain to you what you believe you idiot) – Orange condemed Pelagius as a heretic – you also adhere to that view by virtue of being a “Christian” you friggin pin head

    Augustine was not a Catholic you fool he lived in the late 2nd century there was no institution called the Roman Catholic Church then

  45. @ TVD – your worldview must be seriously warped by a strange idea of “demonic and satanic filth”.

    The truth about Facelift is available to you if RP chooses to comment. But she and her husband dealt with him and he “apologised”. Not that made a difference, picking on women seems to be something he enjoys because since his confronation with Heretic, he has targeted me. Why?

    *1 – we left C3 honestly and openly with biblical integrity towards PP’s teaching

    *2 – I dared to admire John Macarthur (among many others)and more particularly, his very popular, spiritual-freeing book “Charismatic Chaos”.

    *3 – Again he’s more comfortable bullying women, because with most godly men if he came within “striking range”, well, he probably would be sporting a bruised ego to say the least.(There you go FL, you can now call that a physical threat because you love to be pitied.)

    Would I involve my husband? Now there’s a godly man, which is why his opinion of the lack of sound teaching at C3 was so shocking to PP (because they were and still are friends).

    I certainly share these comments with him – as a godly man he would love to talk to FL but it’s really not worth the trip to ……. as far as I’m concerned because “cyber-bullies” are like cockroaches, they scurry from the light.

    I read your comments FL, and there is such a shrieking screech attached to them, which is I refer to you as a “girly man”. It seems so important to you that you maintain a voice over at RP’s blog – you are such a Jekyll and Hyde. It’s not just RP’s niceness (and she is), it’s your hypocrisy and fear of being banned over there as well.

    As 5 Point quite rightly pointed out, we bring our experience of C3/pentecostalism to the table. We did what we are commanded to do, “test the scriptures”.

    Chris Rosebrough won’t be losing any sleep over your opinions FL, and he will continue to be a well grounded biblical voice world-wide as his audience continues to grow.

    With other such strong voices as Piper, Macarthur, Paul Washer, James White,Albert Mohler, Mark Dever, C J Mahaney (mark all these names well, FL and TVD) sounding the same very strong warning against aberrant theology, the Lord IS lovingly drawing His elect to Himself and out of error.

  46. “You hammer Greg for having a liberal, progressive point of view, and swarm all over him with your arrogance and pride.”

    Do you love Greg, FL? Because if you truly did, you would lovingly call him to repentance and faith in the true Jesus Christ, not the false “jesus” of John Shelby Spong (the first emergent?)

    Take the time to do the research and realise what you have excused/glossed over, as a pastor no less.

  47. And so my point is proven! 5PS still spouting the same old self-righteous pharisaic tripe, and teddy frothing at the mouth again extolling the virtues of her “god” Macarthur. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

  48. Picking on you as a woman, teddy? My goodness, you have no idea how I have resisted a response to your continual, disgusting and ill-informed rantings about my character, ministry, doctrine, affiliations, and everything else you’ve persistently attacked without letting up for one second, because…you guessed it, you are a woman.

    I wondered how long it would be before you played the ‘woman’ card. The thought of it held me at bay for a while, because it is so obvious, and such a difficult one for a man to counter. But here it is, true to form. The web weaved, and the talons ready to strike!

    You don’t know how many times I’ve written something to defend the my position after you wrote terrible, untrue things, and decided against it, because… you guessed it, you’re a woman!

    I owe RP nothing but to love her, and heretic. You and specks are the ones regurgitating an incident which was a long time ago, a misunderstanding, and an accepted apology. According to my Bible that’s it. It’s all over. It is finished. Nothing more to be said. My business and RP’s business, not yours.

    Only demons regurgitate incidents long covered by he Blood of Jesus.

    You’ve brought that up on at least three sites now, even though, as you plainly admit above, the air was cleared, and a blog friendship between myself and RP established.

    I plainly and obviously calmed down as a contributor because of this incident, and I learned a vital blogging lesson, but it has meant nothing to you or speckulator. You don’t have a clue what repentance and resulting change is. You’re stuck in the past because it makes you feel superior. Web-weaver!

    If you were a man I would have given you ample reason to know quite clearly what I think of your preposterous accusations.

    Besides, wasn’t it you, when in the middle of nasty rant at Greg for being a liberal, and not believing in a penal atonement, which he argued very well, even if most of us disagreed, but wasn’t it you, a woman, who said to this precious man, when he wondered why you were being so aggressive, that if he found the kitchen so hot why didn’t he get out? Yes, teddy, it was little feminine you! And we all let it go past to the keeper.

    Is there an exclusive unwritten agreement towards all women to consider them to be off limits to criticism or come-backs on a blog?

    You give it two barrels on every occasion you can, and when someone challenges your audacity, you play the fragile woman card. I think there’s a word for that!

    I do love Greg, as a brother, even though we disagree on many things. I don’t have to shoot him down like you and your sidekick 5Pint do. You are so full of pride and arrogance in your position that you feel you have the right to dominate conversations and put people down simply for not holding to Reformed doctrine, which, as many have pointed out, is the general way things go when attempting to discuss issues with the Reformed crew, a doctrinal stance which has so many flaws there are manuals written about it, and wars have been fought to defend truth against it.

    If you were God you’d have Greg burning in hell already, and every other person who didn’t hold to your limited philosophy of Christ.

    You accused me of using different pseudonyms, and I came back as FaceLift to counter your claims, and now you cry ‘foul’ because you took a hit or two.

