They Are The Burning Ones! They Must Be Twitches!


Todd Bentley: Writing his own Bible

In the following video, you will see Todd Bentley, Jeff Hansen, and Jason Hooper commission and ordain a married couple by the name of Michael and Amanda Krysty, who recently finished a Burning Ones internship with Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries.

What is so odd is that Bentley is commissioning and ordaining them as associates of…..himself….. Todd Bentley.  I never knew a person needed to be ordained for that, did you?  To clear up any confusion as to what is meant, Bentley explains that as a result of this ordination/commissioning process, the Krystys are coming under his covering.

As is to be expected from anything Bentley and others at Fresh Fire/MorningStar do, there is a lot of twitching and jerking going on.  Bentley describes Michael and Amanda Krysty as “true lightning rod revivalists,” and upon hearing this, as if right on cue, Mr. Krysty’s head begins wagging and he begins to twitch.

Bentley starts the ritual by saying, ”Michael….shama…. tell me one word, burning ones.”  In response, Mr. Krysty says, “Fire,” and his wife says, “Englightenment.”

Afterwards Bentley says, “Here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna commission them.  I’m gonna give them a Holy Ghost charge, and then Jeff, me, Jason, my wife, Jessa, we’re gonna lay hands on them all and just bless ‘em…”

He then says, “We’re gonna go from what I call a commissioning to an ordination.”  By this time, there is plenty of wagging and twitching on stage.  Bentley continues, “We’re gonna go from the commissioning, Burning Ones class 2010, to the ordination of two associates, revivalists and power evangelists.  Clearly the power of God is on them already……”

Now, I want to stop here and say that the next statement Bentley makes is the whole reason I’m taking the time to link up this video and transcribe parts of it.  This is what Bentley said……

Todd Bentley says with a chuckle:  “And, of course, we don’t do anything decently and in order at Fresh Fire Ministries.” (emphasis mine)

Did you catch that?  Did anything come to mind when you read that?  Perhaps, maybe, a Bible verse?

Normally I would give you an entire litany of reasons why this statement reveals just one of the many reasons why Bentley does not represent nor teach God’s Word.  However, I’ll leave off and just show you what the Bible says.  When admonishing the Corinthian church in the proper administration of the spiritual gifts, the apostle Paul said:

1 Corinthians 14:40:

Let all things be done decently and in order.

A literal reading of that verse contradicts Bentley, but more importantly, it’s Bentley who directly and flagrantly contradicts Scripture.

A disturbing facet of false doctrine is the power people give to the deceiver teaching it.  As shown, Todd Bentley has such a hypnotic hold on his followers that he can flat out speak the opposite of Scripture, word for word, and get away with it.  His followers eat it up, swallow it, and continue to follow him.  I can’t help but wonder if any of the people who heard this that night had a check in their heart.  Did their mind flip through the pages of Scripture and remember that 1 Corinthians 14:40 says, “Let things be done decently and in order?”  If so, how long did it take before they pushed it out of their mind and disregarded it?

As Bentley continues, he speaks over the Krystys and with a big “BAM,” says he is going to send them out as Holy Ghost wrecking machines for Jesus.   Don’t bother looking for that in the Bible – you won’t find it there.

Bentley closes by encouraging viewers to pray about having the Krystys in their church and then says, “They’ll be here, rolling around in the floor.”  Yes, that’s exactly what I look for in a minister (sarcasm).

This is perverse.

When Jesus commissioned the disciples, He told them He was sending them out to make disciples of all nations.  But, what kind of disciples is Todd Bentley making?  While he and his friends are rolling around in the floor getting a giant snoot-full of the deceiving spirit which has them bound, many are looking on and watching.  Some will see this and be seduced by it.  Some will see it and believe this represents all Christians, and thereby be repulsed by Christianity and its message of salvation.  But, thank God, there is still a remant in the church who refuse to bow to false doctrine and will steadfastly stand on the Word of Truth in these days of darkness.  To them I say, “Continue to fight the good fight of faith!”

See you on the front lines.

17 thoughts on “They Are The Burning Ones! They Must Be Twitches!

  1. Well now, Jessa Bentley looks like she’s pregnant.

    Oh well. Another intern (or ten) will get molested and eventually Todd will leave another child fatherless.

    And he looks like he’s fatter than ever!

  2. Yes it is a sad situation teddy. It’s not like his affair with the babysitter was in the ancient past before he became a christian either.
    Jerry Springer rule of thumb: “if your husband cheated on his ex-wife with you, then he’s likely to cheat on you with somebody else”.

