Shrove Tuesday (or Lent Eve?); Pope gives up being Pope and Michael Frost goes cold turkey on Social Media

From Michael Frosts facebook page:

In a world where activities like shopping, watching television and attending to social media have become deeply ingrained habits that shape our consciousness, what alternative habits can we embrace that countermand them, to remind ourselves that life does not consist of consumption, entertainment and idle chit-chat alone? I’m giving up social media for Lent, not because there’s anything wrong with Facebook or Twitter, but because I need to embrace an alternative habit for a while, praying instead of tweeting, communing with God instead of status updating.

I have decided to follow the Pope and Michael; I will not be posting or commenting (nor moderating nor visiting) on this site for the period of Lent.  I have been talking about a book for some time and have an outline and first chapter completed, so I think I’ll be focusing on that for a little while.  I too need to focus my attention and inner life and Lent is a great period to be doing that.

See you all after Easter!

7 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday (or Lent Eve?); Pope gives up being Pope and Michael Frost goes cold turkey on Social Media

  1. Whats this about you writing a book?

    I expect some extracts on here for us to consume.

    Of course we’ll all buy a copy.

    I might start work on the Book of Bones or Revelation 2.

    I’ll miss you but I’ll keep eveyone on the straight and narrow.


  2. I vote for Steve…then once he’s in, he can reform it from the inside.

    I like the one before him the best. I think they should get some real super conservative firebrand from Africa.

  3. A new successor for the BEAST wanna bee’s. What ever happened to Bull? It’s time to take the bull by the horns and get this job done. Babble is bull but sadly it’s no joke.Oh, hang on. He’s just giving it up for lent.Does this make him an Ex-Benedict?
    Pope Benedict has had enough of the fame. He wants to live like common papal.

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