Prophet Clucker Clucks Again

Watch him cluck! (1:53)

2 thoughts on “Prophet Clucker Clucks Again

  1. Wow, this guy is not converted, he is con-verted – doing the green monkey dance – verte is green.

    This reaction comes from having not been circumcised in heart but trying to hold both the revelation of the finished work and still be a flesh fiend. This is an example of “top of the tree” churchianity. It is still the same old tower of babel you are all part of – aka the tree of knowledge of good and evil – aka Jerusalem which is alos called Sodom and Egypt – but it does not really matter – cos we are all broken, all sinners, all sick – but Jesus came to heal the sick – all of us. It is JESUS who is made unto us WISDOM, RIGHTEOUSNESS and SANCTIFICATION – and unless you have the PEACE OF (NEW) JERUSALEM, which is the REST OF FAITH, you will not understand. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  2. Actually Ian, I’d almost pay to see you and him do tag team preaching, or debating…..

    He’s a funny guy. And it’s strange but every now and then for a few seconds I get the impression that he actually could be capable of speaking well and sensibly. Just glimpses. Shame really.

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