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In view of Ian William’s continual need to express his rambling thought processes and give him an outlet from which other threads can be completely free, I have put together this post, based on three of his comments transferred from a thread which had nothing whatsoever to do with what he was saying.

This way, when Ian has something to say which is irrelevant to any other thread, he has an outlet for his thoughts.

The following is from the ‘Sheikh, Rattle and Roll’ thread.


Q, Paul said that he was a prime example of the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ, not the baddest sinner on the block, though arguably he was, if you want to measure sin. The trouble with most Xians is that they do not know how to read their leavened Bibles as they have leavened minds. Jesus came to save sinners, of whom I am a prime example. Get it? Of whom I am a prime example.

If you know nothing of the process by which the world’s central banks are being coalesced into a Super Bank system under the auspices of the Bank of International Settlements then I cannot help your ignorance – you need to do some research. Have a talk to Willem Bellaard at Queensland Uni Dept of Political Science – ask him what the Governor of the Bank of England told him in 1999 – new money system by 2015 at the latest.

I hardly ever look at Global Research, my father future proofed me many years ago in the 60′s and 70′s – told me how it would all pan out, and guess what? He was right, but then he was prophetic too. He told me about the huge oil and mineral wealth in NZ and how it was being kept under wraps for future exploitation, and how we would be invaded and taken over…it was quite an eye-opener to realize that our masters in London and Washington want to turn our Godzone country into their own personal paradise, a Haiti in the South Pacific.

In the 1940′s, a NZ team developed the engineering of Tsunamis with the future intention to create Tsunamis to assist with the invasion of mainland Japan – this is well documented. All the data went to the US DOD. It was apparently decided not to use the bomb for this purpose due to the possibility of Tsunamis reaching Hawaii and the US mainland. The Boxing Day Sumatra EQ was measured at Jakarta as a 6.7, and by Norsk Geo as 7.0. According top the yanks it was a 9.1.

I asked how come there was very little quake damage but a kick ass tsunami. I heard “10 megaton Hydrogen Bomb”. I also heard that “as they had lied, there will be a real 9.1″.

What do you think happened to the warheads “lost” in exercises or in the three US nuclear subs which have sunk? How does a 6.7 go to 9.1? Watch footage of reactions to the initial 7.0ish tremor. The same applies with Japan – three mid 6 quakes registered and yet again it is a 9.1, and hello, all the 19 safety systems and back-up systems at Fukushima fail at once, after the security systems have been recently overhauled by a team of Israeli specialists from an Israeli Military Industrial complex company. The Germans responded by de-commissioning all the N plants – Stuxnet was in the house. Besides if that really had been a 9.1, the folk in that Newsroom being shown having a wobbly old time, would have been propelled through the air at literally break neck speed and most of Japan would have been flattened – it was bullshit guys and you are too stupid and naive to realize it. Have you been in a big quake? I have – several – and if it really was a 9.1, virtually everything in a 500km radius would have been flattened or damaged.

Wake up and smell the coffee guys, these are not conspiracy theories, they are conspiracy facts. You won’t have to worry about anyone giving anything back – God is going to make it a level field. The sorrow the West has inflicted will come back – multiplied – and when it does, the willful whiteys will whinge and whine. As for 20yr old’s not being beholden the their past, what a stupid thing to say. While the blessings of the fathers will accrue to the third generation, the sins are to the fourth…in Biblical terms a generation is usually 40yrs – 4 x 40 = 160. In case you have forgotten how to count as well as how to read. LOL.


BY the way, guys, I don’t for a minute think that Jews are a particular problem, though Paul did say that a certain blindness of heart will afflict a portion of Israel until ALL, that’s all, as in all, the nations come in (to the kingdom) IN THEIR ENTIRETY, and then ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED.

I think certain of the Jews, largely Edomite and Khazar, are they who say that they are Judeans but are not and do lie, and are a synagogue of Satan. The same leavened strain is well engaged in the Western Church but also in Moscow Putin, the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church and the Chief Rabbi of Russia meet weekly to chart the course of their nation. So too in Blighty her Madge-you-see holds weekly briefings with the Military (she is supreme commander) and the PM (she and her son have right of veto over any legislation and very much rule the realm through their Quisling servants).

Britain was taken over by Germany in the late 18thC and has been ruled by German Jews ever since. This is historical fact. The World Wars (the last is yet to come, my guess about 2015-17) were to achieve the ends of perfecting the process of killing off a huge chunk of the population and advancing and perfecting the technologies needed to effect the total control matrix men like Vannevar Bush and Claude Shannon proposed, and the global corporations dreamed of by the likes of Gillette (the Beast a man can get) and Cecil Rhodes. These are all verifiable facts of which I would imagine you are blithely ignorant.

Sometimes you have to have you reverie interrupted. It was not until a young man suggested that I should look at WTC buliding 7 that my eyes were opened to what went on there, but the whole thing was surrounded not so much by a news blackout but a barrage of claims and counter claims which did mo9re to obscure the truth than to reveal it, but one thing is painfully obvious to me was that it took more than jets and aviation fuel to drop 110 story buildings, let alone the “self-imploding” building Seven.

When I asked my Journo big brother “What about Building Seven” he said, and I quote, “I don’t give a $%^& about Building Seven”. Building Seven = BS, yes? Work it out guys, you are being informed by useful idiots like my big brother who have been conditioned not to ask hard questions and since the “war of Terror” have been under D notice anyway, as we are in a state of a declared War. The net is closing boys, not long now.

Personally I think Alex Jones is knowingly or unknowingly part of the disinformation, so too is CIA embedded “journalist”, Handmesome Pooper (Anderson Cooper). Jones says that the answer to 1984 is 1776 – not so – the seed of 1984 was 1776 – the CONstitution was a set up and America was and is a Jewish colony run on Roman lines, as was Britain, OZ, NZ, Canada… Why do you think that there is a Star of David comprised of the thirteen stars of the original colonies crowning the Great Seal of the USA?

