New Life Baptist Shingding: All Clowns Invited

I just got an informative e-mail. The loony, whack-job Dave Vaughan, was here in Sydney. He is the organiser of the Sloshfest. The church he was at was New Life Baptist Church, Deewhy. Their website is here:

This video at New Life Baptist Church explains Dave Vaughan further.

They are doing continually doing Burn 24/7’s.

Time:Friday, 01 October 2010 19:00

They also like the dangerous Josh Mills.

And they promote this peculiar teacher, Danny Silk too:

It was interesting to also see this comment below on the link:

So exciting to meet Heidi in Australia n minister in Sydney during her last visit. Watch her prophecy in Australia for 2010 n beyond!!!

This was a video that the church was promoting. Lance put this up at Groupsects earlier this year (the Strange Fish Prophecy).

They are also fans of IHOP and Bethel Church in Redding. Why is this not surprising? I’ve heard of this church through C3. I have been informed local churches are wisely avoiding it (including C3). It looks a place of hedonistic clowns that enjoy spirit dabbling. The email  also pasted up things from their Facebook pages. New Life Baptist Church is interested in Sid Roth’s, ‘It’s Supernatural’. For the sanity of the body of Christ, warn people away from this church.

Sid Roth is part of the ElijahList mob of New Age mystics. They are terribly off the planet and stuck in their made up realms.

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  1. We had friends who joined this chutch at Dee Why, they tried to get others to attend and fortunately the others showed a whole lot more discernment and refused to go back.

    @ Specks – do you know the guy in the clip? Is he ex-C3?

  2. It’s all so concerning, people will just think Christians are total wacked out weirdos. It’s embarrassing.

  3. I reckon that the church is about to split apart at the seams.

    The majority, unfortunately, of those who believe in supernatural power for today will go off in a world of their own. They will gain power and influence. But they won’t know Jesus. They will be following their own apostles.

    Should they gain political power, then the result will be a terrible persecution of those christian believers who will not bow the knee to Peter Wagner or whoever replaces him as presiding super-apostle.

    Meanwhile the whole world will turn away from the ‘church’ as the members within will look more and more like they are completely insane.

    It may not happen for 20 years but these loons do want to oppress those christian believers who hold onto sola scriptura.

    P.S. I am not nearly as arminian as I thought I was!

  4. Specks, has anyone ever pointed out to you that you put possibly more tags in your posts than content at times?! I love it, could you also tag, dr and benny hinn prophecy in your next post and a link to where i can mail order my doctorate! How about a topic on the most wacked out thing anyone has ever heard preached in the name of Jesus in church? I think hills and c3 would be top of the pile. I am so glad i was not around when the ‘ toronto blessing’ came around. When i politely quizzed a friend who was, she scoffed that i should question the authenticity of people running around barking like dogs. The ‘church’ has got much to answer for, God is very clear at the end of rev that anyone who adds to this book will be severely dealt with! And i don’t think we are doing enough to stand up for the truth and God’s word with these false teachers. We need to unite and speak out, not just post on forums.

  5. @John Smith – I am licking my wounds right now because I did speak out against Rick Joyner, showing why what he stands for is so wrong. I have just been rejected via email today by a (formerly) good online christian friend. She said that she will have nothing to do with me and she will continue to post Joyner material on a certain blog if she “feels led to” – and I know she will because feelings, not God’s Word runs her spiritual compass.

    Some of us are trying to do the right thing but is bl**dy hard when you get no gratitude for revealing the truth when people prefer lies….

  6. joey, I know this is kind of random and unsolicited but I want to say this to you: What you have described is very lonely but God loves it and He will bless you and turn that desert place into a place of flourishing foilage. I don’t know how long it will take for that to happen. It might not happen until you get to heaven. The more Christians that back you up, the sooner it’s going to happen.

    “Some of us are trying to do the right thing but is bl**dy hard when you get no gratitude for revealing the truth when people prefer lies….”

    God bless you, joey.

  7. Thanks for that Chirpy. You know I thought that one day my persistent trying to show the truth to her would end the “friendship”. As I expected her rejection of what I said (and me) was not because it contradicted the Bible. It was because I spoke against the false prophet that in her eyes is infallible.

    It is quite sad because she became a good online friend when our army family was living in a very remote WA region. Thank goodness for me now having a SANE non-charismatic Baptist church a few streets away!!! 🙂

  8. May I suggest that what we see at New Life Baptist is fruit of Charles Finney?

    This is fascinating listening, there are 4 clips, parts 2-4 are on the sidebar.

