Slippery slope: Gender selective abortion and conscience

The Herald Sun reports on a doctor, who, for personal and religious reasons, refused an abortion on the grounds of gender, has come under fire. He also faces possible punishment for not referring to a doctor who would perform the abortion, which would be no different for the conscientious doctor to performing the abortion himself.

A DOCTOR who says that he refused an abortion referral on gender grounds believes all abortion is “murder” and said he has not made any referrals for “quite some years”. Dr Mark Hobart said he was “dumbfounded” when a couple told him they wanted an abortion referral because they wanted a boy, not a girl, and says he broke the law by refusing to provide a referral. In Victoria, a doctor who is a “conscientious objector” to abortion is required to refer patients to another doctor who is not a conscientious objector. Dr Hobart said he would not know which doctors were objectors or not, but he refused to refer the couple directly to an abortion clinic, then learned later they had found one and had the abortion. According to a 2011 submission to a Victorian inquiry, Dr Hobart believes “anyone with full knowledge of their actions and with free will who assists in abortion is committing a mortal sin and the Catholic Church teaches this person will go to hell”. “I am unable to refer for an abortion, because reason and logic lead me to conclude it is murder,” he wrote. “To say it is not murder is against direct observation, reason and logic. “To say it is not murder is to deny reality. Hence, if I refer for an abortion I become an accomplice to murder.” Asked yesterday if he still stood by those views, Dr Hobart said that he did. “That’s basically how I feel,” he said. Dr Hobart is a former Democratic Labor Party candidate. “Pro-life” Victorian DLP senator John Madigan has drafted legislation to ban Medicare rebates for gender-selective abortions, although there is scant evidence they occur. Dr Hobart conceded the clinic that eventually carried out the abortion on the couple who wanted a boy may have been unaware of their original reasons for the abortion. Reproductive Choice Australia President Dr Leslie Cannold said Dr Hobart should have disclosed that he wouldn’t have referred the couple to an abortion clinic under any circumstances. “The doctor made it sound like he wouldn’t refer because of what he alleged were the couple’s reasons for the abortion but now we know he wouldn’t have referred no matter what,” she said.

There is more than one issue at stake here. First, the way in which a couple can consider the gender of a child to be so repulsive that they would abort, not on health grounds, but on selective grounds. Second the way in which doctors, who are, to the best of their ability, to save lives and preserve their patients, are being asked to make decisions, which have to impact on their own conscience over time, on whether a child in a womb should live or die.

UPDATE: this from a brilliant National Review article by Mark Steyn:

America is the abortion mill of the developed world. In Western Europe, the state is yet squeamish enough to insist that the act be confined to twelve weeks (France) or 13 (Italy), with mandatory counseling (Germany), or up to 18 if approved by a government “commission” (Norway). Granted, many of these “safeguards” are pro forma and honored in the breach, but that’s preferable to America where they’re honored in the breech and the distinction between abortion and infanticide depends on whether the “doctor” gets to the baby’s skull before it’s cleared the cervix.

It’s worth reading the full article, which covers the liberal West’s reluctance to face facts when they stare them in the eye.


19 thoughts on “Slippery slope: Gender selective abortion and conscience

  1. Yes, I saw this article over the weekend and was similarly horrified at the idea that one would not simply accept the gift fo a child – whichever of the 7 genders orientations they might have!

  2. Are they born heterosexual? I don;t think so. babies are born babies – they avhe no sexual orientation at all

    You’re placing your map over the territory that is sexuality I think Steve – I have no way of knowing if a baby is born gay and you have no way of knowing that they aren’t.

    If a test became available to determine what a childs sexuality might end up being then the question becomes valid.

    My sense is that people are born with the chemistry that determines sexuality and at some point in life that gets turned on.

    Its just like all babies are created female – were you aware of that Steve? It is only becasue at just the right time in the development of the foetus a chemical is released that it develops it’s male gender.

    Is it not possible that at some point something does or doesn;t happen in our chemistry which determines a persons sexuality – their attractedness sexuality to either males or females?

    It is not a question of morality, in my mind, but a questoin of chemistry.

  3. I think it was you who said there were seven kinds of sexual orientation, Greg, and Bones who suggested people are born gay.

    I merely said no one is born gay.

    You claim babies have no sexual orientation. Of course they do. The boys have penises, and the girls have vaginas. In very rare cases hermaphrodites are born, but generally a person born with a penis is called a boy, and a person born with a vagina is called a girl.

    Girls, around the age of eleven begin to menstruate. This is because, at birth, they have the entire seed cluster for their lives and at puberty their cycles begin.

    Boys, around the age of twelve or so, begin to produce sperm. This is a continuous process until they reach old age.

    I remind you that God created this arrangement.

    Later sexual orientation, as it is called, has nothing to do with the infant which passes into the world throu the birth canal.

    Of course, the gender assassination crowd would like to do away with the terms ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. This way everyone an become an ‘it’ and have sex with whatever ‘it’ it chooses.

