Phil Pringle Selling Himself

*NEW* Phil Pringle USB - 5 Series


*NEW* Phil Pringle USB – 5 Series


Phil Pringle USB – 5 Series 

Brand new Phil Pringle’s audio teaching series loaded onto your very own 4GB printed USB flash drive. With over 90 hours of audio in 5 message series, what better way to get inspired to live your best life.

This USB series includes;

  1. – Attitudes
  2. – Hope
  3. – In Him
  4. – Don’t Lose It
  5. – Moving Forward
  6. – Your Best Life

3 thoughts on “Phil Pringle Selling Himself

  1. i dont get it.. what’s wrong with this? surely no different to selling messages on dvd/cd – or is that the point you’re trying to make: selling what should be free?

    just trying to understand..

  2. Yeah I agree with cheerupcharlie – I don’t know what the content of the usb messages are but they appear to be positive & encouraging from their titles. I guess if you’re not interested in hearing a message on hope or living your best life, don’t buy the usb.

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