Things Jesus never said #3


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  1. I just wanted to see what weird creature my avatar was, but while I’m here….Jesus didn’t go to a ‘paradise’ after his death. Jesus prophesied that he would provide the ‘sign of Jonah’ only, not nip off for some spirit jaunt. In understanding ‘paradise’ first, the Facebook page wouldn’t have had to distort scripture to try and convey a false reading of the original. The term, also called Abraham’s bosom, was simply the metaphorical rest of the faithful dead awaiting their resurrection.

  2. Hi zeibart. Do you think Paul actually went to Paradise when he received revelation from God, then, if it isn’t a real place?

  3. Hi Steve. More than likely a vision. Paul said that he did not know. A bit like Stephen’s vision before death, and John’s ‘come up here’ moment.

  4. No. I don’t think so. There is a clear pattern to the way Paradise is used in scripture, particularly if it is also referenced with the Garden of Eden in Genesis, and it is far more than illusory.

    Look, I’d like to discuss it with you, but I’m about done with talking to anyone on this blog.

    Nothing to do with you, but I am actually quite emotionally distressed at he moment about the way God’s Word has been trashed over the last few weeks, and for no apparent reason other than that I put up some positive verses to balance off the negative quotes.

    I actually feel quite grieved right now, and I’m not normally that affected by things.

    I don’t think it would do much good to continue discussing scripture, even on this subject which I’m very interested in, because I know where it will go.

    So I’m sorry to cut this short now you’ve dropped in, because you are generally a gentleman, even though sometimes differ.

    Maybe some other time.

  5. That’s OK Steve. I understand having had a gutful of the bickering and downright trolling on this blog last year, to be perfectly frank. You’ve never been one to shy away and for that I respect you and hope that the peace which passes understanding returns.

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