This Beiber Aint About The Baby

10 thoughts on “This Beiber Aint About The Baby

  1. Oh wow! He is so cool! I love him!! and his song!
    Now I wanna go to church. Gee, I never knew church could be so hip and culturally relevant. Awesome! I think I’ll give God a try.

    No wait a minute! Was that a cross in the background? That’s a little offensive don’t you think? And I thought you Christians were sensitive to seekers like me and brother unchurched Harry!! We don’t like crosses. I thought you knew that!!

    So, on second thoughts, I won’t go to church. Anyway, he didn’t even have any tattoos!! I think I’ll stick to Justin.

  2. Seriously though, he’s a cute kid.
    Christian music is interesting. In my younger days it was Evie Tornquist on the cute, sweet side, and Bob Dylan and Larry Norman on the edgy side and not a lot else. Big business now.

    I’m sure this guy will be popular.

  3. I think if Mary “knew” half of what has been blasphemously attributed to her in the last 150 years alone she would be sick to her stomach – by the Grace of God she doesn’t know nor has she ever heard a prayer of a “faithful Catholic” ever – ever….

    Soli Deo gloria – TO GOD “A L O N E” BE THE GLORY…

  4. quite.

    Why has the church decided that it has to be “COOL”?

    Christianity was never “COOL”. True Christianity means pain, persecution and premature death.

    That is not cool at all.

    Even when we try to be cool, we end up looking like geeks trying to look cool. (I think it’s the socks and sandals look with the hand-knitted jumpers myself)

    we’ve been so busy trying to look cool, we’ve forgotten that Jesus called us to be his witnesses (or Maryrs in the greek).

    Ready to die to self?

    No, sorry, I am trying to look cool and be culturally relevant to my contemporaries. I’ve got to have the right look. Oh, too late, old, fat and bald.

    The True Church of Jesus will never be cool!!!!!

    It’s not supposed to be.

    Happy new year.

  5. @ Bull – Old, fat and bald? And here’s me thinking of you all this time as ………El Matador! 🙂 🙂

  6. the Beiber knock off – one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life and I was at Hillsong for 2 years LOL – sorry didn’t take a look at the matador vid

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