Cultural Awareness

Being cool.

What we need is to make everyone fit and rich and pretty and we’ll attract people to our church. Put on lively music, interesting talks and a general welcoming feel-good factor and we will have a successful, growing church.

We’ll become a popular destination. We will cut out tricky subjects and never discuss problems and above all we will not tell people about the need for repentance. We will even stop talking about the cross.

Eventually, we will talk about Jesus dying as an act of love. However it will not have been necessary because God just loves us. Love Wins see?

But that is NOT the Gospel of Christ. Jesus wasn’t cool. Jesus was executed. His followers were executed one by one.

It has never been cool to be a follower of Jesus. True followers were ridiculed, spat on, persecuted and murdered.

We are not called to be COOL. We are called to be FAITHFUL!

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9 thoughts on “Cultural Awareness

  1. Very well said. Believe it or not there are churches that really believe that is a good strategy for successful growth. It is a blueprint for disaster in the earthly and eternal realms.

  2. Agree with your post, Bull.

    I don’t comment much at the moment as time is not so available often. I don’t even post that often on my own blog right now. I feel like I’ve moved on from some of these issues a bit, since I haven’t been in church face to face with them, and since most people I know who were unhappy about them have moved on now as well. It’s actually an effort these days to know what’s going on. If it wasn’t for these blogs, I’d have never heard of half the people that get posts about them.

    A close, older relative is sick and in intensive care right now, too. They should recover eventually. This has been consuming me and my family a bit too.

    But I will still be reading and joining in from time to time.

  3. Participating pastors were James McDonald, Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, Matt Chandler, Greg Laurie, David Platt and Steven Furtick……

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