    Goodness, teddy, you’ve been blazing your rapier around for some time now, but no one has been game to tell a girl she’s slamming people around for not sharing her doctrine! You’ve driven everyone else off so that you can have exclusive rights to spinning your Reformed stuff to any unsuspecting seeker who lands in your web.

    Woman, you’ve been heavy hitting for a while now, and people have left here because of you. Not me! You, ‘Jane’, and your Tarzan, swinging in the two trees of GripeSects and SinPostsToo – your buddy 5PintSlurper. Have you pointed your husband to 5Pint’s contributions? What does he think of 5Pint’s language and abuse?

    Yes, I love Greg, despite the differences. He deserves no less.

    I said some great things earlier about 5PuntSlapper, despite his aggressive manner towards me, and vile accusations, saying things he couldn’t possibly back up, but you seem to have overlooked this. I almost regret offering him an opportunity to walk with a brother, but, before God, I have no choice.

    Now, is there anything else nasty you’d like to say before I leave you to your reformed love fest?

  49. FiLth: “The only disappointment is that it won’t be so easy to take the focus off speckulator’s trashing of good men and women of God! He has no clue to the value of true loyalty. None! He shoots his own pastor and congregation and wonders why he is criticised!

    You, however, I couldn’t give a rip about in terms of C3, since you’re not inside C3. You have a right to be wrong from afar! Fair enough.”

    Enough said! You condemn people outside for pointing out what is wrong on the inside: “You have a right to be wrong from afar!”

    And you condemn others and myself for giving first hand accounts what is done and said on the inside: “He has no clue to the value of true loyalty. None! He shoots his own pastor and congregation and wonders why he is criticised!”

    By biblical definition, Phil Pringle is not a pastor. And for the record, he is not my pastor. Phil Pringle bewitches people with his magical anointings – which are not of God. You’ve read the SP02 articles about this. I would NEVER allow him to lay hands on me.

    You are worse then skybalon Facelift – Paul would agree. Keep spouting skybalon and keep sinking in your own filth. You disgust me to no ends. You set so many snares with your mindgames and I walked right into them. You continually bait and look as though you are the saint. Your unholy stink is doing a good job sinking C3.

    Even demon’s leave when they are commanded to go away.
    Go away Facelift.
    Get out!

  50. Your words are here from all to read. My words are here too. I’m happy to let others judge, my conscious is clear.

    Your reputation for being banned was apparent to all before you decided to get stuck into me.

    Your compulsive need to register under so many pseudonyms is so troubling, and continually coming back on berating people, says more about you (who represents himself as a pastor) than anything more we can say.

  51. 104 bans now Facelift – go slither back to your hole you worm of a pastor!

    As a C3 pastor of the C3 Movement, your harassment is appalling!

  52. @ Specks – The C3 pastors I know would not actually do what FL is doing (and I know quite a few). I’ve spoken to one, and it does need investigating.

  53. On the other hand, while I may disagree with TVD dude – I have no problem with him contributing to Signposts02. Your views can be opposite to mine.

    I can disagree with your views. But you have not stooped to the levels of he-who-should-not-be-named. That is why you are still free to express your controversial views while he-who-should-not-be-named is not.

  54. @ Specks – but TVD thinks this site is full of demonic and satanic filth! Oh dear! 😦

    I hope he doesn’t get caught up with Patricia King and the Extreme Prophetic group as well!

  55. FaceLamentations

    Greg you brother eh?

    whereas if he were under your pastoral care it would be incumbent upon you by the Authority of Scripture to excercise church discipline and remove him from the congregation for his own sake and for the sake of the other sheep…you get paid for a job you dont do you scumbag! CORRECT REBUKE AND REPROVE & TRAIN (2 Tim 3:16) – and You affirm this guy in his heresy…?
    as much as false teachers and lesaders like you piss me off I know its coming home to roost for you and those like you soon…

    Specks & Teddy – is this guy the consumate wolf in sheeps clothing and false teacher or what – its so text book and so typical of what we should be looking out for its just uncanny!

  56. @ 5 Point – well, with 104+ IP addresses he must be suffering from an identity crisis!

    Question – if he so dislikes John Macarthur why does he have his books in their bookshop? Does he warn the purchaser? “Careful, reformed theology here, God’s sovereignity revealed, etc. I’m prepared to take your money but don’t blame me if your Christian worldview shifts”.

  57. @Teddy – I reckon that the answer to your question is that the whole apostate enterprise is structured like Franchise – i.e. Head Franchise (Oxford Falls) and all the other retail outlets would be bound by Franchise Agreements and they probably dont get much say what they can and cant have in the bookstore let alone what they can/cannot say from the pulpit…

    Is that right FaceLick? is your franchise incorporated under a franchise agreement?

  58. I think they’re independent, I knew the guy who ran the bookshop at C3 at Oxford Falls. He was putting in whatever was a best-seller, regardless of content. So you had Brian Maclaren (surprisingly) Rob Bell ( not surprisingly), Joel Osteen, T D Jakes and Joyce Meyer to name a few. Plus of course the special Phil Pringle book section, and Phil Pringle art gallery.

  59. To Mosco – I got your email. I went through and banned another 50 alias’ and IP’s of ‘he-who-should-not-be-named’. I think I accidentally banned you. I thought I might actually ban someone by accident one day.

    Please e-amil me your IP address so I can easily find yours in the list of hundreds so I can un-ban you. My apologies!

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