Updated commenting policy

As a rule people have been allowed to post comments without fear of being deleted or censored. Unfortunately we tend to get heated here at signposts02, and this can result in people starting to name call…none of us have been immune to this. Some of us (*nervously shuffles feet kicking the dust*) are more prone to this than others.

From here on in, any comment that includes name calling of other commenters will be deleted.

I would appreciate some discussion on this thread about what standards we want applied to posts and comments on our community blog.

9 thoughts on “Updated commenting policy

  1. No swearing and no name-calling. Simple.

    My name-calling has only ever been to prove a point, and has only ever been directed at people who have claimed that name-calling and swearing is acceptable.

    Telling people to F-off etc has no place on a Christian website. If atheists and non-Christians swear I have no problem with it and don’t mention it.

    But it seems that for me, the only way to get a point across to people who swear and insult is to do it back to show them the absurdity of it. I’ve even thought of telling people to F-off and swear back at them.

    So, in conclusion. At the bare minimum, no words that wouldn’t be bleeped out of the nightly news.

    But that’s been what I’ve been saying for a long time.

  2. To prove how hypocritical and ridiculous it what for you to tell me, Bull and others to F,off, and call Steve, me and others dickheads, and call me a Nancy girl.

    You still don’t get it?

    At least it seems to have worked because when it is thrown back you start to think about commenting policy.

    I repeat. The only reason I called you Nancy is because you called me a nancy girl.
    That’s stupid.

    And the irony is that if I called someone a nancy girl these days publicly, the gay community would no doubt be on my back, as would the feminists, and who knows how many other groups.

    Go back over hears of comments. You’ll probably notice that I overlooked bad behavior and insults for months, Until in the end I decided that perhaps the only way to get through to you and Bones was to give back some of your own medicine.

    I don’t normally have to do that to anyone.

    I think if you asked Steve, Margot, RP, the Pope, some nuns in Toledo,or a Salvo in a pub in Melbourne, that calling people dickheads and telling them to Foff, is not becoming of Christians.

    You and Bones have always disagreed. But, Christians of all denominations I know, teachers and educators and those in charge or standards in broadcasting are against you.

    But in the end, if you decide that foul language and insults are fine based on linguistics or because some child was bombed in some country etc etc, that’s fine. I’ll give it back.

    So you can swear if you like and say what you like, but don’t then take affront at being called Nancy.

  3. My one regret is that I didn’t start taking this up when 5P was here. His language, insults etc were revolting, and may have been what started the tone here initially.

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