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Phil Pringle is on a motor bike! This is not newsworthy.

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But what funny caption can you think of that goes with this picture?

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  1. Brian Hou$ton: “Anything you can do, I can do better!”
    Phil Pringle: “Anything you can do, I can do too!”

  2. Well, we have the “ministry of silly walks” courtesy of Monty Python, can we have the “ministry of silly hats/helmets”? (Bit lame but it’s the best I can do)

  3. Pringle: “Get the revelation! Successful leaders don’t walk by faith but are driven by sight!”

  4. @Specks

    “Brian Hou$ton: “Anything you can do, I can do better!”
    Phil Pringle: “Anything you can do, I can do too!””

    Very funny! The best one so far

  5. Well I don’t ride a bike much home in Australia
    As a motorcycle hero guess I’m a failure
    I’ve been to Bali too

  6. Pringle: “Now church! Observe the analogy:
    I sit – you drive.
    I direct – you go.
    I drive you – you serve me.
    If you don’t – I’ll replace you.”

  7. Is your comment above related to a certain pastor who recently left (P.T)?

    Why did he actually leave, I sent him a message and he never got back to me. Was it because he questioned the doctrine and teaching at this place?

  8. PS- as it is twitter, I thought PP was entitlted to put a picture on of what he wanted, how many other people put pictures up for their family and friends to look at? So I think perhaps this picture and the mean spirited comments above have been taken out of context.

    Why don’t you all focus on the false teaching pervading this place and so many other churches, rather than being nasty and picking holes at petty little things like this.

    We have a much greater problem on our hands, and that is the heresy in so many churches today.

    TEDDY, I am curious, you said you once went to C3, do you still have any friends from your time there, or did they black list you after you left?


  9. @ John Smith – blacklisted by C3 friends, depends who you would call a “friend”. No, wouldn’t say that. Their discomfort at the teaching there is the same as ours, just haven’t left yet, and so many have.

    Any “former” friends were never true friends in the first place.

    Blacklisted by pastors? No, and my husband will really enjoy the gift one (not family) brought over on Xmas Eve. 🙂

  10. It’s become quite a strangely vain practice of mega-church/seeker sensitive pastors to tweet-flicker photo every detail of their personal lives, as if the church world lives to hear about it. What they eat, what they are drinking (hic), what they bought and what they are doing right at that very MINUTE!

    I like to catch up with Paul Washer’s tweetstream in contrast…..”There is cause for weeping when the world catches our eye and moves our heart. Every affection set upon the world is a betrayal of Christ.”

  11. SPECKS i have really lost respect for you, you started off when i first read this stuff months ago with some interesting and valid points and now you are just someone i don’t take seriously!

    your comments are bitter and malicious alot of the time and resort to personal attacks.

    Teddy, can we chat sometime via email, I would like to pick your brains more about your experiences… any chance you can post your email addy here?

  12. John Smith, I know who you are asking about. I did not hear that there were issues over doctrine. There were other reasons, and this person was treated very badly. I personally regard what happened as a sign of a very practical deterioration of values in that organisation. Teddy may fill you in if she knows who you are. I would not write publically here about what happened, not that it is anything for the person to be ashamed of – it is the leadership at C3 that ought to be ashamed!

  13. I actually hope that incidents like that one, and others that involve poor treatment of people, or a betrayal of those who have given very sacrificially over the years, wake more people up to some of the beliefs that allow these things to occur. No place is perfect of course, but when you see a pattern of things, then surely you have to start questioning the value system, and the teachings that lead to it. The alternative is to turn a blind eye and blame whoever has been hurt by it. Hopefully those people in relationship with those who are poorly treated will use their own judgement, rather than rely upon what various leaders say to protect their own image once people are gone.

  14. Look John Smith. The movement has gotten so bad that it literally sends itself up. If you think I am having a go at the C3 Movement, look at what the movement teaches. If you go there, you should here what even some say of their movement too!

    Frankly the comments made here are nothing in comparison to the comedy that comes from C3.

