Little Bit Constitution… (From C3)

This is C3’s C3i Constitution paper. Purposes… Goals… And Objectives…

There will be more to come. I’ve also got a 20/20 Vision ‘What Is It Going To Take’ paper and C3 policy paper.

22 thoughts on “Little Bit Constitution… (From C3)

  1. It would be interesting to compare this constitution to a more mainstream committed church group, Baptists maybe?

  2. A 2.5% levy on all church income to be C3… man, FL & TVD you guys are getting ripped off.

    Join us at the Anglican church, you will get grants for starting a new church.

  3. The reason that there are thirteen (13) points on the first two pages under the title “Purposes, Goals & Objectives” is that Phil Pringle, who oversees the structure of C3 is a Satanist. Thirteen (13) is an occult number.

    The reason that there have been thirteen (13) points chosen is to signal to other people involved in the occult that C3 is a church that has been subverted by Satanists.

    To all of you who so glibly dismiss my claims, do you really think that there are not thousands of Christians in the western world who have been pondering the infiltration of the Christian church by the occult, particularly over the past five years? Do you really think that these thousands of Christians have not been swapping notes with each other via the internet.

    Many, many Christian churches in the western world are run by Freemasons. Freemasonry is part of the occult.

    I would hazard a guess that Phil Pringle is a Freemason but of this you can be sure, only a Satanist would chose thirteen points (13) for the constitution of the Christian church they lead and put the point about exalting Jesus Christ last. It is just like the slogan for Oxford Falls Grammar School:

    “For greatness, for excellence, for Christ.”

    Christ comes last in Christian organisations run by Satanists.

    Phil Pringle makes satanic hand signs while preaching and he chooses thirteen points for his constitution and he puts Christ last. The dots are pretty easy to join. They are hidden in plain sight to throw people off the reality that Phil Pringle is a Satanist.

  4. 16 – You shall not use or allow the pulpit to be used to:

    b: promote political beliefs
    c: do anything of a lewd, corrupt or heretical nature
    d: to vent personal needs, injustices, angers or BUSINESS VENTURES

    I’m asking a question, can the PULPIT be also called the POSITION OF POWER i.e. pastor in charge

    Phil Pringle tweets……”my romatic daughter Bek got me 2 do a ‘bunch’ f Valentines Day pntngs 4 anyone wanting 2 give flowrs in a dffrnt way”

    The official gallery showing being advertised by Bek as opening straight after the church service on Sunday AT THE CHURCH (captive market for selling product).

    Great paintings by the way, a marked improvement. Perhaps it is time to give up his “day job”?

  5. Glittergirl, with all due respect to you, if that’s all you’ve got, then what have you got? You’ve got your opinion versus my conviction which is backed up by multiple, multiple pieces of corroborating evidence.

  6. @ Glittergirl – we have all tried to refute Chirpy kindly but he/she has made up his/her mind.

    By the way, I was 33 once, would love to be again!

  7. @ Chirpy, I honestly didn’t think that was worth commenting on. No matter what you may think of PP and C3 that was a big call to make. Backing it up with your evidence would be the right course to take if you are going to publically make such judgements.

  8. @ Glittergirl – Chirpy provided “evidence”, did you get to see the photos posted with PP making the satanic handsign.

    I have soooo limited myself with my hand movements lately (accidently or was it subliminal, did it to the dog), just in case I’m deemed satanic too.

  9. @ Chirpy – let’s just take you seriously for a moment.

    What should we do about Phil Pringle if you’re right?

    I’ve already left C3, though other family members are still there, so need I be concerned more than I already am, because they are being fed a dumbed-down seeker sensitive, prosperity “gospel”? Now that’s probably getting pretty close to satanic because it’s so “me-centred”!

    What’s the answer and what are YOU doing about it besides warning people. Warnings that are being discounted…..

  10. @ Teddy if that’s the evidence, and having the no. 13 in some documents what else do I have to watch out for! Maybe I’m one too and I don’t even know it!!

  11. Now I am not a Phil “once you pop you cannot stop” Pringle phan but I think someone forgot to take their medicine….

    btw just for the record, my church is ‘joining’ C3 and apart from the order of the importance of the points and the leadership pyramid structure. There is nothing really outstanding and ‘off the wall’ with the Constitution. Please continue to post the info as I find it interesting to see what my church is getting into.

  12. @ Jermayn – Chirpy needs something added to his seed? Any recommendations?

    I’m interested as to why an established church wants to join C3…….

  13. They want to promote churches run after New Testament principles.

    Mmm – how about not running a church like a business?

    They should read ‘Pagan Christianity’ by Frank Viola. Now there’s a commitment to New Testament formats!

  14. Jermayn – does your church currently have elders drawn from the congregation? If so, watch for them to be replaced with a corporate board, probably appointed by the Senior Pastor who will be its Chairman.

    Also, if your church numbers 300 or more, and does not own its own building yet, watch out for a building fund – expanding the tent so more people will come.

    If your senior ministers begin to attend C3 pastoral conferences, then after some time, watch for C3OF doctrines to begin appearing, such as obedience leading to an open heaven, a hierarchical order of accountability – senior pastors not to the congregation, but to pastors outside the congregation – a Vision to be preached every year, which will be the local version of the big C3OF one (working towards the overall 2020 Vision), and a big emphasis on tithing and offerings to support the expansion of the vision. The expectation will be that if you give, God will bless you – in fact, giving at the right offering may even result in the dearest desire of your heart being granted.

    Of course, whether you will perceive change or not depends on the extent to which your church is already doing these things.

    And because C3 churches are autonomous they may not change anything. It depends on the existing strength of conviction in their own direction and practices that your local senior ministers already have.

  15. C3 does offer great support to their pastors (when your under the ‘headship’), this is one of the reasons why my church is moving. From what I have seen (in WA), majority of their new churches are ‘take overs’.

    @Teddy & ravinpete: I was in the Potters House before, so I know all the trap doors of these types of churches….

  16. @ Jermayn – Do you have an “escape route”? Wasn’t your pastor already getting all the support he needed from the congregation?

    I have family members and friends who are c3 pastors and I think you may find that support comes at an almost unbearable price….it’s called “compromise”.

  17. To be honest I do NOT think its wise to talk about why my church is moving in an open environment. Feel free to email me if you wish (germ17[AT]gmail[DOT]com)…..

  18. I’ve seen pastors well supported (in terms of moral support) when they live near the mother church and have developed personal connections to pastors via the church network.

    They have some kind of mentoring thing happening too, where a pastor of a larger church will mentor a pastor of a smaller church.

    It is unlikely to become as oppressive as what I’m guessing you might have experienced in a Potters House church. Most people that I knew were burnt because they took on the false teachings fully. The consequences over time have been hard. But not because they were in a very strict environment. The teaching was more motivational and using ‘carrots’, rather than sticks. But if the teaching is wrong, in the end, people will suffer, regardless. Those who were on staff in some form have suffered the most. Others who just attended but didn’t base their lives around it to the same entire extent, have suffered no consequences except being unaware of a whole lot of stuff.

  19. Forgot to say, I have also seen pastors who did church plants not supported well at all. So little support, that the consequences have just been horrible.

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