Vote for Henry (he has a family and a business)

12 thoughts on “Vote for Henry (he has a family and a business)

  1. You’ve lost me completely. What does gangnam style have to do with Henry Heng?

    Wazza, Henry Heng seems like a perfectly good candidate to me.

    Look at his education, credentials, business experience. He is as qualified as any other politician in Australia.

    Is it the cheesy song you thought post-worthy?

    And yes he has a great family and as for a “business”, he’s done pretty well. I’d say he knows more about business and finance than most politicians.

    Go look him up. Seems like a great candidate to me.

  2. Oppa is what South Korean girls say to their older brother or an older male. So he’s talking to a girl and saying “Oppan Gangnam Style” or in English it’s “Big Brother is Gangnam style” Gangnam is a district in Korea, it’s really expensive and it’s like the Korean Beverly Hills. That’s the simplest I could explain it.

    oppa is a term Korean girls call their boyfriends. gangnam is a fancy community in seoul south korea where wealthy young people go to party. so basically he is saying rich boyfriend style.

    Gangnam district in seol south Korea, a newly influential area in Korea, oppa is what a Korean girl calls her young boyfriend and boys never say that word its taboo,

    Oppa means “older brother” and Gangnam is a fancy community in Seoul, South Korea where wealthy people lives at and where the best parties are located.

    The phrase “Gangnam Style” is a Korean neologism that refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul.

  3. Good research Eyes. Now if you really want to get good, tell me where Gangnam style isn’t popular and why.

  4. I am just guessing, but i think that it would not be popular in the Bronx, i can not tell you why, because i might get shot, savvy!

  5. Good answers but not the one I’m looking for…..

    (I always hated that when teachers/pastors/bible study leaders did that)

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