Going Horse Crazy…

The evangelicals and the fundamentalists are jumping on their high horse about this ‘green horse rider of the apocalypse’, which was recorded on media footage of the Egyptian riots.

7 thoughts on “Going Horse Crazy…

  1. I can feel a Third Eagle of the Apocalypse “Revelation Unravelled” update coming on….

  2. me too. i can actually imagine someone taking on this ghost rider’s code name.

    Third Eagle of the Apocalypse VS Fourth Horse of the Apocalypse.

  3. i actually think this ‘ghost rider’ is a reflection of another media camera. It’s not just the ghostrider that moves in that same direction but dots of light as well positioned in almost a square-like format.

  4. I’m guessing it took off back to Emerald City. Heard Dorothy and Toto were coming to town………..

  5. How many cameramen are supposed to have filmed This?It ttook a few replays for me to see what they were on about.If it was staged it would have to be done by someone who knows scripture of Revelation.If it is genuine and not a hoax??? then it may fall into signs and wonders spoken of as being performed as some of the signs of the signs of the last days of the generation, that Christ spoke of. Opinion only!! any other thoughts.Ps I cosider myself as being the original skeptic.Regards guys Dallas

  6. did I tell u guys I had a picturising of Moden swept winged fighter planes,on top of these planes secured with rubber bands,were BIROS or pens.This occurred about 3 or so weeks ago.I think it means that the Western Powers are starting to see that the pen may well be mightier than the sword.So I think they are going to start to have earnest talks with the Taliban and possibl;y Al Quaeda>THEY ARE going to talk with those whom they have vowed never to talk to, or deal with.Keep yourselves posted on this one!!

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