Jews claim Christopher Columbus as a Marrano, who used Jewish money confiscated by the Spanish Crown to search out and establish the Jewish New World Colonies. There were and still are lots of Marranos – I think Sid Roth is one. They know your religion better than you – they gave it to you! Just as they gave the Muslims and Mormons theirs too. They are just way cleverer than you. Paul did warn you.

I think what will happen is that the Media will turn on the Jewish people and suddenly a whole heap of info on what they have done will become published and it will be Krystal Nacht all over again. There will be a world wide Jewish pogrom as the Nazis, who now run Britain and the US and own or run most of Europe, go on the rampage – its in the Bible – take a look. The hordes of Edom will be razed as the stubble of the fields – it is going to get messy – a lot of death and destruction – every Island shaken out of its place – it is going to be amazing. When Israel is pressed on all sides by her enemies then the remnant will cry out and the Lord will come and rescue/redeem them, but not before 66.6% die. Globally it will be 1 in 4 die as the Pale Horse is loosed. The Khloros hippos. It is written – you cannot stop it from happening – any more than Paul could stop your religion becoming leavened though he warned with tears of how wolves in sheep’s clothing would come in and pervert the faith. He was talking about the DOGS OF THE CIRCUMCISION of which he was once the Pharisee of the Pharisees. So who would be best placed to warn of the EVIL INFLUENCE of Pharisee-ism but Paul? He said they simply adore money, and that the love of money is the ROOT of EVERY EVIL.

Is your money out to the usurers? Are you part of the Beast system? Well we ALL ARE – we cannot avoid it – and all will become slaves to the Beast, saint and sinner alike. I think some of you guys live in a bubble, or a cocoon…but one day you will undergo your metamorphosis from grub to glory, as will we all, when ALL THE NATIONS ARE ENTERED IN. How big is your God? Big enough to restore all things? Or do you prefer us and them, and the criminal “Just-us” system and the right of the conqueror? Those who would be conquerors are themselves conquered and he who lives by the sword will die thereby. The time of Jacob’s sorrow is coming, great sorrow will blanket the whole earth with an impenetrable darkness and the people will writhe in the dust and cry out to God – “What must we do to be saved?” and the Saints shall say, “Nothing, simply believe on the name of Jesus and you shall be saved.” The Circe has made salvation a burden rather than a blessing and New Jerusalem is become to them as a burdensome stone and a Rock of Offense. You probably won’t understand that for now but one day you will.


BY the way my Aussie mates, have you noticed how the Media are turning on Julia Gillard? Here they are turning on Key and his Nazi Party. This means our next Govt will be Labour and yours Liberal Conservative. You might notice that this is a consistent pattern, as it is also with the UK and the US. Like clockwork – bloody clever, those Germans. Both Communism and Nazism were born in Germany and exported to the States, the German Commies in the 20′s and 30′s and the Nazis after the war. Sao Paulo Brazil is virtually a German and Japanese enclave, and as for Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina etc…

Being a mixture of Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Frankish and Jewish genes, I consider myself a mongrel but it matters not of what genes you are comprised, as the SEED is not humanly genealogical, it is your glorious God gifted genealogy – the SEED is ONE which is CHRIST in whom are ALL things – and in Christ there is NO DISTINCTION – for ALL are ONE IN HIM who is ALL. Are you followers of Jesus Christ or “born again” Jews?

We have to become as a little child – if we approach Christ with any preconceptions or conditioning it as an abomination – it gets between us and He – it is our knowledge of good and evil. It is truly said that the devil does not want to be your god, he wants you to be your own god, then he can plunder your power, for without a man’s cooperation, he has no claim and no authority or power as Jesus stripped him of it, making a show of him publicly and leading captivity captive. He bound the Strong Man and he plundered his house.

By the way guys, when it comes to the Germanic tribes of Europe, the Franks were Germans too and originally they were all Assyrians and the Jews are “half Assyrian” (Abram was an Assyrian) and half Hittite – which they hate to be reminded of – it got Jesus right off side with them when He pointed out that they were mongrels too and not the pure holy strain they imagined, and which Hitler imagined the latter day Indo-Ayrian Assyrians to be.

I would suggest that you guys watch the Century of the Self – a doco by Adam Curtis. In fact I would recommend his whole body of work. But maybe you would prefer the likes of Martyn Fletcher reporting from the battle front – the guy is such a liar. And I hardly ever watch RT as it is simply another brand of propaganda and the Socialists at Global research know some stuff but I am not sure that they know Jesus…anyone who is offering solutions based upon Man’s contrivance, construct or cooperation is in contradiction to Christ with whom we are meant to be co-workers and more than conquerors, to be representatives, Ambassadors even, of the Redeemer. When we put on Christ and walk in the Spirit, He does the convincing, and is not at all apologetic, which is an apology for faith…He will come to the threshing floor with a winnowing fan in His hand…He will drive out all that offends…all that prevents.

26 thoughts on “The Ian Williams Thread

  1. That’s amazing! I put up one post with Ian’s money conspiracies and we immediately attract fund agent spam!

  2. First, re money systems. I don’t care what some guy at some university told him so guy told him. There have been reports and articles about new money systems for decades. I’m not against a new money system anyway. But quoting someone from a University is totally unimpressive. Maybe you haven:t been to one, but I can tell you that University Professors don’t necessarily know everything about what is going to happen politically or financially. Otherwise they’d all be so rich they wouldn’t have to teach.

    Second, re earthquakes. You don’t know anything about seismology. There is no evidence at all the the Americans caused the Japanese earthquake using HAARP. And you have no evidence whatsoever to suggest that they are lying about the magnitude, and you have absolutely no basis in seismology or engineering to state that a 9.1 earthquake would result in every building being flattened within 500kms. Nobody on the planet makes statements like that.

