Life is Good….sweet dancing Nana…just for Q and Steve

A little old lady is filmed by her granddaughter getting down to Runaround Sue, by famous Christian artist Dion DeMussi.

18 thoughts on “Life is Good….sweet dancing Nana…just for Q and Steve

  1. I love the way old people still say Good Morning and talk to the person next to them on buses and trains and planes.

    And if they’re country people in QLD they start card games at social events.

  2. The way that old lady was dancing was quite sexually explicit and intolerably pornful. Also she was wearing a satanic trinket idol around her neck.

  3. Well spotted EYES, I was wondering if anyone else was sexually aroused by the old girls gyrating and explicit dancing.

  4. BTW, WAZZA, you make a really good fat con a fat con a fat con a fat controller of exersice programs.(Please excuse my typing stutter)

  5. I gotta give you that one Eyes, you won this time … but we will meet again (dastardly laugh).

  6. There’s no Christian charity anymore. One of those ladies should have given that poor Russian man their Tshirt….

  7. Q get lost! That’s the old man – I’ve been born again!

    Still working at reckoning the old man dead …

  8. “I don’t go to church.”

    Maybe you should.

    No, I won’t spank you.

    (Have I missed something. To be honest, I haven’t read many of your posts. Are you gay?)

  9. Also the old Granny was wearing green and that is the traditional color of Islam. Did you see that pale horse she was riding on!

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