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The False Prophets – Edge Church Adelaide

I thought I would write a quick article on the corruption and fraud that is occurring in these so called Churches in Adelaide, if I dare call them a Church lest I blaspheme Gods name. These congregations in Adelaide that call themselves churches are a joke and are really a large corporation making thousands of dollars off people under the guise of Christianity.

Not only do these people such as Ashley Evans and Danny Guggliemucci  prey on the unsuspecting church goer and rob them of their hard earned money they then go and spend it on themselves buying new expensive cars and large estates. I recently went to a congregation called Coastlands on South road and they said the building belonged to them and not God, I got this on a secret video recorder it was absolutely disgusting the way they mocked God as they collected money that night and spent it on themselves to build their empire based on fraud and theft.

The Apostle Paul said that he was naked, destitute and without accommodation and with the same breathe Paul mocks these Apostles that are honourable, rich and pretend to be wise. The true Apostle is one that labours in evangelism; they are a spectacle to the world, despised and are fools for Christ, this passage is found in 1st Corinthians 4:8-12.

The Apostle James also had something to say on this topic and it can be found in James 5:1-5 and he talks about the rich ones who had everything in this life and he warns them that their troubles are soon to come and that they have nourished themselves for the slaughter because they heaped up treasure in the last day. Often I am challenged on the grounds that in the Hebrew Scriptures they were wealthy and had riches but the simple difference is that we are now in the last days and James is telling us not to heap up treasure in the last days. and that it wil rott and decay.

Just to finish it all off there is another very clear passage about wealth and the Christian, it is in 2 Corinthians 8:15 and it says that he who gathered up much had none left over, now this is a direct quote from the Hebrew Scriptures from when God was supplying the food in the wilderness to the Hebrews when they were waundering in the desert. This Hebrew passage will shed further light on what the Apostle Paul was intending when he quoted straight from the Hebrew passage, in the Hebrew scripture from where Paul quotes from it was where those that gathered up more food than they needed, the food would then rott. Now if interpret scripture with scripture as we are required to do this is a very clear doctrine that is easy to understand. We see in James it talks about the wealth of the rich rotting and we can interpret in light of these two passages that Paul is quoting and also shedding further light on the matter in his epistle that the excessive riches will rott and they will be found wanting.

The so called Christian congregations are nothing but a money making racket even the world can see it, the biggest objection I get from non-believers about Christianity is this very topic, it’s like these money hungry thieves behind the Adelaide pulpits are blaspheming God with their robbery and fraud and causing inrepribable harm to those that are really Christians and desire to live as the Word of God says and forsake these false teachers and prophets that are only in those pulpits to make money and get honour.

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    Edge Church Adelaide – Clichés

    There has been work of the devil in Australia, this work is not found in the prisons or amongst atheists but amongst those that call themselves Christians and places that call themselves Churches. What is this work you may ask well it’s the teaching that biblical doctrine is either divisive or not needed in modern “Christianity” this type of teaching is a doctrine in itself so it is contradictory and self refuting but it is worse than this it’s from the pits of hell.

    Since this doctrine of demons has been at work in Australia it has created a bunch of people that have no knowledge of the Word of God, they have no concept of what biblical teaching. So when wolves in sheep’s clothing come they have no Sword of the Spirit to even defend themselves let alone discern what unbiblical teaching is, so to replace doctrine they have accepted and created what we call clichés. I will now address some of the most popular clichés found in a local congregation called Edge Church Adelaide.

    The most common and unbiblical cliché that is most prevalent in today’s false converts is “don’t judge lest you be judged” this cliché is often invoked when you challenge a professing Christian about their sin and the way they are living. Let’s look at where these false converts get this cliché from; the most likely passage is from Mat 7:1 Judge not, that you may not be judged. Now this is correct if used correctly and in context. It is not giving a blanket covering not to judge at all because if we look further on in the passage it is specifically talking about hypocritical judgement, because Jesus says further down to take out the “plank” from your own eyes so you can see clearly to help your brother. So it is logical and contextual to say that once you have dealt with a specific problem then you can help your brother or judge.

    Another unbiblical cliché is the statement “whoever is without sin cast the first stone” this cliché is again invoked if one points out sin in a false convert or a believer’s life. The problem with this cliché is it again misses the context, the Pharisees in this passage were about to hand out a capital punishment not simply point out it was wrong to commit adultery. Jesus responded that if one wishes to hand out capital punishment for a transgression of Gods law than one must be blameless before God. This is a direct continuation of the first passage discussed in Mathew and thus it is also related.

    Now let’s briefly look at some instances in the bible where we are allowed to judge and where judging had taken place, the first passage is in:

    1Co 5:12 For what is it to me to also judge those who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside? But God judges those who are outside. Therefore put out from you the evil one.

    Here we see Paul is asking a question and the response in the next verse is “therefore put the evil one out from among you” Paul also mentions earlier in the passage that he had already judged people who were in grievous fornication. Jesus also says to judge in John 7:24 Do not judge according to sight, but judge righteous judgment. We also need to look how James dealt with a situation and specifically called people adulterers and fornicators effectively saying they were wrong and in sin, this is also a form of judgement. Finnally it is another hypocritical and self refuting statement to say it’s wrong to judge because in essence one would have to make judgement to say that one is wrong to judge.

    Edge Church Adelaide is notorious for these types of clichés along with the rest of the apostate congregations in Adelaide, it is the doctrine of the devil to say that we as believers cannot correct people in sin providing we do it in love and with a motive to see the person repent and turn to Christ.

    Furthermore if you use the bible to correct ones sin then this is effectively Jesus Christ bringing the correction, you are simply speaking His Words.

  2. I am actually moving to Adelaide in a couple of weeks!
    Is every single church that you expose charismatic, pentecostal, Word of Faith or Assembly of God? Have other more mainstream denominations also gone done the same dangerous path?!

  3. @ Joey – we left C3 and joined an local Anglican church. We have heard more gospel preached there in 2 years than we heard in 22 years at C3. One of our young missionaries (to Mongolia) had to leave the mission field through illness and now attends an Anglican Church in Adelaide pastored by his brother. Might be worth checking out when you get there?

  4. There is a Baptist and a non-denominational church near our house. Baptists are relatively safe aren’t they? I don’t want hypercharismatic but I don’t want legalistic or seeker-sensitive either….

  5. spalms 32 eyes ezekiel 7 eye reference duetonomy 11 eye reference jeremiah 16 eye reference isaiah 65 eye referene jeremia 2 eye reference.
    impressive for a GUY THAT NEVER STUDIED/READ anything.
    reading old testimate prooves guy on cross is a FRAUD.

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