  3. Jerry Springer rule of thumb: “if your husband cheated on his ex-wife with you, then he’s likely to cheat on you with somebody else”.

    Ha! Nobody mentions the flip side. If you slept with a man knowing he was married, then you can’t be too upset when another woman steals “your man”.

    For every cheater man out there, there always seems to be a woman who feels justified in helping him cheat.

    There are none that are righteous, no not one…
    We are all a pack of sinners.

    I’ll stop there before I start sounded like a Calvinist..

  4. Joey, She might hire a babysitter, but she probably won’t let Todd do the hiring. Probably be an old granny…. and even then she might set up cameras!

    Anyway, forgive me, but forgetting about all past sins and weird doctrines….I just can’t see why anyone would want to follow this man. What am I missing?

    All I can assume is that there is not much common sense around.

    But here’s a question for the spiritual among you. I know we all have differing ideas about divorce and remarriage and qualifications for elders etc. Let’s have a hypothetical. Let’s say there were no scriptures about it. If you had just been through a divorce, and possibly been the cause through your own blatant sin – would you WANT to or feel qualified to start “covering” and “commissioning” people?


    To me regardless of all you can say, that’s the most disturbing. It doesn’t surprise me when people sin. But the way some people can just quickly start asking for money again and acting like Paul, Moses and Elijah all rolled into one baffles me.

    Just an aside, but people seem to like saying “Fire!” don’t they.
    You’d think they’d be more worried about what the fire might do.

  5. “just accept that you are “simul iustus et peccator”….

    @Teddy. I will just as soon as I find out if it’s good or not! 🙂

  6. Churchman – true about not considering the flip side. It hits too close to home for me. My Mum did that to my Dad and married the man she was having an affair with.

    And about Todd Bentley’s “ministry” – I have no idea how anyone who reads the Bible can then embrace someone that we are warned against in Colossians 2:18-19. Many online discernment were warning against him and MorningStar ministries well before that affair became public. e.g.

  7. @Teddy. Thanks. My education has increased. To my shame “simul” was the only one I had an idea about….

    Also, re face down prostration, I also note that most times when it talks about “worship” in the Bible, it isn’t talking about noisy singing, but people bowing down and worshiping. So, I see a great place for exuberant praise, but I still think we have the worship thing wrong. Especially in the case of “the Battle of the worship bands”….that went on years ago in Australia.

    @Joey. Sorry to hear about your family. It’s sobering to know that no matter how romantic and right and justified we feel, and how strongly we want to follow our hearts, sin never has a good end. In that respect, I often find men have a more simple approach when it comes to immorality. They usually know they are in sin. Women (like Eve) are often deceived. And it’s usually only when things don’t work out that they realize their foolishness. Now, I’m sounding like Mark Driscoll.

    As for Bentley, I wish all those Super Apostles who laid hands on him would do a little more self reflection. Even just a lowest of the low servants like me couldn’t understand what they were thinking (or not thinking) when they were praying for him.

  8. @churchman – yes my mother had just about every excuse in the book why she was justified in having that affair. She was a back-slidden Catholic so at least I didn’t hear the “God has told me blah blah blah so it is OK that I commit adultery in this case…” claim some christians who believe in extra-Biblical revelations might use. As a woman I reluctantly agree with you that women seem to be able to deceive themselves very easily if it feels right.

    You both may be interested in a couple of web pages on the slaying of the spirit.

  9. We shouldn’t be surprised or judgmental about non-believers who sin. We are not to judge them.

    However, those who are in the church do need to be corrected and those in public ministry should be removed from public ministry.

    Indeed, Paul is concerned that correction in the first instance is so important and even indicates that handing over an unrepentant sinner to Satan so that their souls might be saved is the ultimate sanction.


    You know, we all bring baggage into the church from our lives and it’s important to know that under the new covenant, we are free from all that and we are only responsible for our own sins.

    Good to hear real people tell a bit about themselves! Makes it all worthwhile.

    God bless you Joey!


  10. “As for Bentley, I wish all those Super Apostles who laid hands on him would do a little more self reflection.” – churchman


    Bull – congrats on the two stone. That’s amazing!

    Re fire – the Eastern Orthodox church has a very interesting view of fire.

    This is worth the lengthy read, if you want to here another view about salvation, hell and God as fire.

