Things Jesus Said #3


2 thoughts on “Things Jesus Said #3

  1. 6. Jesus said to him, “I am the way and the truth and the Life. No one
    comes to my Father except through me.

    Ahh, the re-writers and deniers really struggle with this one – it is such plain speech. But think on this. The sons of God used to go before God with Satan amongst them – they still had (or have) the serpent nature in their being, the nature of their adopted Serpent father of Old. Now we come before the Father in Christ, He is our advocate, He (re)presents us before God, we may come to the Father God through Him, and only through Him, the Door.

    He comes before God on our behalf and no one may do so any other way, as Satan has been cast down out of heaven and cannot go there any more.

    Jesus said, “I AM” which is reflexive of HE IS. He is the Way, Truth and Life, and no man comes before the Father except by Him – our advocate, our representative and our defense counsel, who alone is able to present us spotless before God, such that even if we deny Him, He will continue to maintain His confession of faith hope and love over us, for He cannot deny Himself, nor His Body, but nurtures and feeds it.

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