Wrongful Death: ya shouldn’t ha killed im!

Lawyer Dola Indidis sues Israel, Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius over Jesus Christ’s trial and crucifixion | News.com.au

“I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Indidis told the Nairobian in a recent interview.

“His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.”

The International Court of Justice has reportedly created a preliminary panel to consider Indidis’ case, but there is a small problem.

“The ICJ has no jurisdiction for such a case,” an ICJ spokesperson told website Legal Cheek.

“The ICJ settles disputes between states. It is not even theoretically possible for us to consider this case.”

Mr Indidis has tried to file this case before.

In 2007, he submitted his case to the Kenyan High Court in Nairobi, but it was rejected for not having enough legal standing, especially since parties Indidis wishes to prosecute have been dead for 2,000 years.

10 thoughts on “Wrongful Death: ya shouldn’t ha killed im!

  1. 7. Except we speak the wisdom of God through the sermon that was hidden and which God had chosen from before [the foundations of] the universe, for our glorification.
    8. That which not one of the authorities of this world know about, for if they know it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.

    11. However, when the Messiah came, it was by the oath of Kingly Priesthood that He was affirmed and He was the Lord and Master of the Tabernacle that was neither made with hands, nor was of this creation.
    12. Nor did He enter with the blood of birds and four-legged creatures, except He entered with his own blood, one season, into the holy of holies, and He achieved Salvation for the universe.
    13. For if the blood of the birds and four-legged creatures and their ashes was sufficient for those who were defiled and would sanctify them in the cleansing of their flesh,
    14. How much more the blood of the Messiah — with His eternal Spirit that He offered himself unblemished for God — would that then cleanse our soul from perishable works, [how much more] would that fulfill the service to the Living God.

    I PLEASED God put Himself on the Cross, for ALL Mankind, it was not Man at all. The devil thought that he was killing God in the flesh, the second and last Adam, just as he had the first Adam, but he achieved the complete opposite as Jesus opened, by the wounds of His own flesh and by the resurrection from the house of the dead, the New and Living Way.

    Its in the Book, take a look. 0(:->)

  2. Oops, I course mean to write “It pleased God…” and it was not a Freud-or-Ian slip, but I guess some nit picking ninny will stumble at it…straining at gnats while swallowing camels…

  3. What resolve does suing a post-human bring?
    If you sue the dammed you may in fact be entitled to a big lump of hell.

  4. Was Jesus innocent though?

    Especially under Ancient Roman Law. I should imagine the defence could make a case that under the Roman Law of sedition He was guilty.

    Also we only have very brief (inconsistent) accounts of the Roman trial from people who weren’t there.

    This lawyer argues that Jesus was convicted over His protest in the Temple.


    Roman leaders paid close attention to Temple activity. Any threat to Roman power over the Temple–even a symbolic threat–was dealt with harshly, as seen by the response to an incident around 5 B.C.E. When a group of about forty young men climbed to the roof of the Temple and began chopping down a golden eagle, seen by them as a symbol of Roman control, the men were (according, again, to Josephus) arrested “with considerable force.” Those observed on the Temple roof were burnt alive and the others merely executed.


  5. I dont think he’s trying to get compensation for wrongful death, I think he’s trying to appeal against the original conviction.

    Not sure there are any eyewitnesses left, and I wonder if the Gospels would be accepted as eye-witness accounts? 3 days in the cave is not all that much to compensate for any way.

  6. Oh Greg, you could not resist could you?

    Of course Jesus broke the Law of the Jews Bones, and of Rome, BUT NEVER OF GOD!

    God’s Universal law is so simple even a child could understand it. It goes “Love, one to another, even as I first loved you.” It is the foundational Law of the Universe and it fulfills all righteousness.

  7. The point is that GOD PUT HIMSELF ON THE CROSS for ALL MANKIND and He used human hands to accomplish it such that none would be innocent of His death but that ALL should share in the freedom bought thereby, the opening of a NEW and LIVING WAY.

    But even more, that in Him as the Creator of all, all should die and all should be resurrected. Now all you have to do is believe it and receive it and walk in it – and therein is the rub – that to walk in it you have to be like Jesus and take your cross up to Golgotha and LEAVE IT THERE.

    The keeping of the Law may savour for a season, but righteousness savours forever.

  8. “God’s Universal law is so simple even a child could understand it. It goes “Love, one to another, even as I first loved you.”

    Now that’s something worth remembering. I was thinking about that the other day.
    “Only believe.” “Love one another.”

    Seems like God has tried to make this so simple. Unless I’m missing something?

  9. It is so simple that it is incredibly tough – the flesh just simply does not want it that way as it lusts after the Spirit in order to get its own way and the best way to accomplish that is to engender confusion, complexity and perplexity.

    It is not the gospel that is difficult it is keeping the flesh under and it is either accomplished by the works of the Law (i.e. the physical exercising and disciplining of the flesh according to the Mosaic and Levitical Laws) or by the fruit of the Spirit which crucifies the works of the flesh.

    When you are truly in and of the Spirit, the things of the flesh grow strangely dim as you become estranged from them, walking in the Spirit, not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh;

    Simple yes, but easy? Like hell it is easy. Read Romans 7 and see how easy it is, but then read Romans 8 and get the answer – that there is therefore now no condemnation – the Law was made redundant by Christ – He takes away the first so that he might establish the second (Hebrews).

    The condemnation spoke of in Romans 8:1 is the Law of Condemnation, graven in stone, which was and is supplanted and superseded by the Law of Life in Christ Jesus.

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