Terrorism is to Islam as Ku Klux Clan is to Christianity


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  1. Totally irrelevant.
    Study the military campaigns of Mohammed and his followers vs Jesus and the disciples.
    Then study the prevalance of the Klu klux Klan in modern American society and the world as opposed to the incidence of Islamic terrorism throughout the world today.

    IF, the Klu Klux Klan were beheading people and bombing planes, cars, buses and executing people in various countries while shouting “Praise Jesus” I would have no argument with those who aren’t Christians being wary of Christians of other denominations.

    If the Klu Klux Klan killed people in Asia while preaching about Jesus, I would be perfectly happy as a white Christian to be racially and religously profiled at airports etc. It would make sense. I wouldn’t be happy about random groups beating christians up after the latest Klan terrorist act, but it would be perfectly normal for normal citizens to reasses the amount of white Protestants allowed in their country.

    And yes, Christians of other denominations should march in the streets to show their solidarity with their adopted countries, and continually denounce the actions of the Klan members.

    Cute photos – one going back almost 100 years.

    I totally and uncategorically denounce the murderous actions of the Klan.
    And if they were around now, I’d be telling Christians to go overboard in co-operating with the police.

    But, the reality is that there aren’t many people in many countries who are that worried about the Klan now.

    So, you’ve made a theoretical point which is almost entirely irrelevant.

    Do you know how many countries are experiencing death and intimidation at the hands of those who claim to be the most devout members of Islam now?

  2. I don’t know who posted these pictures, but it is a hateful and wickedly contrived misrepresentation of the current debate.

    No Christian in their right mind condones the KKK, their evil is highly localised, and largely diminished in currently. It has nothing like the modern impact globally of Islamic militance, and is totally irrelevant to the current discussions.

    Did you want someone to up the ante by producing graphic pictures or youtube videos of Islamic beheadings, car bombings and the like to escalate the whole debate?

    I don’t want to be part of this blog any more if this is what is going to happen.

  3. I posted them up and they are totally relevant. Just as you don’t want to be tarred with the Ku Klux Klan brush, neither do intelligent right thinking Muslims want to be tarred with the terrorist brush.

  4. Can you show me anywhere in any piece or comment I have made on this where I have tarred all Muslims with the same brush? I have not. Ever.

    Your claim is offensive.

  5. I understand that point. But because the practical levels and implications are on a totally different scale, I don’t see the point in making the statement.

    You don’t see the irony in those old black and white photos of a movement that was limited to the US (and perhaps Canada?).

    And I’m not sure who you want to convince. Both Steve and I have stated that we have civil relations with Muslims.

    But the fact remains, that there are terrorist acts committed by Muslims who have been radicalized in western countries REGARDLESS of education, income and govt programs to accomodate their beliefs and show respect to their culture.

    So, if the Klan start their nonsense, I’ll be happy for the Buddhists, Muslims, Bahai and atheists t
    to worried about Christians, and for them to get nervous if I start wearing a hood.

    You don’t see my point?

    You could talk bring up Jim Jones and I’d say the same thing.
    If Hillsong people started bombing, I’d wouldn’t condemn China or India for tightening up on visas for pentecostals, and I certainly wouldn’t condemn them for expressing concerns.

  6. If you read anything I have written I have focused on the modern era. The figures I gave are from 1960 onwards, and the furthest I go back is 1948 and he formation of the modern Israeli state.

    The KKK was at the height of its power from 1882 to 1901, over 100 years ago, with various atrocities to 1920, then a gradual petering out until 1968 when the dreadful lynchings were largely halted.

    They have been largely and consistently dismissed by all forms of society as evil, religiously racist mobs who do not have a Christian bone in their bodies. They have been well and truly denounced by all religions for many years.

    Using them as an equivalent is not only offensive, it is utterly irrelevant to the discussion.

    It is interesting that you have to go that far back in history to find a single group to support your need for a moral equivalence so that you can side with Islam.

    There is no modern equivalent to the scale and intent of militant Islam.

  7. Apart from this, not one single person on these threads has made the claim that militant Islam represents all Muslims.

    So what is your point and what is the point of publishing these pictures?

  8. Oh, sorry, someone called Philip something might have said militant Islam represents all Muslims when you did the Danny prophet post. But no one agreed with his extreme perspective and he is long gone.

    There is no point to this post.

  9. Oh, what’s the point. I find the connotations in this post offensive to all Christians, and, given that this is supposed to be primarily a site with a Christian perspective (I thought), this is a particularly harsh judgment of Christians in general, even if it is not intended.

    I want nothing to do with this development, so I wish you all well, but this is where it ends for me.