    What man who pioneers a dangerous movement says:

    “I’m too much of an idiot to know what to do with my own life..– You didn’t have to agree with me!.. – I heard that! – And I know where you live!”

    It didn’t even sound like a joke when he said it. You can watch here it for yourself on C3’s itunes. The sermon is, ‘Reason For Obedience’.

    You wouldn’t even someone like Barak Obama or Julia Gillard say something like that. The fool speaks and everyone listens. Unfortunately they also follow him online and buy his books.

    How can anyone take an idiot seriously? If he is choosing to promote his ministry by even promoting his own family life, then you don’t really need any site to drag a fool through the mud.

    He encourages people on his TV programs to follow him on twitter. So there is no way he is using these personal photos for personal gain. Instead, as he has said in the past, he uses everything necessary to further his movement.

    Don’t think for a second that what he’s doing is personal. On the stage he plays with idealism. Online he plays with humanism. Unfortunately, this ‘transparency’ marketing does not make him look ‘godly’ at all.

    In fact, those on here that follow the Pringle’s on twitter show the rest of the world his normal every day flaws. There is nothing wrong with that – except that goes against the teachings and paradigms of his movement.

    As a result – idiocy breaks through the facade he markets. The contradictions keep slapping him across the face and this does not make him look good in the slightest. Unfortunately, people still follow him.

    So nothing I say can come close to the joker he actually is. To the point that if you have these accusations against me, you’re not treating the movement as a joke that it sends itself up to be.

    I finally understand exactly what Paul is talking about in his Corinthian letters about worldly fools.

    Ironically, my comments have based these comments off what Christians have already said at C3 themselves.

    I heard a comment that was a bit like this come from someone on C3 staff:

    “If Hillsong can do it, so can we. And we CAN do it better!”

    That is a direct quote.

    So I actually can’t take credit for this one either:

    “This is what the collection of your 10% sounds like.” VROOOM!!!

    The comment similar to this was when a leader showed me the Pastor’s green room behind the main auditorium stage. They said to me (jokingly), ‘This is what your 10% looks like – and you aint getting none of this’. This is near to a direct quote.

    Pringle: “Get the revelation! Successful leaders don’t walk by faith but are driven by sight!”

    This was based off a casual comment of someone in the C3 Church foyer saying, ‘Yeah! It’s ironic we say we ‘live by faith and not by sight’. We live by sight and not by faith. Haven’t you heard Pringle preach we need vision?’ (not direct quote). It was an amazing comment to come from someone in C3. I had to think about that for a long time.

    Another Christian from C3 greeted me at the doors and said, ‘What you see is what you get! That’s how faith works here!’. They were joking obviously.

    I hold onto comments that people say from their own C3 movement. It is funny. I simply reworded their comments here to make them more funny for the above caption.

    You’re not accusing them of being bitter are you?
    If they can joke so can I.

  15. The fact that Phil did call himself an idiot, does that make him bitter?

    If what he said was a joke, do you think he would find these jokes funny?

  16. @ John Smith – ask anything you like on the blog. I will answer as clearly as I can. If you want to give your details to Specks privately saying who you are, he can pass it on to me.

  17. Thanks, john smith is not my real name. Teddy, once you get to know me better, assuming you too live in sydney do you think maybe we can meet up at some stage?

  18. To John Smith:


    Joel Osteen’s reputation and integrity has been reduced to that of a fortune cookie. It was a great observation. What’s worse is that Pringle inspires to have a fortune cookie ministry as well.

    Read this about Pringle’s doctorate:


    And this was an article I hoped people on Signposts02 would discuss:


    Effective in evangelism, I seem to gain a type of ‘integrity’ by those I am trying to reach by making jokes about the prosperity mega-churches in Sydney.

    It’s not about blowing wind up people’s bottoms. If you are offended with the things I say. Fine. I can only be myself. It’s only human to enjoy joking about issues that affect us.

