An Undignified Proposal (Who Would Have Thought?)

Matt Ford is getting married. Congratulations Matt Ford and Natasha.

Marriage can do amazing things to people. I hope marriage wisens them both up and they grow responsibly.

4 thoughts on “An Undignified Proposal (Who Would Have Thought?)

  1. You know, I really think this guy is a nut, but for some reason I find him hard to dislike. He’s got a good laugh. And she seemed pretty happy to be proposed to. Doesn’t always go that well from what I hear.

  2. It’s happening in our backyard for a start Bull.
    She will now be joined to his ministry for life.

    Natasha Ford will be joined with Matt and his possible error. Her name is with his. It is noteworthy now. Her name pop up with new associations with other women ministries in America.

    Plus, I think it’s nice to show a human side to all people, in spite of doctrinal differences. We should be happy for Matt and Natasha and pray the best for them as they enter a serious and committed relationship with one another.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Natasha doe hear from the Lord more clearly then Matt and God through her, restores him to the true Holy Spirit revealed in Scripture?

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