Ed Young Wants to See His Church Have Sex

Yes it’s old. But I was still shocked to see this.

11 thoughts on “Ed Young Wants to See His Church Have Sex

  1. Does Ed have young kids? After I’ve cleaned up the mess after dinner, read the same story again and sung songs, all I’m ready for is to sit in the couch in front of “Border Patrol” with a block of Cadbury chocolate. If I can get myself off the couch, I still have to pique my wife’s interest.

    Seven days would be a miracle on the scale of Moses’ crossing of the Red sea.

  2. Wazza, the problem in most cases is not the tired man, but piquing the wife’s interest. A man with normal testosterone levels would be all for it. But, hanging around little kids and reading and singing to them affects testosterone levels too – but that’s another issue, as the modern lifestyle, diet etc of western men is playing havoc with these things.

    Sexuality in marriage is probably one of the most important things that needs to be addressed – but, having said that, I don’t really like the way he went about it.

  3. Most of the mega church Pastors come across a lot better on their home turfs.
    Mark Driscoll is one guy who came across well in a secular interview.

  4. He wants to “see” his church have sex?

    Remembering a lot of my fellow church members, I think I’d rather volunteer for cleaning the toilets.

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