    Saying you’ve been in a big earthquake still doesn’t qualify you. If it did, then millions of Japanese are also instant seismologists -but they don’t claim to be. The damage to property depends on the type of earthquake, the strength, the depth, how far you are away from it, the type of ground under your feet, the type of building you are in and how high you are.

    I can tell you first hand that the march 11, 2011 earthquake was incredible. go look at youtube videos of buildings shaking and people screaming over 200 kms away. You really don’t know what you are talking about. If there is a 9.1 right under Tokyo, that will be something completely different. I wouldn’t want to be here then. But I was hear for the 2011.3.11 and I’ve never felt anything like that, and neither had lots of other people.

    But, there have been earthquakes all through history which have caused tsunamis of similar height or more. And that was way before HAARP technology.

    But looking around on the net…I am flabbergasted at all these people on the net who seem to know everything about high finance, seismology, geo-political intrigue, engineering and just about everything.

    But they can never predict anything anyway. two weekends ago you were expecting an earthquake in Christchurch. You could get one tomorrow, and so could I. If you think you can predict the next one by following HAARP on the net, I’m all ears.

    Really, you go on with so much dribble. Stick to praying and talking about Jesus.

    HAARP and whether someone is German or Frank has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God.

    And if they do bring a new money system in, there:s nothing I can do about it anyway.

  3. Then again Ian, I kind of like conspiracy theories in a way. And it’s good to question everything.
    I think I’ll like this thread. Thanks Steve

  4. @Ian. I do think your knowledge is incredible though. And while others think you go off topic, I understand that you think so many things are linked up.

    I actually think you deserve your own radio or TV show. You’re light years more interesting than Alex Jones and others.

  5. “Jesus came to save sinners, of whom I am a prime example. Get it? Of whom I am a prime example.”

    I’ll look that up. I’m intrigued by your studies in Aramaic.

  6. Oh Steve, you are just tooooo kind…besides, the quake charted for CHCH to Fiordland happened down South, and we had another a few days later.

    The New Money is the Beast system, so you are right, there is nothing you can do about it, well according to Revelation…

    I do not claim to be a seismologist – but neither do I believe in magic bullets or fairies in the garden. It is probably too difficult for you to conceive of such a diabolical plot to take over the world or that anyone would actually want to.

    Some Xian people even think Agenda 21 makes sense and believe in global warming. These are what are referred to colloquially as “Mugs” rather than vessels.

    Willem is not a Professor, he is a former financial journalist who happened to end up in some amazing situations and places, like praying for Paul Simon’s guitarist in the IC unit after a horrific accident and he having a miracle which started a revival in South Africa. Some people have amazing faith experiences, others go to Church.

    As for high finance, and fiat money systems, the Fed (privately owned and run) system is designed to fail – and to necessitate the New Money. My father warned me about this nearly 50yrs ago. The reason why you cannot do anything to stop it is quite simple really, that Christendom has surrendered its kingship to the Beast for an assured meal and a sense of security.

    The world’s financial malaise comes down to one thing really – the love of money as the root of all evil and usury. Without usury there is not a problem – ergo, if you are engaged in usury on any level, you are in effect in league with the devil’s mob. Christians cannot handle such truth – they prefer the darkness of their debt based lifestyle – pass me another Subway and Pepsi.

    Every land shall be shaken and moved, but the kingdom of God however cannot be shaken.

    The fiscal balloon is being inflated further and further until its inevitable demise leaves folk shattered and scattered. What I have found is that most folk simply do not want to confront the specter of global financial collapse. Me, I don’t have a problem with it as I know what will come out the other side, just as I do not have a particular problem with the plans to depopulate and redevelop NZ – as I believe I know what the outcomes will be and what will happen to the perpetrators of the perfidious plot.

    There is a war going on right under your noses – it involves high-tech weaponry and financial warfare – but behind that is another war for Creation itself. The prize is the earth and all that is in it.

    Now Q, can you tell me why the Boxing Day earthquake was recorded as A 6.7 OR 7 and then miraculously became an 8.9, then a 9.1? Have you any idea how big a 9.1 is? I have been in a 7.4 and a 6.6 which had the energy of an 8 plus, and a 9.0 is the equivalent of over 480 megatons, a 9.1 700 or so.

    Come on guy, the next thing you will be telling me is the the mass media are reliable or that ordinary people cannot be manipulated into becoming monsters by other monsters. If you think that there are people who would not stop at murdering whole nations to get what they want, then think again – or as the Jews say, “NEVER FORGET (the Germans)”

    What is going to happen has already happened if you can receive it – which is how could I be taken 30yrs into the future to witness it, or John nearly 2000yrs ago, or the prophets before that. God sits outside time and determines the beginnings from the end, and the end of the matter is always better than the beginning. (That’s from Proverbs – its scriptural…)

  7. @Ian. I think the idea of a global financial collapse is not completely unreasonable. The debt situation globally is scary. And I’m pretty radical when it comes to borrowing and interest myself.

    I’ll look in to the measuring of earthquakes. There are different scales. What Americans call a 9.1 the Japanese call 8.1. And there seem to be revisions. I’m not qualified to measure earthquakes but the Japanese one was humungous. I knew instantly that it was either directly under my feet, or that somewhere it had to be huge. And there were so many aftershakes that we didn’t know when the earth was moving or not.

    I don’t think that the mass media are reliable. Increasingly, they present opinion pieces wiinstead of news. But, that’s normal. If I asked two different people what happened at school today I’d get different anaswers. ANd the teachers would see things differently to the students.

    I read, cnn, Time, BBC, Fox, the huffington posts, and every now and then check out RUsh Limbaugh but also wacky left-wing conspiracy sites.

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to listen solely to Limbaugh, but on the other hand, if all you look at is MSNBC, and I think you’ll get a skewed view of the world.

    Media and academia get it wrong all the time. They were surprised by the Berlin Wall, and in 99, and 2000 I read so many articles about how the US was so economically and politically powerful and successful that it had no rival and was headed for decades of prosperity and peace. Which is probably why all people were interested in was Bill and Monica and the juicy details.

