CluckerTV & The CluckedUp School of the Anointing

From an email about Matt Ford’s emails:

Emergency Announcement from
Fire It Up International Ministries Inc
Dear Subscriber ,

My state, Queensland, is in a state of emergency.  As such we have canceled all meetings and events in Australia until further notice.

We will not be hosting The School of the Anointing in January, instead it will be held in the US next month. We are focusing our efforts on the flood relief.

If you are able to help, this is the link you need

We will be hitting the streets with a sausage sizzle and cold drinks, to donate visit HERE tO DONATE

Mega Blessings to you and your family,

Rev. Matthew Ford, Rev. Lawrence Delahunt,
Pastor’s Peter and Andrea Garbutt, Stanislaw Bloch.

4 thoughts on “CluckerTV & The CluckedUp School of the Anointing

  1. That’s a weird video. What does rolling around like farm animals have to do with African children?

  2. Nothing … it is a media thing … probably, he’s trying to convince people that he has a world wide ministry. (He doesn’t.) He is also trying to put himself across as a benny hinn type figure.

    It’s really about money. No doctrine in the video. Very few words. Merely a demostration of post-hypnotic suggestion.

    He’s a confidence trickster.

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s money with Matt Ford. I would say, just like it is with most televangelists, it’s about insecurity. The way they try to overcome their insecurity is by living up to their ego.

    I would dare so he is more led by his holy ego then the Holy Spirit. I thought the power of suggestion was strongly evident in this video. And the words sliding across the screen, ‘activation’, ‘anointing’, ‘harvest’ mixed with the music to encourage watchers swear allegiance to his movement in patriotic blindness.

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