Cat ladies take over the Australian Christian Lobby

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(Credit: Australian Cat Ladies)

An Australian Christian Lobby domain name has been snapped up and turned into a website for the Australian Cat Ladies.

If you’re going to have a web presence, sometimes, it pays to make sure any domain name associated with the name of your organisation is accounted for. The Australian Christian Lobby operates out of the domain name, after moving from But the domain has been quietly occupied, seemingly kept in reserve — until a relaunch on Sunday.

Three Melbourne feminists — Hilary Bowman-Smart, Genevieve Stewart and Jessica Alice — snapped up the domain when it became available, turning it into a website for the group, called Australian Cat Ladies, stating that there has been a case of mistaken identity between the two groups. “Please note, it is very important that you do not confuse ‘Cat-Holics’ with ‘Catholics’,” the site reads.

Meanwhile, its values are quite different to those of its alter-ego, the Australian Christian Lobby.

We stand against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, religious discrimination, fatphobia, whorephobia and all forms of injustice. We understand that cat ladies come in all shapes, sizes, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and ethnicities, and encourage ACL membership by anyone who identifies as a cat lady or a cat lady ally.

The organisation is pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, anti-poverty, pro-responsible cat ownership and, above all, pro-belly rubs.

So far, the Australian Christian Lobby has made no effort to buy back the domain name and refused to comment on the new website, according to the Herald Sun.

4 thoughts on “Cat ladies take over the Australian Christian Lobby

  1. HAZZARD COUNTRY,the internet ,not to mention our dear Domain keepers,should have to physically notify people before this can happen.Much of present day business is morally bankrupt, so why would they care?

  2. And these “cats” are Satanic, so it would seem by the new age rainbow and all the inclusive crap – but flesh is flesh – all flesh is as grass – you can include all you like and stroke your pussy until its coat gleams but you will still end up worm tucker. Cats are OK in their place but give me a good dog any day, at least they are loyal and they bight burglar’s bums!

    Hey Greg, did you think it was a scream that Bones did not know that the antichrist is only ever mentioned once in the Bible in 1 John? Laugh! That will teach him for making fun of my typo.

    You have to be gracious – even to New Age Pussies – but as for Jezebel (the spirit), Jesus had something to say about her in revelation – oh dear, that’s right, it was not Jesus after all, as Revelation is not even inspired, according to Bones…laugh, you have to don’t you? Meow. Just wait until the apocalypse, my dog may have to settle for cat food, made from real cats…

  3. Nope, parts of Revelation aren’t inspired. Neither is it the same Jesus.

    Funny about the ACL thing though.

    They’re actually a bunch of pussies.

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