  9. Welcome Gregster!, I am glad you are not too offended with my embelishment and characature of your Romish affections (your cursing is going to have you in the confessional for days tho!!).

    If I am not subsequently banned from SP02 or GS, I think the “Regent of the Apostolic Chancery, His Eminance – Greggs Benedictus XIV” 50% preist 50% cardinal (110% neo-liberal) will make the occasional cameo appearance when there is discussion that invokes the stinky aroma of the sulphur of Rome.

    Unfortunately its been a bit dull ever since the modern day Marcionite, TVD (and the other cyber-twit) has regrettably hung up his boxing gloves and retreated for the greener post-modern pastures of the Reflection Room “One God: Many Idols” with its amiable but staunchly “anti-Sydney Anglican” hosts (for no coherent reason that they are either willing or even able to express).

    Anyway, having a laugh and not taking one’s self so seriously (i.e. taking your bat, ball, message translation, and groupies and start an new blog because you dont like them thare “Calvinists”) is pretty important….

  10. @Teddy – yes granted, but it seems the TVDefendant wishes to enter a plea of not guilty to the charge!!!

  11. @ Bull – my husband has 2 sisters living in Brisbane. One has her husband’s brother and his family staying with them having got out of the flooded Lockyer Valley, with another brother-in-law trapped on his property but safe.

    The other sister we are yet to hear news, though we have heard via TV that her area is flooded.

  12. @Wazza – Of course, its easy to easy to talk such nonsense in the “safe” confines of the Reflection Room where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals…

  13. @Bull – My father-in-law saw all the water go past the mechanic’s garage he works at in Toowoomba. My sister-in-law and her family are still stuck in the (used to be) “Sunshine” Coast.

    My sister in Brisbane just texted and said that the flat she lives in was safe but it would have flooded if the water had risen 1 more metre. Thankfully she is able to stay with friends. She is going to have her work cut out for her for quite a long time. She is a social worker working with a major Brisbane crisis centre and works with a lot of clients coping with traumatic deaths of loved ones.

  14. @Teddy: My best wishes and prayers for your husband’s sister.

    @joey: sounds like your sister will need a lot of support as she supports others.

    @Bull: We have no one in our family affected, and somehow Sydney has not been subjected to the rains that have hit much of the East coast of Australia. My husband has had some work to do as a result of the Brisbane branch of the company he works for being flooded. We, like everyone else, keep receiving emails from business connections in Queensland that have had to shut down for some time.

    I have a lot of good quality toys and working white goods that I was going to get rid of soon. (Results of growing kids, moving house and renovating.) I wonder if they can somehow be donated to victims of the floods?

  15. Great Cross X from a debate about “Freedom or Bondage of the Will” last night between Dr J White and Dr. Steve Blakemore…

  16. @Teddy – BTW loved the tubes on Finney and American Revivalism, I love listening to the White Horse Inn & I especially love Mike Horton…

    Have you read Christianity and Liberalism by Machen?

  17. I found this particular statement of rules of engagement for a particular Christian blog and I thought it was absolute gold……

    5). If you leave comments under the guise of being a true Christian, but consistently espouse ideals that are antithetical to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, then expect that your charade will quickly be uncovered and you will be prohibited from leaving comments. We will not provide with you a platform to spread your “Hath God said” seeds of doubt and soul-damning heresies.

    6). We will not tolerate your intolerance of our intolerance. We have truly grown weary of those criticizing and judging us for criticizing and judging others.

    7). If your comment contains any of the following remarks . . .

    “Judge not!”

    “You’re a Pharisee.”

    “You’re Self-Righteous.”

    “Touch not God’s anointed.”

    . . . then there’s a good chance your comment will not see the light of day. Although we are not averse to disagreement and debate, we do not have the time to deal with such baseless, biblically illiterate, blatant twisting of Scripture, and shallow platitudes. It’s equivalent to calling the proponent of legal immigration a “racist” without ever intellectually discussing the matter. It slyly changes the focus of the debate from the issue itself and places it onto your opponent’s character. This sinisterly clever polarization of your opponent puts him on the defense and then you think you’ve won the debate. We seriously do not have the time to play these games. Your argument should be the persuasive element to the debate, not your Orwellian-style doublespeak.

  18. I’m having serious computer and internet problems at the moment. I can’t do much until this is fixed.

  19. apperently Dave Vaughan didn’t ended up going to this Dee Why Church, heard he was in Manly Village getting whacked out and did some recording… also this baptist church in seaforth was wanting to invite him over to speak there as i heard…

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