Ted Haggard – Christian Arrogance

5 thoughts on “Ted Haggard – Christian Arrogance

  1. It’s most often. It until you’ve experienced hurt and pain of the kind that Ted and his family did that you realise that, really love is all it’s a out.

  2. Dear Greg,

    Do you think you can add some more categories to the blog for posters?

    The categories listed are no longer relevant to current posts, and it is crass to have to remain ‘uncategorised’ for each post.

    You, it seems are the only one able to add or remove categories.

    Maybe others could suggest categories, but I would like to see:

    War and Peace



    Faith Topics

    In the News

    Maybe other contributors could make suggestions. And maybe some of the old anti-everything categories could be removed.

  3. I’ll give it a go – but I’m not sure I can actually I think Bull is the only one. As Bull has not been active on this blog for some time I was just thinking last night about asking him if I could take over as ‘owner’ of the blog. IF I were to do this I would give you Steve more power to anialiate and create!

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