    Back to earthquakes. Basically, if your roof collapses on your head, or you drown in your car, arguments over 6.7 or 10.7 are pretty meaningless.

    I care the same about whether cyclones are womens or mens names or just 13c.

    But even if there is a new money system – and I’m not opposed to a world currency anyway, life will go on. Some people will get rich and others will be poor, and others will use their forehead identification mark to buy lotto tickets.

    And others to tithe with probably.

    I’ve said it before, but well-meaning people told me that in just a few years the tribulation would begin because of the planetary alignment. (Jupiter effect 1982). ANd they all had friends in Nasa and university too.

    But, they were wrong weren’t they.

  8. Yes Barry got into some whacky stuff – but Greg you are into discovering your essential self? Is that not Christ?

    Life improvement and all that – I have been down that road – it is just the love of money in drag and in the end another drug. Your essential self is CHRIST – end of story. How can you then die to self if your self is Christ?

    I knew a guy who was a Life Coach – actually it was a very clever way he got to milk suckers but that is another matter, and for some time I was one of them. This guy died and went to Gehenna where he fried awhile and got deprogrammed from the Norman Vincent Peale Christian Cult he had been snared in.

    Greg, you are a bit of a goof really – how would your prison cell experience sound to any sane rational person? Like you were potty maybe? Come on guy, you have to realize that what you know is only a glimpse of what is. Imagine if your prison cell experience was the beginning of a whole slew of such events? But God is the ultimate economist, He wastes nothing. Think about it. Why would He give you any more than you need or are equipped to handle? He makes the vessels, not Life Coaches – I have usually found they make “666 all a man can get” achievers. Unless of course it is about maximizing their calling and equipping in God…and besides, behind every successful man is a pushy woman, eh Greg?

    The reason why you give my bunkum the time of day is that some of the stuff I come out with floors you – go on – admit it – but you hardly ever answer the sharp questions but mostly fire back missive missiles. Q climbs down pretty quickly – he displays humility, albeit reluctantly.

    The deceivers that you are dealing with are not human, though they operate through human vessels. I once prayed for a Pastor and saw behind him a big, austere, religious spirit. It was then that I realized what is behind most Church leadership – the Prince Spirits of their personal Piety, and the King of the Proud, Leviathan. That is why they are messengers of Satan – and did not Jesus say to Peter, “Get out of My face Satan?” If you do not recognize the “satan” in your soul, the nature of the father of lies, then you will never really appreciate the wholeness of the Savior.” Nor will you be properly “saved”.

    Its like getting in touch with your inner Tower Builder, eh Greg? You are a bit of a Mason yourself I see, the Beast a man can get? Or will it merely be a close shave with death? Life coach? So you put folk in touch with their INNER LIFE, the LIFE GIVING SPIRIT? Or is it hokey homilies a la Dr Phil and T D Jakes, or perhaps Oprah? Are you in to Norman Vincent Peale? Now there is an Anglican of merit.

    God said to me about such matters, that it is not so much what you believe as that you believe, for faith is an under-girding force, no matter what we may festoon it with. Is that the Tree of Life on your site or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – seeing as you are a Life Coach but seem to feel it requisite to resort to insults and ad hominem assaults? I hope you treat your proselytes with more graciousness.

    But those who follow the blind are themselves blind. I read scriptures which made me realize that I indeed was one of the blind followers of the the blind – I could not help but see myself as being the very folk the Bible was addressing. The Bible they tried to bind and blind me with actually helped to set me free, therefore I conclude that there must be some validity to the process of being redeemed again and again from the pit (that’s in Job), having been led there by blind guides. And that is why God gives us leaders after our own hearts…

  9. Greg, I have a soft spot for Barry Smith. I think he was sincere and entertaining.

    ANd I’m glad to see you back, I was worried.

    I’m a basket case aren’t I? Don’t see a post from my arch enemies and I’m worried if they’re okay.

  10. By the way Q, the reason why they had to “pop” Fukushima, was to provide plausible deniability for the radiation from the bombs used to generate the Tsunami (and the three approx 6.5 tremors the Japs recorded). I am not sure if this was the Japanese system or the Internationally accepted system, but either way we are not talking a 9.1 mega quake.

    Japan still owes America one – the cynical testing of the Atom Bomb on Japan has left a lasting legacy which is becoming a health nightmare, like that which has been inflicted upon Iraq and Serbia with DUI munitions. Japan was in negotiations with Iran over Nuclear assistance for oil supplies, and cutting out US dollar payments. This is economic war. We are in a state of perpetual war – and when the Alawites fall in Syria the slaughter of Christians will be apocalyptic, and their blood will be upon the hands of the Empire, but then they have plenty of innocent blood on their hands now so what’s a gallon or two more? Besides, everyone dies anyway, yes?

    A while back I heard this, “The whole world is going to turn on Israel and you are to have no part of this in any way.” I addressed this to some very religious Jews I deal with in Israel who assured me that yes, this is what their Rabbis are telling them, to be prepared for a great persecution and that the whole world will turn on them. There will be a double cross and their allies will turn on them.

    Like they say guys, NEVER FORGET. If you forget, you are soon finished. Never, ever, forget! I am no great fan of what Israel does, but I know enough not to judge what God alone may judge.

  11. Okay Ian, from what I understand Americans and most use the Richter scale. In Japan they use shindo scale which doesn’t measure the intensity energy released but measures the shaking on the ground at various points and it’s a 0 to 7 scale. So Japanese don’t call things 9 – except that for comparison purposes and because it sounds scarier they also mention the American scale. So when an earthquake happens on TV you see the shindo number for various places. So you see that in your area its a 4 whereas closer to the epicenter it might be a 5 and further away a 3.

