Your new benevolant dictator has arrived

Bull has made me an admin and I have changed Bull’s role to that of Author – he can contribute here if he has a mind to, but as he has not in any way administered this site in the past 2 years and in fact in all the time he has been associated with this blog he has only posted 12 articles, I really don’t think he requires admin privileges.

I have in the past deleted my entire corpus of articles from this blog – which caused a great deal of angst among certain commentors.  I want to assure you that this will never occur again.

No one will be banned from this site other than through majority commentor request.

I will be looking to change things up around here, but will try to ensure everyone is happy with any changes – for example I think we need a new header – I will create a number and ask for a vote on which to choose.

Over the next few weeks I thought we night try out a few diffrerent appearance settings for the site and see which one we like best.

In anycase, let the celebrations begin – The Administrator is dead; long live the Administrator!

12 thoughts on “Your new benevolant dictator has arrived

  1. You might want to close off some of the old entries to comments while your at it so the scammers are kept at bay and are controllable.

    May love commence…

  2. Looks good. My first entry in comments didn’t allow me to correct spelling in Safari. Don’t know if that’s my issue or the site’s. Seems OK now, though.

  3. All hail Greg,,, the new and improved Blogganator!
    And as for Bones and Steve,–You Bloody lap dogged hedge Humpers.

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