More Twist & Spin = More Rise & Build

Did a bit of spring cleaning leading to Christmas. I managed to find a 2009 Vision Builders Brochure. See if you can find the error in the pages of Rise & Build 2009.

Spot a SERIOUS error here?

After all the cliche’s, pathetic jargon and manipulative isms, I sure found some despicablisms. Did you?

3 thoughts on “More Twist & Spin = More Rise & Build

  1. Since I am not an ex C3 church member I am not sure… but is that just a hint of New Apostolic Reformation and Kingdom Now theology there?

  2. Your post here caused me to go to the C3 church people website. Yep “online giving” button there etc. But the pastor on there was talking about how we are blessed as well as some other positive stuff. I actually didn’t mind it. I guess they have bills to pay.

    Then I read your post – complaining, whingeing and accusing. Then I looked at the rest of your posts…all the same. Depressing really!


    Now who should I believe?

    The supposed positive charlatan? (Is he a charlatan?)

    Or the whingeing, complaining, negative whistle blower?

    Hahaha…interestingly enough, I find myself leaning towards the positive guy. I guess this could be a topic for Social Science research at my Uni.

    You can’t be negative your whole life dude – see a counsellor – get a girlfriend – find a hobby that doesn’t involve blog posting or technology – I don’t know…do something positive.

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