    So in Japan a 6.7 in incredible. But they’re always using different numbers which confuses everyone. But like I said if you don’t believe me, go look up youtubes of downtown Tokyo – it was people screaming everyone running out into the streets scary. been innothing has happened like that since 1923, and from what I understand there were no atomic bombs or HAARP technology back then.

    But, have a look at the tsunamis. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who died in that. You really think the US govt did that? For what purpose. They didn’t get anything aout of that.
    They did a lot of great work with rescue and cleaning up but haven’t gotten many kudos for it.

    But given that over 10,000 people died, I think it’s extremely miserable and cruel of people to accuse a govt of doing that on purpose. You better be prepared to have absolute proof of that.

    And if you have, take it to someone. Japanese govt, Japanese TV etc.

    But you have no proof. Alex Jones or a ratbag Canadian extreme left-wing looney professor’s theories aren’t good enough.

    It’s an incredible accusation. And sadly, some people won’t listen to anything you say after hearing something as outrageous as that.

    You do realize also, that there were huge aftershocks, and another huge earthquake there a few days before. Not to mention that huge earthquakes and tsunamis are something Japanese know very well about.
    Some people weren’t killed in the tsunami because they took heed of what happened in the past.

    Another huge earthquake and tsunami tomorrow won’t make anyone think about HAARP or US terrorism against Japan. We always know it’s on the cards.

  12. @Ian.

    Anyway, I’m not going to die in an earthquake or tsunami. And I’ll pray that you will be protected down there too.

  13. 6:12. And I saw as he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake and the sun was darkened like the sackcloth of mourning and the moon [turned red] as blood.
    13. And the stars of heaven fell into the earth, as the fig [tree] that sheds its blossoms while shaken by a great wind (tormenting spirit).
    14. And the heaven separated like the written scroll, and all the mountains and islands were moved from their places.
    15. And the kings of the earth, the generals and heads of thousands (military commanders), and the rich and powerful, and every servant and son of the free, hid themselves in caves and declivities (cliffs) of the mountains,
    16. And they said to the mountains and the cliffs, “Fall on us! And hide us from the personage of the one seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,

    16:17. And the seventh one spilled his chalice on the air, and a great voice emerged from the temple that declared, “Here it comes!”
    18. And there was lightening and thunder and sounds, and [there was] a great earthquake, like there never was since there were human beings on earth, so great an earthquake there occurred.
    19. And that great city was split for the three of them, and the cities of the nations fell, and Babylon the Great was remembered before God, as it was given the cup of wine of that ferment of God’s anger.
    20. And every island ran away and there were no mountains to be found.
    21. And a great hail, [heavy] like talents, [fell] from the sky over humanity, and those people blasphemed against God because of the punishment of that hail, for great was its striking power indeed.

    Sounds like some serious quaking and shaking is a’comin’….unless you are an historicist of course…or you are getting “raptured” out of this mess before it get’s totally septic…

  14. The Unremitable (sic) Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

    With Man, it (salvation) is impossible, but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. It is for you to search the scriptures, and your heart, to see if what I say is so.

    30. “Whoever is not with me, is against me. And whoever does not congregate with me (gather with Me) , will be utterly scattered.
    31. “Because of this I am telling you, that all sins and blasphemies may be forgiven to mankind; however, blasphemies against the Spirit shall not be forgiven to mankind.
    32. “And whoever says a word against the Son of Man, may be forgiven. However, whoever speaks against the Spirit, shall never be forgiven, neither in this realm, nor in the realm that is destined [to come.]
    33. “Either you are a beautiful tree and produce good fruit, or you are a bad tree and produce bad fruit. For a tree is known by its fruits.
    34. “O, offspring of vipers, how can you speak of blessings when you are evil? For the mouth utters what the heart exudes.
    35. “The good man produces blessings from a foundation of blessings, and the evil man produces evil from an evil foundation.
    36. “For I am telling you, that for every idle word spoken by human beings, they will be answerable on the Day of Judgment.
    37. “For according to your words you shall be blessed and according to your words you shall be held responsible.”

    I once wondered whether if by any means maybe I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I heard “Of course you have, but then, so has everyone”. I felt no acrimony or anger evident in the answer, which rather seemed quite matter-of-fact. I actually felt that my fear of possible rejection was unfounded and that I did not really understand what it meant to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, nor why is was “unforgivable”.

    The first light was that I should better use the word un-remittable – which is the original sense of unforgivable in this instance – in other words, it cannot be negated by a votive offering of confession in seeking forgiveness – much like Esau sought the reinstatement of his inheritance with hot tears but it was denied to him as he had blasphemed the Holy Spirit by his careless denial of his election and calling, and by his own innate self-destructiveness bound in his flesh, which is still very much in evidence in the seed of Esau, which is the West. (I will send you West to a land of fatness, God said of Esau.)

    The line of inquiry I was led on was to be sent to a Methodist Church where a woman preacher was delivering a message on blasphemy, and she touched on the subject of blasphemy of the Spirit. I did not know this until she began to speak – I was simply being obedient to the leading. The Holy Spirit said to listen very carefully to what she said. She made a statement which I knew in my heart was wrong, but not how or why it was – I just knew it, and it pretty much affirmed the party line on the matter, you know, “Be careful, or it is all grim for you sonny Jim!”

    Now, it is critical to this that you understand what Paul was saying in Timothy about contradicting God, or denying God, and what the word blaspheme really means. Literally it means idle or inoperative words, anti-faith words, you can study this out in Vine’s. It is literally ANTICREATIVE – it contradicts the Creator. Blax means sluggish, stupid, injurious, and pheme is speech – it was explained to me as “Anti-creative or destructive speech”. It is to speak contemptuously of God or of sacred things.

    Jesus said you shall be judged for every idle word – that is words which contradict the Spirit of Faith, which is the Ruach ha Kodesh, the Breath of God, the Breath of Life.

