Notes on Pringle’s 20/20 Vision

But are they his? I found these notes a few years ago. I thought it may have been leftover sheets from a student or leadership equipping service. I am speculating these are Pringle’s sermon notes for his 20/20 Vision. Observe the personal agenda and hand writing. I’ve examined this writing with Pringle’s handwriting from his blog. They are incredibly similar. Still, we must speculate if it’s his actual notes. I personally believe they are his.

The information is VERY revealing (Page 2).

Sorry for the bad quality of the images.

13 thoughts on “Notes on Pringle’s 20/20 Vision

  1. As fond as I am of Phil Taylor, that interpretation of his vision has got to be renounced soundly. It’s through the preaching of the gospel that the Lord builds His Church and the gospel is not preached at C3.

    I was introduced to a young woman at church today, who has just left C3 for that very reason. She was disturbed by her time there, realizing she couldn’t take her unchurched family there to hear a gospel that would lead them to repentance.

    And she knew she heard it today……

  2. I managed to talk to a woman last night from C3 too. She heard my testimony. I also shared the gospel with her. This lady now questions Phil Pringle’s teachings and may not be going any more.

    I am happy that she is stepping into the freedom of Christ.

    God is good.

  3. If the vision was birthed from ‘revelation’, it’s twisted. Those interpretations of scripture are poor.

    The ‘shifts’ page is disturbing. Emotional shift? Supernatural and angels? No wonder Pringle is trying to tap into Wagner and others like Bill Johnson.

    There is also emphasis on new thought. Where have I heard that before?

    ‘Philosophical shift in leadership’… ‘Engaging the emotions of the individuals in the organisation. Therefore the buy in factor is a lot higher’…

    ‘A new mindset is the doorway of God’s future for us.’

    They were really focusing on moving peoples minds and emotions for the 20/20 Vision.

  4. Specks, you seem to be speculating that these are Phil Pringle’s notes. But we don’t really know. Got to be careful if something is just speculation – it can be meaningless. Anyway, yes, they appear to be some kind of notes from leadership, about ways to get ideas and the leadership required to increase the expansion of C3.

    Specks, this is getting like a miniature wiki-leaks. Julian Assange is not having a happy time right now – people do not like their private information being displayed publically without their permission, and wish him harm. There is nothing scandalous here, but this will be viewed as a betrayal of their privacy. Please be careful. I hope you are counting the potential personal cost of doing this because it could be very high.

  5. What costantly saddens me in light of family members still attending C3, is the lack of discerment when it comes to visiting ministries or guest speakers for conferences.

    We have Bill Johnson as keynote speaker at Presence 2011 (and FL, if you are attending, I’m interested to hear your thoughts about the gentleman in question in light of the many bizarre, unbiblical claims he makes)

    He is promoted heavily on what could really be reamed Heresy Central “The Elijah List”…….

    Learning to host the Presence???????????

    We are already sealed with the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, indwelt by the Spirit and baptized by the Spirit.

    But Bill Johnson wants people to “host the presence”, he has some new revelation that is NOT in the bible.

  6. You can compare handwriting here but it’s a bit of a stretch….PP’s handwriting is done with a bit of an “artistic flourish”.

    Still wondering about his promotong his gallery showing straight after the service today (captive market) and lining that up with the C3 constitution’s “pulpit” rules.

  7. “Specks, you seem to be speculating that these are Phil Pringle’s notes.”

    Yes. I am. And highly probable. It’s the final page that is the biggest clue (emphasis mine):

    “WHAT I BELIEVE the Holy Spirit was saying is this – AS A CHURCH and AS A MOVEMENT, we are going to go to places beyond where we have been and beyond where others have been, doing some things for the first time, even as this was a first landing on the moon.
    The flag represented Christian City Church movement – what I FELT the Holy Spirit saying is that OUR movement will continue to gain favour across the world and its influence will increase – WE will become more and more recognized globally.”

    I don’t know any other leader in C3 that would say something this bold on behalf of Pringle. It doesn’t make sense if they say it to him or while he is present as they speak.

    The above statement is very bold, possessive and very authoritative about the C3 Movement and the 20/20 Vision. Finally examine Pringle’s handwriting:

    There’s a lot of suggestions to say this is Pringle’s. I don’t know who else would produce a document like this.

    It’s a fluke I found this. I was initially going to chuck this out. I thought it was some leaders old notes floating around the auditorium. They may have been.

    I have changed the article a bit with your wisdom RP.

  8. “Specks, this is getting like a miniature wiki-leaks.”

    It’s not my aim to be a mini-wiki leaks.

    “I hope you are counting the potential personal cost of doing this because it could be very high.”

    I’ll be leaving SP02 soon. I am over it all. Everyone here comment on your blog and Lances blog. They’ll do unless Wazza or others want to pick up the SP02 baton and radically change it.

    I’ll do a goodbye article soon.

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