    I can choose to have fun on Signposts02 or put on my theological cap, serious cap, rant cap or investigative cap. Unlike Pringle, I don’t say I have all the answers or make stupid and false claims that I can give people their best life now.

  19. teddy- the fact that i am in it and i seriously wonder and pray if in fact i should be elsewhere.

    it is hard to actually rationalise in my head that someone could be preaching false truths and the like when christ is mentioned at times… the word faith theology/ prosperity thing is just not biblical. plus too i hate the mail order doctorate thing, when others have slaved away for years doing proper theological study at recognised theological universities. and truthfully it seems PP has far more “fruits” flowing in his life than I do, even if he is preaching a false gospel.

    i guess i really wanted to chat to someone who is not bitter and who has been through the c3 experience who can perhaps offer a little guidance.

    the bible speaks clearly about deception in the church in the end days and that is exactly what we are dealing with.

  20. thanks specks, have seen some of that stuff before and had a refresh look, not many people seemed too interested in the doctorate link, which is really sad, because having a sound theological base is important… but then again, perhaps people would rather trash talk and discuss pictures of people riding motorbikes.

  21. PP is not the only guy around who has doctorate like that. There are a lot of preachers going around these days who love their Dr title. And they definitely didn’t get it the hard way.

  22. @ John Smith – have you ever met a happy atheist?

    I’ve met people who have demonstrated more “fruit” than me and they are not even believers!

    Have you sat in church with your bible open to a scripture being expounded and looked at the context of that scripture? Have you seen it being ripped out of context and some life skill applied instead – it’s all about you rather than Christ?

    Have you been brought back under the Law rather than live under Grace by being told there’s a curse on your finances if you don’t tithe?

    Do you hear more about the “vision” than Christ?

    Do you go from “event to event” rather than verse by verse through the scriptures?

    Have you been told about “dead” churches without the Spirit?

    Well, we go to one of those churches now (Anglican), and see more evidence of the fruit of the spirit than we ever saw before.

    I’m very happy to chat via email if you contact Specks and pass your email address on.


  23. @ John – I was quite bitter and angry for a couple of years. At the end of the day though, I only had myself to blame for not being more “Berean”, and I’m so grateful for the Lord’s loving kindness in leading us to “still waters’.

  24. JS: “it is hard to actually rationalise in my head that someone could be preaching false truths and the like when christ is mentioned at times…”

    Matt 24:24-5
    Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.
    For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am (Jesus is) the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

    I’ve listened to your comments JS.

    These comments weren’t made out of bitterness. I put this post up so we can have a bit more fun on Signposts02 then normal. I meant to say above that if Phil Pringle was actually joking, then he doesn’t take him self seriously.

    I could take people poking fun at a photo of me.

  25. “I’m very happy to chat via email if you contact Specks and pass your email address on.”

    Will do. Just know Smith that I don’t reply to emails back of IP reasons. I only do so when I am not at home.

  26. specks, do you actually reply from an internet cafe when i decide to eventually email teddy?

    teddy, yes i have done what you have said and my spirit has curdled so many times when sowing and reaping is being preached in a money sense at offering time at C3. If I ever hear mal 3 again, in this context i will scream.

    I found a great pod cast you should all check out. Is on i tunes, punch in fighting for the faith and then when you get there – you can find a sermon called hillsong heresy. It is awesome, 2 hours mind you, so anyone wanting a light weight fix won’t like this.

    The guy takes 2 brian houston sermons and rips it apart and lines it up with scripture in CONTEXT and then you see so clearly that heresy is taking place.

    Teddy, you sound lovely… 🙂

  27. Also recommend for great verse by verse teaching….

    Consider Jim McClarty a friend who can emailed at any time. His internet listening audience is HUGE.

    I’ve got 100’s hours on Ipod, good teaching is rather addictive! Certainly compliments the church we are part of now.

