Its all a conspiracy

One of the ways of dismissing an argument is to call it a conspiracy theory.  Theories about conspiracies can be irrational and almost paranoid, leading many people not to give these theories any credence.  But as the saying goes, just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.


A criminal conspiracy is simply an agreement between persons to break the law in the future.  In this sense the standard theory of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory – a group of Al-Qaeda members secretly conspired and planned to hijack planes and crash them into buildings.  While this is technically a conspiracy theory, what we usually mean by that term is theories which involve collusion by those in power, or in positions of wealth and influence.

It is perhaps a part of human nature to band together with others to achieve advantage for oneself.  In organisations for instance, I have found that people will automatically circle the wagons when faced with a complaint from outside.   Suddenly their memories will fail, or documents will go missing that may have been supportive evidence for the complaint.  Our democratic traditions recognise this problem and work around it by separation of powers – an independent judiciary,  ombudsman, parliament etc.  Each is supposed to keep the other in check by making it advantageous for each to do so.  It is this delicate balance which has in the past give many Western democracies  a reasonable record on fairness and protection of human rights.

Conspiracies however have of course continued and we only know about the ones that have failed and been uncovered.  The so-called Business Plot was a plan to overthrow the United States Government in 1932 by a group of wealthy business leaders.  Unhappy with Roosevelt’s new administration and its policies which were much more in favour of working people than the previous Hoover administration, these business leaders tried to convince retired Major General  Smedley Butler to lead up to 500,000 disgruntled army veterans on a march on Washington.  The plan was to install Butler as a near absolute ruler, with Roosevelt retaining only a puppet role.   The plot may have been successful except that Butler didn’t agree and testified of the plot before a specially convened committee.  Butler gave many names of influential financiers who were involved in the plot, but was later to express disappointment with its  findings : “Like most committees it has slaughtered the little and allowed the big to escape. The big shots weren’t even called to testify. They were all mentioned in the testimony. Why was all mention of these names suppressed from the testimony?” .  Although the committee found the allegations credible, no one was ever prosecuted for what amounted to a conspiracy far more dangerous than that carried out on 9/11.  The media at the time largely laughed it off as a couple of crackpots.

Could it be that powerful business interests have continued to exert influence and even conspired to take illegal actions to further their own businesses?  Mass media is now more concentrated in the hands of a few large corporations and public opinion can perhaps be influenced and controlled to greater degree than ever before.   Lets now look at a possible contemporary conspiracy.

One week after the 9/11 attack came the Anthrax attacks in the United States.  Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting 17 others.   The letters contained messages that would implicate Muslim terrorists as being the source of the attacks eg :







Immediately after the attacks there were reports in the media that Iraq and Al-Qaeda were implicated in them.  The Anthrax attacks contributed to the general climate of fear in the population that ushered in the Patriot Act and ultimately the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Much later after investigation by several laboratories, the strain of Anthrax was found to be relatively rare, isolated from a cow in Texas in 1981 and limited to sixteen bio-research labs within the U.S. and three other locations (Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom).  This was an inside job.

After several years the FBI concentrated their investigation on one suspect Bruce Edward Ivins, a scientist who worked in a Government bio-defense lab in Maryland.  Ivins committed suicide on August 27, 2008 and two weeks later the FBI declared Ivins the sole perpetrator and subsequently closed the investigation.  A review by the National Academy of Sciences in Feb 2011 found that there was insufficient evidence that the strain of Anthrax originated from Ivin’s laboratory.  There is still no direct evidence that Ivins was the culprit.

Was there a plot to engineer a false attack, to be blamed on Iraq and Al-Qaeda.  Was there a cover-up?  Was it then blamed on a scape-goat?  Why isn’t this reported on more widely, why wasn’t there more of an outcry for an investigation of this attack?

The truth is out there.

10 thoughts on “Its all a conspiracy

  1. So we have lone gunmen, lone bombers, lone mad scientisits…and as you say, there are far too many unanswered questions. the favourite means of expiating “problems” for the Establishment here is car accident or suicide, the classic line being, “The Police are not looking for anyone in connection with the matter”.

  2. One thing which tends to be overlooked about conspiracy is that it is invariably an act of rebellion against God. Interesting that the Sanhedrin accused the disciples of conspiring to steal the body of Jesus so the Jews could deny the resurrection, as they largely do to this day, and such people “earn money with words and derail the faith of many” as Paul noted. He said their words eat like a disease. the Jews conspired to kill Jesus by catching Him AT HIS OWN WORD and so accusing Him of blasphemy. By the way Bones, unto is not harking back to Elizabethan English to make something sound more holy or being pretentious, it is simply correct usage in the context. Yes, the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets and God tends to talk to you as clearly and simply as possible in words you will be familiar with – so clearly I am not God, yes? 0(:->)

  3. It was Greg who said that God spoke in King James not me.

    I fail to see how the anthrax attacks amount to a cover up or conspiracy when the government investigated it and narrowed it down to a single person.

    As I see it a true conspiracy wouldn’t have even released those findings or even attempted to investigate it.

    There were far more compelling reasons to see the Iraq war as illegitimate. None more so than the WMDs fiasco.

    btw Al-Qaeda had attacked the WTC before in 93 and let’s not forget how well coordinated the Madrid and London bomb attacks were.

    Once again targeting public transport.

    Plus I’m yet to hear from an eye witness who saw a missile or videoed it with their handheld.

    Btw were the Anti-Hitler conspirators working against God?

  4. You’ve got to be kidding Bones

    No investigation, or an investigation without releasing findings is not really an option in this day and age. That would be a big red flag.

    No an investigation which takes years, gets the issue off the media, and then narrows it down to one crazy individual who’s just done it for no good reason – is the best outcome for the establishment. Even better if he then dies, so you dont have to prove your case.

  5. Are you saying the anthrax attacks were caused by the government?

    They were undoubtedly used by the government but I’d say it’s mind was well made up.

    Now the death of British scientist, David Kelly, at around the same time raises some suspicions.

    Interesting that Derren Brown has proved it’s possible that Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of Robert Kennedy could well be a case of the Manchurian Candidate. Sirhan Sirhan claims no recollection at all.

    Derren Brown was able to hypnotise a suitable candidate to assassinate Stephen Fry which he duly did.

  6. There’s no evidence they were caused by the Government.

    But then, the government is the primary investigator.

    Yes, I agree the David Kelly case is similar and does raise suspicions.

  7. There is a documentary coming up on Wedneday 14th November on SBS at 9:30pm. “The Anthrax Files”

    Apparently it will question the FBI’s handling of the case and whether Ivins is the culprit.

    I urge anyone who is interested to watch this and discuss it here.

    Or, if your happy with the official story and think our rulers only have our best interests in mind, then dont worry about it.

  8. Bones, others – Its on tonight – set your PVRs for 9:30pm, SBS ONE.

    Or, if you really cant wait – watch it on youtube now :

  9. hi wazza, haven’t got around to watching it yet. Snowed under with report cards atm. Did u see the doco about arafat’s death? Nothing surprises me.

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