    One day I heard, “Draw yourself a bath, I want to teach you something.” Now when you are stretched out in a tub of water there is not fig to hide behind. I was laying back quite relaxed when I began to really sense the presence of the Lord approaching. I was laying down, arms behind and eyes open and the Lord came to me and said, “Come follow me” and as I did, I felt my spirit begin to leave my body and to be as One with Him. I felt like I became ONE; body, mind and spirit in that instance. As I ‘followed’, I became as one in myself and also as ONE with Him. It was quite an experience.

    Now listen closely and do not scoff, or you will miss something very important. As I began to follow Him, I felt my hands and feet rip free from the nails of the CROSS of my own judgment, and a sense of power and peace and release flooded though my being, and I saw, as it were, the Lord walking me through a mine field, and there were mines laid there, just beneath the surface. These were my un-remitting judgments, my self sabotage mechanisms, the landmines of judgments against or contradictory to the Holy Spirit. He said to me, If you walk in MY STEPS you will not BLINDLY STUMBLE INTO DESTRUCTION. You know, it literally is (a) mine field.

    I was being shown how to be freed from the cross and consequences of my own judgments and to walk in the Power of the resurrection, Christ Jesus.

    When He said to walk in My steps, it was literally IN THEM, IN CHRIST – and if you walk IN THE SPIRIT you will not fulfill the strong desires of the flesh.

    Now, by speaking in contradiction to God’s Spirit, you are acting as a little g god, but words have power, they are invested with anointing or “fruit”. Anti-creative words are idle – they are “void” of grace, they serve no Godly purpose, so when a believer allows their words to become charged with judgment, and this judgment is in contradiction to God, then those words have to go somewhere, they are eternal, they are spirit, they are a form of life which springs from death. This is where the bowls of wrath come in, whereby those words so spoken have to go somewhere – the bowls are the repository of wrong words, idle words, anti-creative words. Unlike the treasures of God’s blessing laid up for us, they are instead as wrath for the day of wrath.

    Paul wrote by inspiration,

    11. “For faithful is that Manifestation (Expression),
    … that if I die with Him,
    …… likewise I shall Live with Him.” (We were crucified together with Christ and raised to Newness of Life in Him.)
    12. “And if I preach [the Kingdom,]
    … likewise I shall rule with Him; (As a witness of the kingdom).
    ……. if, however, we reject (blaspheme, contradict) Him,
    ……… likewise He shall reject (blaspheme, contradict) us.”
    13. “And if we do not have faith in Him,
    … He shall remain Faithful,
    …… for He does not know what it is to be unfaithful (to curse or blaspheme) Himself.”

    OK, this is where it get’s really interesting. In other versions it says If we deny Him then He will deny us. We have all heard that if we deny Him before men He will deny us before the Father. But how does the LIVING TRUTH deny the contradiction of death to Life?

    HE does so by continuing to be the immutable Truth – it is His very nature to be The Truth and not to contradict Himself nor Himself contradict. In other words, If you get it wrong on His behalf, He get’s it right on yours – he continues to confess His faith over you – He cannot contradict Himself, and if you are Christ’s, then are you Abraham’s SEED and heirs according to Promise? No man comes before The Father EXCEPT BY JESUS – we are ALL represented in and by Him who is able to present us as being spotless before God, and He ever lives to make intercession for us. He is the Savior, He cannot help but do everything in His Power to SAVE YER!

    We died with Him and were raised together with Him.

    To deny, contradict, blaspheme all means the same thing. It is literally anti-creative speech. It contradicts the faith of God in Christ. Jesus said by YOUR traditions you render God’s Word of no effect. The spirit of antichrist is that which denies the Manifestation of Jesus. Do not fall for that testing spirits nonsense, the demons believe and they tremble – they will confess Jesus in heartbeat – and are on record in the Bible as doing so. This is actually talking about contradicting the Creator of All, which is Christ, by denying Him and His manifestation in all flesh. Remember, that we were all antichrist at some stage and can revert to that in a heart beat when we step on the concealed mines of our judgments and have an explosion.

    The reason why the consequences of these anti-creative words literally become like a MINE field, is that they they cannot be remitted, either in this age or the age to come, they have spiritual “value” and they are anchored in our desire for other things, things other than those ordained by God for our blessing, the fruits of the forbidden tree.

    My understanding and conviction is that when Jesus spoke of “this age or the age to come”, He was speaking of the Old testament and the New – that in the Age of the Old and the Age of the New, The age of natural Israel and the age of spiritual Israel. Speaking contradictory to the Spirit was not able to be remitted in either. New Testament ‘Esau’ would have the same results as the Old. We are literally being as god by judging good and evil and by contradicting God, we create our own calamities, our own chaos and part thereof. We judge ourselves.

    We, as a “sub-creator” rather than cop-laborer, having been formed in the image and likeness of God, are being as a god, when we determine good and evil, but this comes from the wrong tree, from the wrong foundation and the fruit of it is evil. It is like Spy vs. Spy – our knowledge of good and evil judging their appearances of good and evil. Our words have a degree of power, and when we release that power in judgment contradictory to God’s judgment it sets in train inevitable consequences of wrath – and it is not the judge who judges us but we who judge ourselves. After the big EQ I said, “Is this your judgment God?” I immediately saw a man before a Magistrate’s Bench, and heard, “No, it is YOURS (collectively) – does the man come before the magistrate for his crime or for that of the judge? “

    In essence, it is all about the fruit of that tree from which comes death, and from it the generation of death, and its generation shall not cease until the coming of the Son of Man who shall rule by His Rod of unbreakable iron, His eternal, immutable Word.

    Now, the sin which is unto death, which John’s first epistle states you should NOT pray for, is harmonised in James:

    13. Let no human being who is tested, say that I am being tested by God, for God does not test human beings, and He never tested any human being.
    14. Except each human being is tested through their desires; they are tempted and tormented by their own desire.
    15. And this desire becomes pregnant and gives birth to sin. When sin matures, it gives birth to death.