  10. Muhammad’s Own Words
    Prophet of Doom was written to expose what Islam’s founder had to say about himself, his ambition, religion, and god. Before you use or criticize these quotes, please read this overview from the author. For those who are serious about the study of Islam, be sure to read the source material appendix, entitled Islam’s Dark Past.


    Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.'”
    Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”
    Qur’an:8:57 “If you gain mastery over them in battle, inflict such a defeat as would terrorize them, so that they would learn a lesson and be warned.”
    Ishaq:326 “If you come upon them, deal so forcibly as to terrify those who would follow, that they may be warned. Make a severe example of them by terrorizing Allah’s enemies.”
    Qur’an:8:67 “It is not fitting for any prophet to have prisoners until he has made a great slaughter in the land.”
    Ishaq:588 “When the Apostle descends on your land none of your people will be left when he leaves.”
    Tabari IX:42 “We have been dealt a situation from which there is no escape. You have seen what Muhammad has done. Arabs have submitted to him and we do not have the strength to fight. You know that no herd is safe from him. And no one even dares go outside for fear of being terrorized.”

    Much more @,

  11. Greg, I got it. See, we are more alike than you might like…I see the point you are making and would go further and say that it obviates (to me) how much of a NON ISSUE so-called Islamic Jihad is. Tally up the Jihadometer and count the corpses people – the West is winning by a wide margin – the Islamists are not even close, but they are very handy for scaring the fearful and distracting the faithful.

    Q, your argument appears specious and trite and speculates as to a scenario which simply would not exist by any stretch of the imagination. You and Steve seem to have taken umbrage, offense even with Steven, where I sense Greg meant none at all. Greg may be many things, but deliberately offensive? Maybe more argumentative and pig-headed…

    The KKK were an offshoot of that wonderful Babylonian system of philosophy known in latter times as Freemasonry and Kaballah, and have much in common with Islamist fundamentalism.

    What most Xians simply do not get is that Talmudist Jews hate them much more than they do any Islamist, who they see more as a errant brother, a fellow Shemite. Islam is actually not a threat to Judaism, anymore than Mormonism is a threat to Christianity…and you can interpret that however you like…I left that one wide open….

    And just what is a Christian perspective Steve? That would be the Mind of Christ, yes? Not our opinion but His (judgment) yes? I know how much you just love what Jesus tells me, so i will remind you what he said when i asked Him what the Great Apostasy was. The answer, “It is nothing more than everyone having their own opinion instead of the Mind of Christ.” Sounds like Chaos to me, or Babylon…

    So, tell me again about a Christian perspective already? I am all ears.

    Oh, I get it, you mean HAVING THE SAME PERSPECTIVE AS CHRIST! Yes, I quite agree…seeing things His Way…

    I had one of those moments tonight – I was helping my son clean up as he is moving house. Two of his boys were supposed to be cleaning but seemed to be more engaged in monitoring each other and distracting themselves than actually achieving anything. I did the Grandad growl and suggested that they might better focus on their own appointed tasks instead of each other. I think that there might just be a lesson in that for all of us, yes? Me especially…

  12. @Ian. I’m not offended. And I understand Greg’s point. It’s simple and on it’s simple level most people would agree.

    I just agree with Steve that given the timing and the scale and the current problems we are having, it’s pretty irrelevant.

    It’s similar to the Westboro Baptist one recently. I just don’t think it’s helpful in anyway.

    And people in many countries are getting tired of Muslims killing people in yet another country, only to be told “No, they aren’t real Muslims and aren’t representative – just think about the 30 Westboro Baptists or those Klan members in the old black n white photos, or the crusaders centuries ago”.

    Alright already – we know that. So, maybe Greg can go and explain to tomorrow’s Muslim terrorists about the correct interpretation of the Koran. Anything – just stop the killing.

  13. There are a huge number of Christian terrorist attacks also. The Breivik massacre was the most recent, but there were a lot of bombings of Abortion clinics and setting fire to Gay bars. The problem is not limited to Islam.

  14. Q, who is it that is getting tire of Muslims practicing Jihad in the streets? There is evidence to suggest that the Boston bombings were yet another false flag operation, one of a long list, and don’t forget the suicide bomber training facility at Guantanamo. What the US State Dept is doing is vastly worse than any so called Islamist. On September 11th, 1858, a group of Mormons dressed as Indians attacked a wagon train headed to California, slaughtered 140 and took 17 small children to be traded as slaves within the Mormon community. Mormon companies and individuals were involved in the logistics of the Murrah Building bombing, the first WTC attack, and 9/11.

