OWN program on Todd Bentley

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OWN program on Todd Bentley

Published February 16th, 2011 by Mike Corley in Todd Bentley, heresy

I watched a disturbing display last night on TV. I was made aware that on the Oprah Winfrey Network, they were to air a program featuring the heretic and false prophet Todd Bentley. Lisa Ling did a good job of at least presenting the story but was far to accepting for my liking. But that’s beside the point.

What I watched were sad, desperate, suffering people, many having histories of emotional problems or victims of physical or chemical abuse; looking for hope and healing and placing their faith and trust in a man, in an experience and in a feeling, and sadly, those people featured in the story did not get “their healing” and Bentley and Morning Star keep going on.

What was unsurprisingly missing from the entire story was any biblical foundation for what they are doing in Charlotte, North Carolina. There were constant quotes from ministry workers and leaders and those in the congregation that they knew what was (is) going on at Morning Star is real because “I feel it”, I’ve experienced it” or “I believe it”. It’s not about our feelings, emotions or experiences; these can change and are subject to internal and external influence. It’s all about what is stated in the Word of God that defines whether something is truth or error, and The Word of God never changes. This fact is ignored and absent from Bentley’s practices and those of Morning Star.

About Bentley the man; I don’t know him even though I have had some experience with Morning Star and in fact have interviewed their founder Rick Joyner on several occasions. I regret to have to admit that at one point I even approved of Joyner’s ministry until the Lord broke me away from that heresy. But Bentley himself is, in my opinion, a sad display of a so-called preacher and of a man. I find him to be offensive, gaudy, trashy, rude, obnoxious and self-centered. One will not go to hell for having tattoos and body piercings, but really, is all that glorifying to the Lord? By his own admission in the story he loves raunchy heavy metal music; he lives an elaborate life-style, and the fact that sat there like a slug, reclined in one of his five lazy boy recliners (appropriately named) while Ling was trying to interview him was appalling.

The worst of it all is that Bentleys work has no basis in Scripture, except that he meets all the definitions of being a false prophet. He and his kind have it made; the majority of those who claim to be Christians are biblically illiterate and have no clue if what he says is truth or not. Like the Bible states in 1 Corinthians 1, they seek signs and wisdom, rather than basing their faith in God’s Word. I believe heretics like Bentley and Joyner know this and deliberately lead people astray; giving them false hopes, in a false salvation with false doctrine, leading them to a true judgment.

The man in the wheelchair in the Ling story left that meeting still in his wheelchair. The lady from Georgia returned and the cancer continued to grow. But for false prophet Bentley, he spewed his venomous doctrine, laid his nasty hands on people heads and walk away; no accountability, no responsibility, and unless he repents and unless he turns away from his garbage, certain judgment.

There are many Bentleys and Joyner’s out there and desperate people will continue to flock to them.

God have mercy.


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