Death Certificate Issued

If I had a plug to pull I’d be just about ready to take this site off life support. I don’t think any of us have any passion for what this site once was.

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  1. Relevant comment. I have left one comment about John Mellor on this site. I was reluctant to do so because I saw plenty of wordly godless posts.

    Perhaps the regular contributors should examine themselves to see if they really are walking in the Faith.

    The things of God are Spiritually discerned and are foolishness to the person without the Spirit. But the Spiritual person discerns all things and they themselves are not subject to judgement.

    A good tree doesn’t bear bad fruit and a bad tree doesn’t bear good fruit. We all must bear fruit in keeping with repentance.

  2. Ok, How about we call it a wrap in, say 2 weeks ?

    I would like to put up a post which reviews some of the most memorable discussions and also talks about the effect that this and the original Signposts had on me. I think they have changed my views quite considerably over the years.

    Also gives us a chance to say farewell.

  3. Would anyone else like to do the same kind of review – If so I encourage them to put up a post or a comment.

  4. My only issue is that, in this gender, for all it’s weaknesses and faults, SP02 is the only blog which has the guts to let everyone have a voice and doesn’t, until recently, censure all comments, even by individuals with strange opinions.

    Sites like Groupsects, hillsongchurchwatch, c3churchwatch and the like tend to ban dissent and run an aggressive campaign against people who support their target groups.

    SP02 has, over time allowed a variety of opinion, and this has been to its credit.

    I would prefer to see a revamping of the site, with a fresh look, more varied articles, a less aggressively ad hominem approach towards groups like C3, Hillsong, and their leadership and Pentecostals in general, and a focus on doctrinal issues, methodologies, theology and current affairs affecting church life.

  5. “Ok, How about we call it a wrap in, say 2 weeks ?”

    Two weeks? Would you leave a racehorse with a broken leg for that long?

    (Of course it’s understandable that Steve is aghast at the possibility, since he will have nowhere left to tilt at windmills as he peddles his obscenely twisted caricature of the Gospel).

    P.S. Steve, groups like C3 and Hillsong don’t have “leadership”, they have big-mouthed buffoons with average IQs and high opinions of themselves. They do drive nice cars, though, don’t they?

  6. I have really lost all passion for this site…as Steve says, it used to focus on theological and doctrinal issues…an I know my melt downs have not assisted in any helpful way at all, but this site has degenerated and has lost it’s ‘umph’. I wish we could resurrect it Steve, but I think it’s gone. I think we actually need to let it die. I’d like to stay in touch with everyone who wants to. My email is Greg (at) growth strategies group [all one word] (dot) (com) (dot) ay you! (See what I did with that last bit…ay you…get it?)

    I really do care a great deal about each of you I also do think Ian is a nut…you’re allowed to be…but you are…bones…I’d especially like to keep in touch with you dude.

    Cheers big ears.

    Farewell, goodbye, and amen!

  7. Ah, the appropriately named Anonymous. Says it all really!

    What is it that you take exception to with my doctrine on the gospel, Anonymous?

    It’s a simple matter for all nameless blabber mouths to make sweeping statements wrapped in curdled insults, but quite another to actually say what it is that is wrong with the good news message I take to people God sends me to.

    Of course, to identify what you consider to be wrong you might have to show your own hand a little, which is something you’ve always been reticent to do, in case you are shown to be off the wall yourself.

    I’m happy to contend for the faith and Word God has revealed through scripture. Tell me what it is that you consider to be an obscenely twisted caricature, so I have the opportunity to defend myself against your dismal accusation.

  8. Yes, thanks Bones, genre.

    I’m more for regeneration than killing things off, especially in view of the readership on this site, which varies from 200 to 600 per day, which isn’t too bad.

    Plus, in amongst the rubbish and ridicule, there have been some decent discussions and debates, some of which the church probably needs to have.

  9. They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast.

    Good call. Do it Greg.

  10. If you look at the recent articles there’s very little pentecostal criticism besides your mate above. The Danny Nalliah article wasn’t a criticism of pentecostalism as much as an exposé on Danny’s integrity.

    It’s interesting looking at the so called top posts which date back years. Are people still reading those like the Burning Australia and the YWAM with the Ihop cult?

    Also the other Blogs and Sites on the panel here seem to be decidedly reformed in theology and we seem to have scared the reformed folk off.

    “I would prefer to see a revamping of the site, with a fresh look, more varied articles, a less aggressively ad hominem approach towards groups like C3, Hillsong, and their leadership and Pentecostals in general, and a focus on doctrinal issues, methodologies, theology and current affairs affecting church life.”

    I’d agree with that, however some may think that pentecostalism would fall under doctrinal issues.

  11. Hello Greg. Popping my head back through the door…it’s like entering a really old, smoky saloon bar, the old protagonists at once fighting then putting arms round one another, all half cut, of course 🙂

  12. I don’t have a problem with criticism of Pentecostalism or any other ism, I just prefer a more adult approach which doesn’t always focus on the same two churches and leaderships, which has led to unbalanced commentary in the past.

    Speaking of unbalanced commentary, the Reformed twins have been assimilated into c3churchwatch, which has adopted a decidedly Reformed/Lutheran hypercritical flavour. Margot (Watcher) has converted the entire ‘team’ to her way of thinking, and sits like mama at the head of the doctrinal table, while Zorro reigns as supreme pitbull over all commentary. They have no reason to park here, where their views may be exposed in a less censorial atmosphere where they have no control over proceedings.

  13. Wow fantastic. I say the word yesterday and then Greg is finally pulling the plug. Thank goodness for that !!!!!! He can take his insults elsewhere and stop giving us all a bad name. And nope it is not 5tp, stp or whoever you think it is

  14. I think those who want to let go for a while should go and allow others who would like to continue to do so.

    No one is forcing anyone to come here or to contribute.

    If Greg is losing the passion he should have a time out. Pulling the pin on the basis of his own feelings solves nothing.

    Others retain the passion.

  15. As I said in the post – IF I HAD A PIN TO PULL – I don;t have the authoirty to pull the pin on this blog – I’m only a mere contributor – Wonder Why – you’re a dick who ever you are – havent got the balls to say soemthing to me with your real face on – but hide behind a psuedonym and a fake email adn fake url – grow some adn then you’ve got the right to talk about me adn my insults – so whoever you are, thanks for contributing nothing

  16. Steve – where’s you’re passoin you ahve tn’ posted anythiong of value in ages – I’m the main poster here when you ahve exactly the same posting rights as I do – I’ve watched and waited for you to pick up the slack as I have posted hardly anyting in the past month – but you have been nowhere to be seen

  17. If Bull, who is running the site, has no interest in working on it, he should hand it over to someone else so it can be redeveloped and refreshed.

    My present passion is greater for the rellies I’m hanging out with in far north QLD. Much more fun!

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