Anointing – Got The Flow, Got The Show But What’s The Go?

Anointing A GuestThere is an older discussion of the anointing here:

I’ll add this information that are in the comment section.

The definition for anoint/anointing is ‘to smear’. has the following definitions:

a·noint (ə-noint’)
tr.v. a·noint·ed, a·noint·ing, a·noints

1. To apply oil, ointment, or a similar substance to.
2. To put oil on during a religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration.
3. To choose by or as if by divine intervention.

I am aware of the doctrines of being ‘slain in the spirit’. Are they the same thing? There is also a concept of the ‘anointing’ being in the flow, on the go and moving now…

Now I am aware of psychic punches being related to ‘being slain in the spirit’,

and I am aware of the kundalini teachings and spirit in relation to moving under the ‘anointing’.

These are real things and I think they are important to compare against these recent concepts of ‘anointing’ and ‘slain in the spirit’.

A quick excerpt from a this fanstic article found here:

The Distributors of the Power

“Anyone on fire” can give shaktipat, i.e. anyone who’s kundalini is already awakened. The more relevant question is: “Who should give shaktipat?”…

Who can give Shakti-pat?: anyone who has received the ability from the guru or one of his disciples.

Who can administer the “anointing”: anyone who has received it from a person already “anointed”

How one receives Kundalini Awakening: Through the laying-on-of-hands during “Shakti-pat” initiation

How one receives this “”anointing””: Through the laying-on-of hands called an impartation by someone.


What are your thoughts on this?

Have your thoughts changed on what the anointing is?

13 thoughts on “Anointing – Got The Flow, Got The Show But What’s The Go?

  1. @Teddy – please dont do that again – my ribs hurt – that Benny Hinn flick was friggin hilarious!!!!…

  2. What a difference in meaning when a hypercharismatic and a “boring” Baptist minister uses the word vision.
    What could be labelled by non-believers as visual/hearing hallucinations versus actual upcoming plans and focuses for the church year.

    After I attended the local Baptist church last Sunday several people looked puzzled why I said I found the service very relaxing. Afterwards I thought it was me being happy there was no repetitive singing of choruses (over and over and over again) and happy clapping! The songs were focused on GOD Himself and not OUR LOVE of God.

    After watching this video it has brought back flashbacks of what I think I must have been repelled by when attending a Melbourne AOG church and other charismatic churches in the past. Excessive emotion and self-glorying in personal experiences – where is God? Where is scripture?

  3. It’s hard not to think that ministers in the Pentecostal world try to outdo each other in weird stories. btw do they always have that continual keyboard music? The only time I ever heard Phil Pringle was years ago and he had some keyboard player play the whole way through. To some people I suppose it’s like David playing for Saul..? I wonder why they never thought of doing that in the early church? Maybe they would have had more power……

    Oh by the way – that Benny Hinn things was too funny. It shows that you can go out of the Pentecostal church but you can’t take the Pentecostal out of you, because for a nano second I wondered if it was blasphemy to laugh at that.

    As for predictions. It’s like astrologers. I wish instead of saying what’s going to happen, we would do more reviews to see how accurate things were. What’s amazing (well not actually – but it is for people who think these people are real prophets), is that they always seem to not predict the really big things. The tsunamis, 9/11s, and people dying.

    Funniest story I know is when a guy got a couple to join hands and prophesied over their marriage and how blessed it would be, when they were both married to different people…. oops!

    personal prophecy – now that’s one that I’m people have stories about.

  4. “Funniest story I know is when a guy got a couple to join hands and prophesied over their marriage and how blessed it would be, when they were both married to different people…. oops!” – churchman

    Unbelievable! That would have been both hilarious and excruciating if you knew the people involved. What a crack-up!

  5. About thirteen years ago some woman speaking at C3 was moving in the ‘anointing’ and I didn’t go down. I went down for an illness. I was the only one that didn’t fall and she hated it.

    She was pushing me the entire time. When that didn’t work she screamed at me for a devil to come out and I was taken by surprise. She took the moment and pushed me down. HARD!

    Not only wasn’t I healed but I left the service with a sore head.

    I even once heard a minister say at C3, when the ‘anointing’ was on him, the following:

    “Those with broken or damaged arms, I want you to raise your hands so I can see you… I see that hand… I see that hand… Uh- all those who can and can’t raise their hands make your way to the front now so you can be healed.”

    Why do stupid thing happen under the ‘anointing’?

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