  28. The whole concept of tweeting and pastors is one that has amused me for quite a while… Not so much the look at me / promotional tweet’s from PP or BH et al. I understand megapastors that have 50,000 followers can use twitter to bring a message of influence at church bookstore by talking up the latest scarf or fountain pen set interspersed with a few Tony robbins style motivational quips. There are however, many pastors (a lot in c3 and aog churches) who set these up to have only a handful of real followers… It may say 200 followers for example but in a majority of cases, these are majority reciprocal follows, ie if I follow integrity music, it follows me. I did a mini audit on a few pastors I knew and realised they only had about 10 or so followers that were actual people that would care about what they tweet. The rest were reciprocal follows. So what’s funny, and a little sad, is that these pastors are tweeting away 6 times a day and no one is reading it…. Biggest time waster ever.

  29. Nothing is new Tweet This. There is no difference to todays super apostles and the early church super apostles. They all wanted followers.

    The only difference now is that these super apostles have Facebook and Twitter.

    You can’t escape these desperate sophists! They love to look good. sound good and stay ahead with the games they play.

  30. To me, preachers like Pringle are incredibly insecure and base their identity not on the gospel but on their works and success. At their core they are very religious and worldly people.

    This is why I think they don’t preach the gospel. And this is why they focus on writing books on security and identity. It looks as though they are based on God. But they’re not.

    For them to become the mega-churches they are today, it would have been a drive of insecurity for them to be noticed by being ‘big’.

    Excuse the language but I’ve heard this called ‘small dick syndrome’. Have you ever met a man who likes to prove he’s something he’s not?

    This type of person tries to prove they are not insecure and insignificant. This type of person will do everything and say everything to make sure they look as they should be right and the best. But this doesn’t deal with the person’s insecurities or problems.

    This is what I often see these ministers behaving like.

  31. specks, it is not biblical to have apostles for today, that was valid only at the time of Christ and for those who He appointed and who saw the risen Lord.

  32. If JS is talking about the New Apostles who are trying to rewrite the Bible then they aren’t real.

    If anyone tries to establish a ‘new foundation’ then they are trying to create a new religion.

    If anyone posts a ‘prophecy’ on the Elijah List then they are a false prophet. (None of them have come true.)

    A genuine apostle would be thrown out of most mainstream churches today. Calling people to repentance is an unpopular sermon isn’t it?


  33. Call me stupid, but I still believe in apostles today.

    If someone has a genuine, life-changing encounter with Jesus and this is proved in their preaching of Christ crucified, solid teaching and demonstrating in love and wisdom the power of the Spirit, then I believe they are apostles.

    To me, proof of an apostle is revealed in their struggles and sufferings with the people they minister too, similarly to the stressful church environments Paul had to face.

    (This thread really has been derailed!)

  34. @ specks – Some words on apostles from Got Questions?

    “During the first century of the church, there was an office of apostle and there was a spiritual gift of apostle. The office or position of apostle was held by the 12 disciples of Jesus plus Matthias, who took Judas’ place, and Paul. Those who held the office or position of apostle were chosen specifically by Christ (Mark 3:16-19). The replacement for Judas is seen in Acts 1:20-26. Note in this passage that Judas’ position was called an office. It should also be noted that Paul was chosen by Christ (1 Corinthians 15:8-9; Galatians 1:1; 2:6-9). These men were given the task of setting up the foundation of the church. It should be understood that it was for the universal church that these men were a part of the foundation (Ephesians 2:20). The foundation of the church (universal church) was laid in the first century. This is why the office of apostle is no longer functioning.

    There was also a spiritual gift of apostle (this is not to be confused with the office—they are separate). Among those who had the spiritual gift were James (1 Corinthians 15:7; Galatians 1:19), Barnabas (Acts 14:4, 14; 1 Corinthians 9:6), Andronicus and Junias (Romans 16:7), possibly Silas and Timothy (1 Thessalonians 1:1; 2:7), and Apollos (1 Corinthians 4:6, 9). This latter group had the gift of apostleship but not the apostolic “office” conferred upon the Twelve and Paul. Those who had the gift of apostle, then, were those who carried the gospel message with God’s authority. The word “apostle” means “one sent as an authoritative delegate.” This was true of those who held the office of Apostle (like Paul) and those who had the spiritual gift (like Apollos). Though there are men like this today, men who are sent by God to spread the gospel, it is best NOT to refer to them as apostles because of the confusion this causes since many are not aware of the two different uses of the term apostle.”