    Or, like the Muslims, they are being used as fall guys, as the patsy in the plot. The net result is that buildings which were owned by Frank Lowy (Westfield, ex Haganah) and the lease sold to Larry Silverstein, NY property owner and drug/sleaze king-pin, who three months later scooped a 7.8 billion dollar insurance payout on buildings which would have cost 3.5 billion to bring up to code (Asbestos issues) or to demolish. And the coincidence of a War Dept exercise that day based on a so-called terrorist scenario of planes and buildings, and that closet Mormon Dick Cheney ran the show while George Bush was reading kid’s stories to American children…gee, they thought of everything…they even found time to remind Americans how stupid they largely are…in case you have not worked it out yet, Mormons are not Americans, they are Mormons, they have their own “nation” within a nation, sort of like cancer, only more conservative….

    Did you know the Boston Police were running a Bomb exercise at the Marathon? They had some nice boys from Chechen involved…I think one of them might have been named Lee Harvey Oswald…

    My brother, who is a senior political journalist, thinks Lee Harvey Oswald actually shot Kennedy and Co and will not hear otherwise. Oh well, when I prophesied in August 2008 that the Dow would crash in early October and that it would be called a perfect storm, he said that i did not know what i was talking about – and he has not spoken to me since….

    Now tell me guys, have any of you actually looked in the Book of Mormon, the Koran or Talmud, or the Bhargavita for that matter? To be taken in by these tomes is to me indicative of having either a deluded mind or a demonic entity in charge of the house. Or perhaps the Gnostic (No-stick) gospels? There is no anointing, no witness, but there is persuasion and pressure for the person who has no real sense of God or His person and an appeal to lust, always an appeal to lust, and to an exclusive doctrine.

    There is a false witness, it is usually like a light bulb moment when you go “wow” and then later find that it was really just a fanny fart of a thought, (let he who is of Oz understand) and does not stand inspection. I found that false witness operates in churches more than anywhere – I believe that it is part and parcel of an energy which results from agreement – a hive mind mentality where things seem to make sense until subjected to scriptural scrutiny…which is why churches have high turnovers… people can still read…and I have found Church leaders usually HATE their doctrines being questioned, especially Pentecostal Pastor/Popes.

    The thing which tells us if the scripture is true, or even if it has been truly interpreted and or translated is the witness of the Holy Spirit. This witness is the greatest resource your faith has to resist lies, but it must be developed and nurtured by hearing and doing and seeing the results, the fruit. The witness is the Mind of Christ. Paul said that we have the Mind of Christ. If we have it, then why resort to opinion which only ever brings division, discord, and dissonance. Babylon is based on mutual agreement based on the expression and fulfillment of individual lust, whereas the kingdom of God is established in agreement with God, resisting the flesh, and having regard to one another as being also God’s creation, His children.

    I have found a one step program to peace – it is call forgiveness. It is not a 10 step program to righteousness nor a 12 step program to sobriety – it takes but one step to begin to walk in the Spirit, but if you will not forgive, then neither will your Father forgive you. Simple, no equivocation, ONE STEP…its called obedience…and its all about forgiveness and being found to be perfected in Love like God and by God. The only reason why people resist is that they have far too much invested in being right and believing in hell and working out God instead of working out their own salvation…and in this Christians are no different than any other religion, hence they all kind of look the same because people are in essence the same and all make the same stupid mistakes where God is concerned.

  15. I like what you said about forgiveness.

    I haven’t heard about the Mormon 9/11 connection….. You continually say things that I have never heard of.
    I’ll spend five minutes over coffee looking it up. I thought I’d heard it all.

    I don’t doubt that you have had some valid experiences. But, there was no earthquake in North Korea last weekend and I don’t know any science that has validated your conspiracy theory about the US radar platform being used to cause earthquakes. If they can do it, I’m surprised they haven’t done it more often.

    And, there was no earthquake in Christchurch last weekend as you feared. I live in earthquake country to, so if you ever do get to be able to predict them with any certainly I’ll be all

    False flag operation?
    Lee Harvey Oswald?

    Man I still keep meeting people who don’t think the US has ever been to the moon.
    btw, out of all of us here, who do you think is most likely to actually be a Mormon/Mossad plant?
    And aren’t you worried that you aren’t being monitored here?

  16. Those photos are amazing though. incredible that there was a time and place when a Christian minister allowed the Klan to be in church like that. I’d be interested in the background to it.

  17. @ian. I am no doubt your biggest fan on this site (maybe your only one).

    I think that one of the biggest problems in Christian history has been that some people who have had some revelation of God assumed that everything that thought or had opinions about was equally as valid and said it with the same conviction.

    The fact that you say Jesus told you this or that doesn’t bother me. I have no problems with Christians in the 21st century claiming to have seen visions, been spoken to in a dream, been helped by angels etc.

    I’ve also met a lot of wackos in my time.