    Perhaps you should pass on your information that all foetuses are female until a chemisl is released to the couple who wanted a boy, so aborted the girl.

    You and Bones have merely ignored the post and picked a fight.

  4. Incidentally, my first reaction to the story is that I would hope that God would shut up the womb of the woman who rejected the gift of a daughter, but I guess I’ll have to repent of this presumptuousness, and hope they can find some kind of repentance in their hearts for their callous approach to new life, and get through the future they’ve earned for themselves of regret and remorse every anniversary of the clinical destruction of their God-given little girl.

    But, worse than this, the horrible thought of the destiny of those who run the clinics and make money out of the termination of human lives should be haunting, and, I hope, daunting for those who are engaged in this horrific industry.

    However, viewing the video I placed in the post will tell you that there are some people in the industry who obviously view late term aborted infants as mere pieces of flesh and bone, and have no conscience whatsoever.

  5. You claim babies have no sexual orientation. Of course they do. The boys have penises, and the girls have vaginas.

    Your gender has absolutley nothing whatsoever to do with your sexuality. And your block and tackle contrinute to determining your gender and yes Steve – having a penus usually makes you a boy – wow, you are so switched on.

    Uhm, my ‘information’ that all foetuses are female to begin with is science mate – its fact, and its not mine…its actullay more factual to say all embryos start of as female and it is not until several weeks into gestatoin that gender is differentiated by the release of hormones.

    If you look a the bottom of your lackle there is a dark line going from tip of foreskin (if youre intact) to base of scrotum – this is where what was a vaginal opening fused upon the release of testosterone to become the scrotum and penus

    I was pulling your leg about the 7 gender orientations

    That girls have vaginas and produce eggs and mestruate and that boys produce sperm is connected to the chemistry that determines sexuality and sexual identification, but does not cause it – both are caused – not one causes the other.

  6. So? You and Bones constructed this silly argument about sexuality which has nothing to do with the post.

    Of course the infant has no sexual preference. That is what I was saying to Bones. But his or her sexuality is, at birth, made reasonably predictable by their physiology.

    Only a small percentage of humans end up in homosexual or lesbian arrangements. The majority are heterosexual, so it could be easily determined that a person with a penis will copulate with a person with a vagina, regardless of the ‘science’ of their physical attributes.

    Homosexual or lesbian relationships are the exception rather than the norm, although you would be deemed politically incorrect to state it in a forum like this using that terminology.

    That is because the gay and lesbian lobby is so loud and pronounced in the West that people actually think its shadow reveals a majority rather than a very small minority.

    So my guess would be that only 0.5% of infants born may eventually engage in homosexual or lesbian relationships, but that, at birth, this could not be determined, since they are not born homosexual, nor are they born lesbian. They are born male or female with the generally expected outcome of being heterosexual.

    The argument is juvenile and therefore I dealt with its infantile assumptions accordingly.

  7. Perhaps I’ll slightly revise my demographic of gay orientation up, but it still remains a low percentage.

    ‘The largest and most thorough survey in Australia to date was conducted by telephone interview with 19,307 respondents between the ages of 16 and 59 in 2001/2002. The study found that 97.4% of men identified as heterosexual, 1.6% as gay and 0.9% as bisexual. For women 97.7% identified as heterosexual, 0.8% as lesbian and 1.4% as bisexual. Nevertheless, 8.6% of men and 15.1% of women reported either feelings of attraction to the same gender or some sexual experience with the same gender. Half the men and two thirds of the women who had same-sex sexual experience regarded themselves as heterosexual rather than homosexual.’

    The US statistics reveal an upward trend amongst young people, which indicates a learned orientation rather than a natural inclination.

    So the more homosexuality is accepted the greater the pool. This tells us that people are less certain of their sexuality when they reach puberty, and more likely to choose a sexual lifestyle based on opportunity, cultural decisions, attraction or need, whereas pious generations were brought up to expect heterosexual relationships as the only cultural option.

    Whether or not this is a good trend is debatable. From a Biblical perspective it is predicted as a last days trend, but not in a positive way.

    However, at this stage, it is still clear that most infants will be expected to enter a heterosexual relationship at some time in their lives, and that homosexual attraction is the exception, not the norm.

  8. Oh, and Greg and Eyes are prone to perversion, judging by their comments, not just here, but dotted all over the blogoscape.

  9. I think that the, ‘My nipples are very sensitive'(Arnold Schwarzenegger)vid,fits in well.
    Because if Arnie really did have a baby,should it be terminated?
    Maybe Arnie would terminate the baby.
    Or even worse the baby could terminate Arnie!
    Which ever way you look at it,it’s terminal.

  10. Yes, but you and Greg seem to have a juvenile fascination with private parts. Nothing sinister or porno. Just immature and unfunny, like a Benny Hill joke, or something out of the old Carry On movies, or just about any US comedy show.

  11. Thought you were shutting up shop?! Please. The drivel on here is woeful at best, clearly a year away has not improved a thing… Things have gone even further down the drain!!!

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