  35. Thanks for the clarification Teddy.
    I think I was on that spot. Just got the ‘office’ and ‘gift’ bit mixed up. In that case above, I believe in the gift of apostleship.

    I met a wonderful couple who were called by God to minister overseas to untouched tribes. The results were staggering. Attending one of the spouses funeral a few years ago I couldn’t stop crying when many of the elders and chiefs of the tribes spoke to thanks them for starting a move of God throughout their tribal lands.

    The funeral could not hold all 1500 people. That was only a small representative of the tribes that could afford to come.

    In this family’s ministry to the tribes, people were healed, prophesied over, delivered from demons, received words of knowledge, etc.

    They believed God sent them and God used them so powerfully. Family’s were saved and lives were literally saved when these ‘apostles’ bought to them the gospel and telling the people that they can have an encounter with Jesus.

    These people did not write biographies or books about how to move in the Spirit, unlike the fake super apostles in America.

    This is the ‘apostle’ I am talking about. Jesus Christ was the foundation of their calling and they made sure Jesus Christ was the foundation to the believers and to the faith of the believers. They sounded like they had a calling of one of the New Testament Apostles. They had all their gifts as well.

    I might start a thread on this. It maybe worth discussing.

  36. Teddy, I quite like your definition. I thought ‘apostle’ simply meant ‘sent one’ rather than ‘one sent as an authoritative delegate’. Still, if you were sent, you had to have had authority so that makes sense. Also I agree with you Specks.

    I think there are a lot of fakes saying they are Apostles who are not, and they receive power, money or glory. But the ones who are really called to bring the gospel into new territory aren’t going to have much time for all of that and may even suffer deprivations or persecution. And of course they in no way carry the same authority of the office that the original 12 had, though they are authoritative in so far as they are trusted with the gospel in new ground.

  37. Would you call this man a “delegatory” apstle and can guess who it is? No cheating……

    “Our lives are passing. We must work while it is day. Night comes when no man works. I urge you by the mercies of God to live for Christ.” about 20 hours ago via web

    “I cannot tell the exact location because the underground church in the area is always in peril. Many have been imprisoned or martyred.” 20 hrs ago via web

    “I go to India and Nepal in March to appoint more missionaries that have been in waiting. Also new doors are opening up in the Middle East!” 20 hrs ago via web

  38. Now that’s funny!

    It’s Paul Washer, I follow him on Twitter. A man who HAS laid his life on the line, especially in South America.

  39. Greg, the reason for this is quite simple, and it has nothing really to do with cessation theology.

    It’s because for 16 centuries, the western church has been the only church. It was established and so therefore hatching, matching and dispatching was part of it’s job. It merely had to maintain services.

    Once the Roman Empire became Christian, it thought that it had gained dominion. No need for Prophecy. No need for Missionaries. The Pope became the lead “Apostle” …

    And no need for evangelism … infants were baptised into the kingdom so everyone was ‘saved’.

    Since the beginning of the 20th century, the church, as a whole, has failed to respond to a very different and constantly worsening situation. Most churches are still in the mode of “maintaining services” rather than see the situation as it is.

    Shrinking Church in a secular society.
    Islam has made 100,000 converts in the UK in the last 10 years. It is accelerating.

    By 2020, (maybe earlier), there will be many more Muslims in the UK than regular church goers. (Including all anglican, catholic, methodist, independent, orthodox)

    UK Channel 4 made a documentary called “Why are Southern Baptists in Texas Converting to Islam?”

    The answer was very surprising. They complained about the wishy-washy standards of the church and instead were very much attracted to the ‘higher’ standards in the mosque.

    I’ll get off my soap-box now.


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