    This is the sin which is unto death, which gives birth to death. Lust, simply put, is un-submitted desire – it is that part of our life we yet retain to ourselves – “our plot” – and this why you cannot pray for someone who is on their prodigal path to the pig sty – the desire is not yet fully grown, such that it may be seen for what it really is, even as a Tare among Wheat. The death which results will either be actual destruction or the falling backwards and being snared spoken of by Isaiah, so that we “learn the hard way” – “yet they would not listen, so to them it will be line upon line, precept upon precept”. Through many trials, tribulations and sufferings we grow, yet like Esau, so often we crave release but it is not available to us as we have not yet learned to walk obediently in the Spirit so as not to fulfill or submit to the desires of the flesh – in other words, we want to have both trees, both Masters, bot “lives” and so are double-minded – or mine-did (LOL). Circumstances may conspire to crush the husk, but it is so that the kernel may be revealed, the kernel of Truth God sowed in your heart, to be raised incorruptible at the last – the incorruptible Christ, the SEED of Abraham.

    It was given to me that while we cannot undo what has been done in our playing at being gods, that Jesus can and will walk us through our minefield of judgments passed or past and we do not need to self-destruct, nor even to enter in by destruction. He is the narrow Way. If we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, for the flesh tries to bring down the Spirit (to its level) and the Spirit reduces the flesh.

    What is sown in the flesh is reaped in the flesh. New Testament or Old Testament it makes no difference. We have been called to liberty, but not that liberty should be an occasion to the flesh, no matter in what manifestation or manner, and the most prideful of all desires is to sit as gods and to judge. You cannot remit nor reconcile the lusts of the flesh as long as you are in the flesh, but by walking in the Spirit you shall not fulfill them – death ceases to be the consequence as you walk in the Life and in the Light. As long as we continue to eat of the wrong tree, we will experience contradictory results. If we are “cut off” by the sword which guards the way to Life, then we are debtors to the flesh, to fulfill its lusts, and the strength of sin is pride, and Leviathan is the king of all the proud.

    Only by being converted and circumcised in our hearts, cut free from the fetters of the flesh, are we freed to walk in the resurrection Power, and this requires ONE THING – OBEDIENCE TO LOVE, for LOVE covers for the multitude of sins. Jesus gave us ONE CLEAR COMMAND to LOVE, one to another, even as He first loved us. He gave us ONE GOAL – to be perfect, even as our father in heaven is perfect, to be perfected in LOVE. You cannot undo the consequences of judgments against God, but He can keep you from fulfilling them by walking in Him. All such judgments come from pride and desire for something other than what God gives us, which is itself from distrust and the sense of lack – “Has God given you EVERYTHING?” Well He has, He gave us all He is, in Christ, and yet we still ask for more, and there is only one store that has something “more” than what God has given to us, and that is the flesh, and in the day that we eat of it, we experience the death that it is.

    Jesus is patiently waiting until ALL HIS ENEMIES are consecrated as the rug under His feet, and the last enemy is DEATH. (The second death is the death of death.) When death is swallowed up on LIFE, then you are made perfect in Love, and you will walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill (complete, bring to fruition) the strong desires of the flesh, for the flesh contradicts the Spirit and the Spirit RESISTS the flesh, such that you cannot do what you will. You will obey one or the other, be the servant of one or the other, and you will eat the fruit thereof. The Kingdom of God does not come (by the) observation (observance of the Law), but behold, it has always been available (to people of faith). The Law of Condemnation graven in stone is the default position to the One Command of the Spirit of Grace. God wants our stony hearts broken down so He may put in us NEW SOFT HEARTS, with His Law writ upon them. We are to fall upon the Rock or the Rock will fall on us – and no chastening for the present time seems joyous.

    In closing, the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the denial of Grace, and when you deny Grace, you denigrate and deny your own Salvation, and eat of the forbidden tree, and the fruit thereof is death, But Jesus said that I Am come that you may have LIFE, and that more abundantly. So be it, for it is so.

  15. Sorry to put this here, but if you all want to see feistiness check out Piers Morgan and his interview with Alex Jones. Or Alex Jones with Andrew Neil on BBC. Pretty funny

  16. Alex Jones is a Mormon shill – his “Constitution hanging by a thread” is a quote from the founder of Mormonism. He contends that the answer to 1984 is 1776. Bokllocks – the seed for 1984 was in the 1776 CONstitution. Besides, 1984 was 29yrs ago.

    Piers Morgan (more gain) is an MI5 shill, like CIA shill Handmesomepooper Anderson Cooper and is the result of their version of Operation Mockingbird, the “Hearts & Minds” operation of the Empire. Don’t laugh, in a few years you will find that i am right, but by then it will be too late.

    Once Rothschild knock off the last of the hold-out Central banks it will be game over and God will destroy their economy to prevent their plans and unleash a wave of God consciousness the likes of which has never been since the foundations of the worlds. God will divide the dividers, of this I am utterly sure.

    Did you watch that video Q? I find it incredibly uplifting. Try this trans of John 3 – compare it with your Bible and run your doctrines past it to see if they measure up.

    27. John replied and said to them, “No human [being] can of his own will
    [receive] anything, unless it comes to him from heaven.
    28. “You are my witnesses that I said, ‘I am not the Anointed One,
    except the apostle before him.’
    29. “Whoever has a bride is the bridegroom. His best man, who stands at
    attention, is overjoyed as he hears the voice of the bridegroom [calling on him.]*
    30. “To him it was destined to be great, to me to be little.*
    31. “Because the one who comes from above, is above all, and the one
    [who comes] from the earth, is from the earth and preaches* from the
    earth. The one who comes from heaven is above all.
    32. “And the thing that he sees and hears, he gives testimony to, and his
    testimony no one accepts.
    33. “The one who accepts his testimony, [takes on] God’s true seal.
    34. “Because the one sent by God, preaches the words of God, for God
    does not give [forth] the Spirit in increments*.
    35. “The Creator loves the Son and everything is given in his hands.
    36. “Whoever believes in the Son, possesses everlasting life; and
    whoever does not cling onto the Son, will not see [eternal*] life, except
    the wrath of God shall fasten itself upon him.”