    You seem like an incredibly genuine man who loves Jesus to me.

    For the record, while I am aware of the disturbing early history of Joseph Smith and Brighma Young, and don’t doubt that Mormons are striving and hoping for as much influence in American govt as they can,
    I think it’s crazy to suggest they were responsible for 9/11. I’d place more credence on Brian Houston rigging the outcome of the NRL grand final than that one.

    You must have SOME reputation in your part of the world. I’d have paid to watch you debate the Wizard in the square there.

    PS, NZ is the only place I ever came across a British-Israelite Christian bookstore, and Branhamites. The land of the white cloud seems to have a disproportionate number of Christians with radical ideas.

  18. Alright already – we know that. So, maybe Greg can go and explain to tomorrow’s Muslim terrorists about the correct interpretation of the Koran. Anything – just stop the killing.

    I’ll have a crack at it.

    Love Allah and love your neighbour? I wonder if that would end up being the whole of the Koran? You know what, I’m going to call as many imams as I can and do a survey and then post an article!

    You’ve spurred me on Q.

    I really am glad you’re back 😉

  19. While you’re at it maybe you can call Pat Robertson on behalf of Bones and I and ask him for a statement about Rios Montt.

  20. @Greg As long as the prayer request isn’t for something unscriptural. 🙂

    And I wasn’t saying you should find out the correct interpretation , I said YOU should teach the Muslims the correct interpretation.

  21. And I wasn’t saying you should find out the correct interpretation , I said YOU should teach the Muslims the correct interpretation.

    I’d have to work out what iut was first though wouldn’t I…or could I just make it up and try to convince tem its true…Heck, that’s what I think people like Ken Copeland does! Q, you’re onto something here.

    As long as the prayer request isn’t for something unscriptural.

    I won’t go into the detials online, but I had a very tough night on Monday night and ended up in hospital…I coudl use some extra prayers (although I’m certain God is not an interventionist God…I just hope he is on this occasion!)

  22. I believe God is an interventionist God. If He isn’t then the Bible could probably be reduced to a postcard.

    I prayed and will continue to pray for you.

  23. I prayed that God (the non-interterventionist God?) would do a miracle and bless you and put people in your life that will help you and that you know we love you and God loves you.

    Now I’m gonna have another beer.

    And see if God does His magic.

  24. By the way, getting back to terrorism and the Klan and Islam etc.

    Between 1998 and 2003, 10,000 Christians in Indonesia were reportedly killed. Maybe you all don’t remember but many churches were destroyed, and women and girls raped. Many raped while the Muslims were praising Allah.

    A report has come out today that 100,000 are killed in the world annually.
    The places where the most Christians are raped, killed, bombed, beheaded are in Africa and the Middle East. All countries with lots of Muslims.

    Thousands of Christians killed – not accidentally, not because Muslim militaries werer trying to kill CHristian terrorists but they hid among Christian civlians, but killed on purpose because they wererr CHristians and to instill terror.

    In the US where Muslims are still only one percent most Muslims say they want peace and to be liknormal Americans. But still there was the Boston Massacre, the Fort Hood Massacre, and other plots uncovered thankfully.

    In London where Muslims are 10% there was a beheading in the streets and Muslims want Sharia Law.
    In European countries there are Muslims enclaves where police are afraid to enter, and of course there has been a week or rioting in Sweden. As well as assassinations and riots over books and comics. Yes, cartoons. And Rushdie is stil nervous. Christians are persecuted in Iran, and in a totally Muslim country like Saudi Arabia everything is peaceful – but why? Because Christians can’t share their faith with others. Islam has complete domination.

    So, why are Christians in the west so concerned about the gay issue and some mega churches?

    The question I’ve been asking myself recently and want to put to you all. WHy hasn’t Q, many individuals, and churches been praying more and concerned more for Christians who are in jail, persecuted, or have lost familiy members to torture, rape and death?

    Why is it that Muslims will riot and kill and behead people for grievances against their brethren in other countries, but churches in the west hardly even say a prayer for the tens or thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Christians being persecuted right now?

    And why are western churches spending time voting and debating about gay marriage instead of praying and debating what can be done to alleviate the suffering of Christians in many other countries.
    Are all the attacks on evangelical churches over Pastors incomes and tithing and worship styles are diversionary tactic of our adversary satan? Or is is just that western countries have lost love for their brethren?

  25. While you’re resting, try not to read my posts.

    Okay, I’ll make a deal. For the next 24 hours, I won’t post any opinions. 🙂

  26. “I want nothing to do with this development, so I wish you all well, but this is where it ends for me.”

    I hope that didn’t mean the end of Steve commenting here.
    Did it?

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