    In the icon of the Last Judgment we see Our Lord Jesus Christ seated on a throne. On His right we see His friends, the blessed men and women who lived by His love. On His left we see His enemies, all those who passed their life hating Him, even if they appeared to be pious and reverent. And there, in the midst of the two, springing from Christ’s throne, we see a river of fire coming toward us. What is this river of fire? Is it an instrument of torture? Is it an energy of vengeance coming out from God in order to vanquish His enemies?

    No, nothing of the sort. This river of fire is the river which “came out from Eden to water the paradise” of old (Gen. 2:10). It is the river of the grace of God which irrigated God’s saints from the beginning. In a word, it is the out-pouring of God’s love for His creatures. Love is fire. Anyone who loves knows this. God is Love, so God is Fire. And fire consumes all those who are not fire themselves, and renders bright and shining all those who are fire themselves (Heb. 12:29).

    God many times appeared as fire: To Abraham, to Moses in the burning bush, to the people of Israel showing them the way in the desert as a column of fire by night and as a shining cloud by day when He covered the tabernacle with His glory (Exod. 40:28, 32), and when He rained fire on the summit of Mount Sinai. God was revealed as fire on the mountain of Transfiguration, and He said that He came “to put fire upon the earth” (Luke 12:49), that is to say, love, because as Saint John of the Ladder says, “Love is the source of fire” (Step 30, 18).

    God is a loving fire, and He is a loving fire for all: good or bad. There is, however, a great difference in the way people receive this loving fire of God. Saint Basil says that “the sword of fire was placed at the gate of paradise to guard the approach to the tree of life; it was terrible and burning toward infidels, but kindly accessible toward the faithful, bringing to them the light of day.” 44 The same loving fire brings the day to those who respond to love with love, and burns those who respond to love with hatred.

    Paradise and hell are one and the same River of God, a loving fire which embraces and covers all with the same beneficial will, without any difference or discrimination. The same vivifying water is life eternal for the faithful and death eternal for the infidels; for the first it is their element of life, for the second it is the instrument of their eternal suffocation; paradise for the one is hell for the other. Do not consider this strange. The son who loves his father will feel happy in his father’s arms, but if he does not love him, his father’s loving embrace will be a torment to him. This also is why when we love the man who hates us, it is likened to pouring lighted coals and hot embers on his head.

    Obviously there’s a lot more in the article. Food for thought. Can God be love and fire? Are they the same?

  11. I can only see fire as the judgment of God. Our faith is purified by his refining (and I like to say, chastising) fire. This fire is what I believe Paul was also talking about as well.

    There was the fire on Sodom and Gomorrha.

    There was the burning bush, an omen I believe to be the coming judgment upon Egypt.

    There was the pillar of fire that I believe, was even a greater omen on the coming judgment on Pharoah and his army.

    There was the fire on Sinai that revealed the amazing power and judgment of God. Israel was convicted of their sins and revered the Lord.

    There was the fire that consumed the the Law’s requirement of sacrifice and Elijah’s sacrifice.

    There was the fire in Jesus’ eyes in Revelations 1 – His ability to discern and judge correctly the hidden actions of men.

    There was the baptism of fire (not baptism of the spirit) that judged Israel for rejecting God the Father, Son and Spirit in 70AD.

    The ‘burning ones’ are noted to be the angelic hosts in scripture. Not us. We are not angels. The Jews understood the ‘burning ones’ to be angels. I am lead to believe that these burning ones could be angels that were judged by God.

    What did the fire mean at Pentecost then? Not really sure. I’ve heard some say that the disciples saw this to mean they now also play a role like angels and that is to represent the message of God to mortal man.

    But I wonder if they saw this as a sign that they are rendered saved from the judgment of God. Just like Shadrak, Mishak and Abendnigo were supposed to be destroyed by the furnace fire, they were spared the king judgment because they knew the Lord.

    There’s obviously the world consumed by fire and the lake of fire. I am convinced that ‘fire’ is the equivalent to the judgment of God.

    Was their any ancient faith that had fire mean love? I don’t know of any ancient faith that saw any god resemble love by flame.

  12. The Eastern Orthodox church is very old. Not that I know when their teaching about fire began. In their teaching, they equate love with fire and judgement (I think): those who can’t stand to be in the presence of His love, because there is nothing redeemable in them, and no faith in Christ, are burned by it. His Presence is hell for them. I get the impression that for them in this sense, heaven and hell are the same place. Though perhaps I should read the article again. In their theology, love/fire purifies; evil can’t stand it; it has the effect of wrath.

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