    3:30 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: “To him [it] was given in abundance, to me shrinkingly.”
    3:31 Lit. Ar. id.: [Gives] speeches.
    3:34 Lit. Ar. id.: “By measure.”
    3:36 In Aramaic, “Eternity” is always expressed in terms of “The universe.”

    Did you get that last line, and verse 30? Get yourself an Aramaic Bible – best thing you will ever do apart from getting to know the author and finisher personally…

  17. Be back tomorrow – but for the record.
    I’m glad you believe in the resurrection.

    Believing in Jesus, that he died and rose from the dead is the chief thing for me.

    I think a person coming to Christ can have lots of questions about evolution, hell, end times etc and still believe and become a disciple of Christ.

    Have a great day people.

  18. The resurrection is kind of everything, it is what it is all about, both figuratively and practically speaking. All that is required to be a disciple of Christ is to follow Him in the resurrection and so walk in Him, in simple obedience. We are either in the prison of rebellion or walking in the freedom of the Living Word.

    He who comes to YHWH must believe that HE IS – he will reveal Himself and answer all our questions IF WE HAVE EARS TO HEAR AND EYES TO SEE – in other words, if we have the Mind of Christ, while relinquishing our own opinions.

    The disciples on the Emmaus Road walked with Jesus, but now that He is not “here” anymore comes the time to walk IN Him. Instead He has sent a helper to teach us of the “hard things”, the unchangeable things about God.

    I saw someone broach the subject of taking up the Cross daily. For starters, it only says daily in one rendering, not all three. But what does Jesus mean by taking up your Cross? Especially given that word in the, ahem, “original Greek” is Stauros or Stake. The word “to take up” is to lift up into the air.

    When I asked Jesus about this matter some time back, He said, “Where is My Cross now?” Well apart from the numerous relics, I guess it is “still” on Golgotha, where he took it up to, the place of death. He then said, “Do I have a cross on my back now?” The Church has made salvation a burden instead of a blessing. To become ONE in spirit, soul and body, is to cease from judgment, be freed from the cross prison of your own rebellious judgments, and to walk in the Power of the Resurrection – which is Christ.

    Our judgments may keep us nailed and divided, but we will all ultimately become ONE in HIM. You can be cross-wise with God, and so with each other (from where come the wars and fighting among you), or Cross Wise with God. Take up your cross, leave it at Golgotha, and walk in Him daily. 0(:->)

  19. By the way, the verb airo also means to take away. You must “take away” your cross each day – the cross is the instrument of our judgment. Also, when Jesus says daily it carries with it the weight of being in and of the Light, of the Day (Of the Lord). Strong’s says that it means to expiate (remove) sin.

    So, take up your cross and follow Jesus, die, and then get resurrected AND WALK IN IT. Simple.

  20. Q, a resurrection text just for you…read very carefully….
    Colossians 2
    1. I wish that you would know, but I have endeavored bravely on your behalf, and on behalf of those in Laodicea, and on behalf of many others, those who did not see my face in the flesh.
    2. So that your hearts may be full of love, and that you may approach in love all that precious grace, and the edifying knowledge of God’s Sermon (Eph 1:10), of the Father and of Christ,
    3. Through Whom are sanctified all the consecrations of wisdom and knowledge.
    4. This then I am telling you so that no human being should mislead you by the redemption through words. (We are not saved by our own oaths)
    5. For even though I am gone from you in the flesh, however in the Spirit I am with you, and I am overjoyed to see your principles and the earnestness of your faith in Christ.
    6. Whereas you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, then go forth according to Him.
    7. Whereas you validated your roots and are fortified by Him, and you persist in that Faith that you have learned, so as you may be enriched by Him in devotion.
    8. Beware that no human being saves you by philosophy and empty deception, according to human learning and according to the doctrines of the world and not of Christ, (Read that again and again)
    9. Within Christ the entire physical manifestation of God is embodied.
    10. And within Him you are also included, so that He is the head of all Thrones and Powers.
    11. And through Whom you are circumcised the circumcision not of the hands, but by the shedding of the flesh of sin, by the circumcision of Christ,
    12. And you were buried with Him through the baptism, and within Him you rose up together, so as you may believe in the power of God Who resurrected Him from the house of the dead.
    13. And you who were dead in your sins and uncircumcised in the flesh, He resurrected you with Himself and He forgave us all our sins,
    14. And He voided with His commandments the conditions of responsibility, those that were against us and He removed them from our midst and piled them on His Cross,
    15. And by sending out His apostles from His body, they spread [His commandments] to all the thrones and authorities, and He put them all to shame by the manifestation of His Trinity.
    16. Thus let no human being goad you with respect to eating and drinking or by the designation of feasts, and argue about months and Sabbaths,
    17. These things were mere shadows of what was destined, Christ however is the reality.
    18. And let no human being through the gentleness of spirit instill in you the obligation to worship the work of angels, anticipating what cannot be seen, and to vainly accommodate their own ideas of the flesh,
    19. And [they that] consider not the head by whom the entire body is guided and held together with its appendages and members and is nurtured in God’s discipline.
    20. If you are dead to the principles of the world, together with Christ, why are you, since you live like Him, judge everybody according to the world?
    21. Do not go near this, do not taste that and do not hold on to the other,
    22. These that are recommendations that come to nothing, and that are commandments and the learning of humanity.
    23. And they appear to possess the manifestation of wisdom, a gentle outlook and submission to God, and they do not relate to the body or any form of reverence, except to what appears appropriate in the flesh.

    Verse 13 bears memorizing….

  21. Actually, Ian, I meant that comment for Bones in another thread. But thanks for the comments. I really like your posts. I’ll get back later and read through them again. And I’ll look into this Aramaic version too.
    You are unique man.

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